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Forever21 is the worst job i've ever had. They treat their employees like crap. Since i've worked there, i've never had a consistent schedule. The managers are so unorganized / inexperienced, not to mention racist. At one point in time, i had to call in and beg for them to put me on the schedule. Regardless of what your availability says on your application, they will schedule what they feel. According to the law, they are only allowed to keep employees up to 2 hours after the store closes but some employees have stayed until 4 in the morning! (Mind you the store closed at 9) . The company does not care about anyone's well being, what your home situation is, or how you have to travel to get home. All except for one of my managers are ###, and i hate to use that word but its the only one fitting. They think they can walk all over you because they get paid like $2 more. Forever21 employees do not get paid enough ($8. 00 per hr) for all the work we do. And we only get a 10% discount!

Now i have never had a problem with the clothing itself. It is made of good quality as long as you take care of them, as you should with and clothing, shoes, etc, for a low price. They also keep up with the up to date fashion styles. I've never had a problem with shrinkage, rips / tears from the wash, fading of the jeans, or anything of that matter. I just hate working here. If i didn't need the job believe me, i would have already left.

I would much rather stay a customer than continue to work for them.


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    101Anonymous101 Dec 28, 2016

    Forever 21 is by far a very bad company to work for. Not only do they treat employees like they don't matter but refuse to follow the employees schedule request, they always forget your breaks and lunches the majority of time, don't care if you're sick to work, I have an illness which resulted in me not being able to go to work for 2 days and instead of being okay with it apparently it's okay for the rude manager to terminate my season job less than two weeks of my end date. There's been many employees who dislike and complain about sharron, the manager who thinks she's the holy god and has power over anyone, even though she isn't the actual boss.I worked for the Lakewood mall store and will not ever recommend it for anyone. Terrible store, terrible managers. I agreed that forever 21 sucks and I use to be a huge fan of them

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    Savon Beard Christy May 16, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I am an recent employee from a new location in savannah ga. I stressed to the manager who called me that i am 4 months pregnant. I even asked will that be a problem after i was asked to come in for an interview. I asked again at the interview. I am a very hard worker but being pregnant i cant do wgat the other girls can saturday may. 14. 2016 i went to my locker to get some of my Orange juice. I had been on shift since 10:30am wasnt leaving till 7pm. I hadnt eatn that morning i had a server migraine and i was very light headed. I ate chips thinking it woukd help and took pain meds did nothing but make me feel worse. I was told i wasnt allowed to go get somwthing to drink from my locker unless i was on break. Instead of mw slapping the hell out of the manager i kept my cool as another manager and employee listened and watched the conversations. I told the manager thats not what my doctpr sais with me being high risk because i have yet to gain weight i am to eat and drink something every 2 hours to 30 mins.but i was going way over those times because i was consumed with my work and tired of being nagged like i wasnt pregnant. I clocked out and went home after i told a manager i am going home. Not to mention i was put on the schedule for a whole week off i have a 9 month old at home andnone on the way and bills dont pay them selfs i dont get government help its just me. So i asked 3 times if the schedule was final andni told them if it is this is my last day i have bills and kids before telling them im going home to take care of my body i was at the point where my vision was blurry.. Not one time did they believe that i was pregnant no one even asked for a doctors note from my ob or any proof they jus treated me as harsh as the rest knowing i was pregnant at this point i plan to get my story out and i will be handling this very publicly so other pregnant woman never have to go threw this.

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    Anonymous45 Jun 09, 2015

    I have worked at Forever 21 in Canada in the GTA for about 9 months. It is actually the worst place you can work at in retail. Before I got the job I had looked up employee reviews and 90% of them were bad and discouraged everyone from working there because of poor management issues and how badly the company treats it's employees. But I thought maybe things would be different with the store I worked at because it was new and maybe it would have good managers etc. I was so disappointed though once I started working there. It was exactly as the reviews had said or even worse. Apparently with Forever21 poor management and poor treatment of employees is consistent across the board, whether in the U.S or Canada or maybe even in other countries.
    I agree with every complaint people have made in this thread. The management is racist and totally exploits the fact that most people working there really need the job so won't make an issue if things aren't going well. They can be extremely rude with employees and have so much attitude it's ridiculous. There's a lot more I could say but I think a lot of it has been covered in this thread already.

