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So 2 months ago my credit card information was stolen so I changed my account number literally 2 days before fpl was suppose to get withdrawn, I didn't have a chance to update my info with fpl because as many know can start an online acct and it would say your log in is wrong even if its not ...anyway because my payment didnt go through this ONE time they refuse to take anymore online or credit card payments ..although they always recieved a they charged me for deposit that got discounted for automatic withdrawls and shut my light off within 2 min of me answering the door cuz the woman diana expected me to carry 200 in my pjs ! Seeing my kids u would think she would give me 5min!n I call fpl and they tell me well she didnt have to wait ...SO WHY THE [censored] DID SHE KNOCK ON MY DOOR IF SHE COULDNT WAIT 5 MIN FOR THE CASH WHY!?


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    Wolfhart Willimczik Feb 14, 2020

    If all is paid under what circumstances can supervisor Ms. Latty refuse my power from FPL?

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