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    imgonnasue Sep 16, 2014

    I got fired for putting in my 2 week notice after almost 2 years of being discriminated against, I seen some shady companies but forever is by far the worst.. they will schedule you to work 4pm to close and then at 12 its a new day right so lets say you stay until 4am cleaning thats a 12 hour shift with no overtime cause its a new day after 12..

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    Todd L. May 03, 2014

    Dillards is not a great place to work. You are constantly threatened of losing your job. You have to be very very aggressive with co workers to get sales. You come in the job sweet and kind and you leave feeling like ###. Because you have to become someone you are not if you want to keep your job. There is so much tension.
    And when you work in the shoe dept you have to meet unreasonable expectations. Then when you have returns you have to make up for those lost sales. It is not doable.
    Dillards leads their company by fear. No praise, no encouragement, no positiveness, ( I know that is not a word) Just fear. Who leads a multimillion dollar company like that?
    they do.

    It is really sad. Because they hire super nice people but at the end they are evil, cunning creatures and at no fault of their own. They are made that way to survive.

    The turnover rate is insane.
    They need to partner with TOMS shoes and google and follow what they do. They have no turnover rate because working for those companies are amazing and they excel at what they do. It is a great atmosphere. Learn Dillards.

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  • Be
    beers Feb 26, 2014

    Are the managers allowed to interrupt lunch breaks, because at Northbrook Court they are.I have had my unpaid lunchbreak put on hold many times because the manager just had to ask me something that apparently couldn't wait.I have even been interrupted while on my phone call during my unpaid break!!!Not only is this completely rude but also illegal.

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  • Ga
    Gaaaah Dec 08, 2013

    I worked at forever 21 at partridge creek, Clinton township Michigan as my first job, getting paid $7.40 an hour, first day I was told what goes where briefly and sent out onto the floor to do whatever. Absolutely no training. 3rd day of working I'm put into a section to cover 3 zones instead of one when I was still unsure about the zone I worked prior. They told me to call in only if I have something my employees or customers can catch so I called in once because of food poisoning, and it was the day before thanksgiving and absolutely no one wanted to cover my shift I called 10+ people and they were all busy so I called and told her that no one was available and she sounded annoyed so I asked if I could get a doctors note and she didn't even give me an answer she just said "goodbye" and hung up. I worked the day after thanksgiving which was Black Friday and they asked if I had my note and I explained to her I couldn't get in on thanksgiving and I wasn't even given a straight answer. they then switched my hours one day without calling me and wrote me up because I wasn't able to come in, I had my schedule printed out as proof but I said nothing. Then I was unaware of a holiday meeting because I do not use Facebook, I even went in the day before and they didn't speak of a meeting the next morning, wrote me up again. A month and a half goes by and still no training, they put me somewhere I'm not familiar with on Black Friday so I tried my best. I was told specifically active wear and accessories, I saw that someone was in shoes so I didn't even check shoes. The manager tells me to go fix the shoes pronto so I did and later on the same associate was working shoes. On my break that day I over heard her speaking rudely about a girl who just started that day saying she was following another manager around like a puppy dog, but they did the same to her as everyone else, just sent them on the floor not knowing what to do. As we're about to close the co-manager tells me to work on fitness first so I did as quickly as possible, then the store manager was walking through and straightening the scarves and I was doing go backs for accessories and I asked if there's more than one rack that had black tags and in the most rude tone she answered "you've been here all day, how do you not know that" then told me to get back onto the jewelry and walked into shoes and was gossiping about me and laughing with a cashier. Then as I was walking jewelry the cashier came over and asked if my section was good, I figured the manager covered the scarves and hats so I told her yes, she tells me that the scarves are a mess and that I need to fix them and ordered someone else to do active and jewelry, so I grabbed a ladder and the manager came back and they were looking over at me and talking and walked further away once I saw them and kept laughing. I go to leave to find that the dishes I brought in for people to eat we're thrown away (reusable tupple wear and baking pan I might add). Told her goodnight and completely ignored. Things like this have gone on since I've been here with me and a few girls, all 4 managers act really unprofessional and treat some of us like its high school or something and just treat the ones they like good, money is money but this isn't worth $7.40. I'll be kept 2 hours late and not be allowed to tell my ride who will sit there and wait. This isn't management it's just picking on someone.

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  • As
    ashleyb1986 Jul 10, 2013

    why do they only hire black people. cant said racist ### stores like forever 21 I had an interview today and I already hated being there. I just went because I will feel bad about turning an interview down. when I shop there the girls are always running around like a chicken with its head cut off, , mainly I think because they don't want to be bothered. 2nd it obvious that they all hate their job. 3rd the store has so much ###, its hard to stay focus for what you want to buy. 3rd hate all the stupid people that shop there. 4th the ceo needs to do a better a job about what type of supervisors they want to hire and what type of employees they want to work for them. American eagle, macys dillards and new York and company are ways a clothing store should be run, forever 21 should take some tips on how they successfully run their stores.

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  • Te
    teddygram Dec 12, 2012

    I pretty much agree with what everyone is saying. Today was my first day working and i felt like i was in middle school or something where the employees who have been working longer act like they are the ### towards the new co workers and pick on the new workers, just like how middle school who are in 8th grade pick on 7th graders for being new, i found it immature. A couple of managers got mad at me for something i did wrong, yet they didn't explain that i was suppose to do this and that. Forever 21 is my first job and already i got a bad impression. When they explained everything around the store they spoke to fast, they expected me to memories everything in one day and i got in trouble for not memorizing some of the things in an instant? I do agree with the whole time management, I can't even leave my position to check the time to see when i can clock out, and they kept me in over time to wait for the other people who were going to take my spot, i had one manager talk ### about me to another co worker who has been working there long saying i wasn't doing my job yet i was doing it. Not all of the co workers are mean, at least the new ones that i worked with are very friendly, just the workers who have been working longer act the [censor]iest. I never intended on working at forever21 i was offered it and got the job, its not like i really liked the clothes because of what i heard about had bad the quality is, i just never really liked the company because even me as a customer, i experienced bad customer services with rude stuck up girls who work there and not only me but my friends have to. overall the store is extremely un organized and the people who work in stock rooms can't even find the clothes because it is so messy in there. probably worst job ever, ill be quitting the job in a month or two, or even sooner. Being treated like crap and feeling uncomfortable in that environment or even putting up with other co workers drama really isn't worth working there if its going to make u feel like crap at the end of the day, id rather working in another job with the same wage but better work environment, nice respecting people, and friendlier customers. IT has been only a day and a customer was angry at me for telling them the truth that they had nomore small sized and she thought i was lying, yet i was being kind. thats rude. i wouldn't suggest anyone or people with no job experience to consider working at forever 21 because its not worth dealing with, i didn't even get a break either. Also they have a dress code, u have to wear the seasonal clothes they have, i think its ridiculous how the co workers who have been working longer dont have to follow it. btw if you dont liek the store then dont work there because the majority of your pay check with go to buying the seasonal clothing for work

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    ChiTownLove Oct 12, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I agree with everyone on here. I worked for the company for almost 2 and a half years and only stayed so long because I loved some of my co-workers, and it was a stones throw from my college. Working there was like being back in high school. I worked hard and got paid like crap, managers would make up stories about me doing or saying things so that their friends would get promoted before I did. People were always talking behind everyone's back. The schedules were always getting changed around without notice. If you did something a manager didn't agree with, instead of speaking to you about it, they would go the passive-aggressive route and give you 10 hours a week while everyone else was getting 28-32 hours a week. The managers in my store spent more time locked in the backroom chit chatting, watching tv, painting their nails, or eating than they did on the floor. I once had an emergency where I was stranded an hour and a half away and literally could not get to work. The manager told me it "wasn't possible for me not to come in". What? Sorry, my situation was far more important than this job. I quit shortly after that. I could go on and on with the stories from just one store.

    Also, I feel like the customers that come in to forever 21 are way more rude and inconsiderate, as opposed to other stores they shop in. I work at another major clothing store now and the customers that shop there are much nicer and make less of a mess. I don't know what it is about Forever 21 that a lot of people just turn into jerks the second they walk through the door.

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    annonymous111 Sep 13, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i totally agree! i'm a former forever 21 employee and the managers are just so rude. i called in due to family emergency and the manager just told me that i'll lose my hrs. they're very inconsiderate towards ur private life and what you are going through. i'm glad i resigned.

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  • Ha
    Hands13 May 19, 2012

    The City Creek store is the same! The sales associates (who are mostly UNDER 18) stay until 2 AM on weekends, The manager is insanely rude to the people who work there, she severely under staffs weekends, and she doesn't inform the customers when we're closed (we close at 9 but there's usually customers 'til around 10) because she wants to make more money. I've never seen so many people quit within a months time. It's absurd.

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  • Pi
    Pissedemployee661 Mar 09, 2012

    I totally ###ing agree. The Bakersfield, ca store is exacttllllllyyy the ###ing same way. This company is ridiculous. I understand retail isn't great and neither is minimum wage jobs but the ### that is allowed to go on in these stores is not fair or normal and I don't think I've ever seen soooo many ppl quit, heard soooo many ppl hate thier job, than people who work at forever 21. Something needs to be done.

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  • Na
    nathan beck Dec 17, 2010

    For the past 30 years I've held both front-line and executive positions with national retailers, and I can tell you w/certainty that they are working every day to undermine their employees as a way of enhancing their stock-share value.---They do not cut payroll to 'save the company, '---they are more profitable now than at any time in history---and how do you think they accomplished that in the worst economic times since 1930? Say it with me: "To the nationals, the field personnel are disposable." I've written a 'tell-all' book about the industry. Loving your job is one thing, but being complicit in the exploitation of the most vulnerable workers in America is quite another.
    “It is a deeply personal matter, and a matter of National survival. Our major retailers are working against the interests of America by contributing to a paradigm that pushes families into
    poverty, and then keeps them there. Where once a retail manager, and even his full-time subordinates could be said to have at least a toe in the middle-class, no longer is that the case.
    “The average, annual pay for a retail employee is about $18, 000---that’s $1500 below the poverty line for a family of four…Most work in the ‘service’ sector, and most of those in retail.”

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  • Je
    Jen Dec 03, 2010

    Dear FF21 and other employees: I am an attorney in LA and have filed a class action lawsuit against F21 for back pay, overtime, meal and rest breaks being missed, etc. We have an assistant manager in the case, and we need a sales associate, too. If anyone out there wants to talk about the case, whether just to get an update or if you may be interested in joining and helping the sales associates, please email me at [email protected] We would particularly like to speak to a sales associate who worked in California in the last three years. F21 saves a lot of money by bilking its employees, and the proceeds go straight to its profit margin. The employees were treated poorly and illegally, and deserve back pay for their hard work. Someone has to change the way this company does business, too. I will be happy to verify my identity, and you can inquire anonymously if you like. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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  • Br
    Bridget Reyes Dec 26, 2016

    @Jen does this only require people from california? I reside on Guam and I am currently working at F21 and just had a recent incident dealing with my managers. (GM, VISUAL AND STOCK MANAGERS) I would like to know more of what I can do. Thank you!
    -Bridget Reyes..

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  • Hy
    Hynes F. Oct 20, 2010


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  • Ed
    EDUBlala Aug 30, 2010

    Forever 21 was my first job, and what a horriffic place to work! Staying til 4:30 in the morning and working 60 hours a week is rediculous when you are hired as part time. I never got a single day off such as going to my best friends funeral who was murdered, prom and my birthday. I also gave way over the requested 2 weeks notice for all these dates. This store sickeness me and is treating their employee like slave labor. And you wonder why they have the highest turnover rate and a "We are hiring" sign is posted everyday all year long. I dont see how this is a Christian faith based store, please tell me one Christian behavior Forever 21 provided besides the Bible verse under the bag.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Hang Aug 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm guessing forever21 is a korean owned store. I'm sorry but it's not that I don't like korean people but I just don't like working for them period.
    I use to work for a korean own clothing store when I was 16 and man it was such a [censored] working for them.

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  • Co
    Compl Forever TrendyOne May 29, 2010

    I dont work for forever but my gf does and she says the same they get treated like [censor] they have them close and clock out at 11:45 and clock back in at midnight. that way they dont work over time. forever 21 is a trendy piece of [censor] clothing store they rip of designs and [censor] over there workers who find themselves helpless since its [censor]ing hard to find jobs theses days they see people are willing to put up with alot of there [censor] [censor] forever 21!

    [In November 2001, factory workers producing clothing for the company called for a store boycott until working conditions and payroll improved. The lawsuit was dropped when Forever 21 paid the workers' back wages.[9] The matter was settled out of court and the company, which admitted no wrongdoing, agreed to take steps to ensure that its garments were not made in sweatshops. In 2004, under pressure from PETA, Forever 21 agreed to stop selling clothing made with animal fur.[10] Forever 21 has also been accused of stealing designs from high-end fashion brands. Recently, designer Diane von Fürstenberg has filed a lawsuit against Forever 21 for duplicating her dress designs.[11] Since that time Furstenberg has settled with the company for undisclosed terms.[12] Singer and designer Gwen Stefani has filed a federal lawsuit against the fashion megachain, claiming the retailer illegally ripped off her Harajuku Lovers designs.[13] Designer Anna Sui has also filed a lawsuit against Forever 21 alleging that Forever 21 sold and offered for sale numerous women's fast fashion clothing items bearing a striking similarity to her products featured at the most recent New York Fashion Week shows.[14] The store was the subject of the documentary Made in L.A. which focused on the awareness campaign organized by the store's garment factory workers.
    Forever 21 has also come under fire from the South Central Farmers and other California-based activist groups in a campaign known collectively as Never Forever 21.[15] The criticism is based on Forever 21’s involvement in a proposed deal with developer Ralph Horowitz to build a warehouse and distribution center on the land that was formerly the site of the South Central Farm.[16]
    Although most shoppers are unaware they are carrying around a bible verse, Forever 21 has received criticism in the media[17] for printing John 3:16 on the bottom on their trademark yellow bags. A Spokeswoman from Forever 21's LA headquarters said the biblical quote is a "demonstration of the owners' faith." Some have compared the bags to the In-N-Out Burger chain who prints the quote "John 3:16" on the bottom of its cups.]

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  • An
    anonny Feb 18, 2010

    You're not alone! Like you said, if I didn't need a job I would have quit a looooooong time ago.

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  • Ja
    jaymi Feb 14, 2010

    I agree with the way they treat their employees. I worked there over the summer and it was the worst job Ive ever had. I have flawless expirience in retail and yet.. I was only making 8 dollars an hour. All the managers were MY age and had NO clue how to run a store. I filled out a time off sheet TWO months in advance to have the night of my 21st birthday off.. by the time that weeks schedule came out they had me working ON my birthday till close (aka 4am) I asked a manager and all they said was 'oh it must have been overlooked...' really? thats it? Thats disgusting. Theres no order in that store whatsoever.. its revolting.

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  • Ne
    NEntwistle79 Feb 04, 2010

    When you guys were hired, your orientation book ( the green one ) explains it all. YES, if u are over the age of 18, we can keep you there till 5 AM. YOU ARE GETTING PAID FOR IT. even if its $8 an hour. Did you bother asking for more? What is your expirience in retail? The more expirience you have .. the more you get paid. I am a Manager at a Forever 21. Im also a guy. I love doing what I do and working with the girls that work. NOT TO MENTION give them excellent praise when they do a fantastic job. You can't compair the company based on your store's review. we are MODs .. you are SALES ASSOCIATES.. you stand in the fitting rooms, count in the clothing .. clean up at night.. SHOVE ( like everyone else ) .. / We are a Private company... this means we go by state law .. which abides by having MINORS leave by 9:30 ( which we do not hire anymore ) .. there is no law in any state stating that you have to leave 2 hours after the store closes. Sorry for your bad expirience there, but not all managers are like that. We work around your scheduled private lives.. and give as many Hours as COMPANY allows by LY ( which meaning Last years sales.) .. if your store isn't making money expected during the week.. then you get no hours unfortunatly. Store Manager gets 45 hours. Then CO manager get 39 then ASMs get 37.5 as well as Visuals and Headcashiers and Accessorie specialists. ... then everyone gets the rest.
    Have a good one.

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  • Fr
    Freda Howard Forbes Apr 17, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @NEntwistle79 You really need to have all of your I's dotted and T's crossed before starting some of the things you have. You CANNOT work and employee 2, 4, or 8hrs over there scheduled shift. You can ask if they would like to work overtime you cannot make them. That's Morden Day Slavery. I wonder how the News Media would respond to your unprofessional and inexperienced demeanor. You really need to be careful of the things you say when it's pertaining to law. Please don't challenge me. You already have my hair standing up and I WILL prove you wrong Mr. MOD.

    Ms. Forbes

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