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Complaints & Reviews

building safety, management, corporate, objects falling from ceiling and hitting customer on head

My daughter and I were shopping in Forever 21 on November 6th, 2019. While my daughter was in the dressing...

Forever 21

policies and district manager

A Couple Months Ago We Had A Change In The Dress Code Policy . I Don't Have A Problem With The Policy At All...

didn't pick up the return order yet

I purchased an item from forever 21 India website. It didn't fit me. So I created a return request the very next moment I received it. So there is a pickup facility provided by forever 21 in which the item will be picked up from our place by the courier agency. I opted that option instead of self sending option. This request was created on 19th October and it was supposed to be picked up on 20th October. But no one has come till now. I called Forever 21 India customer care 5 times. Each time I get a reply "it will be picked up in 2 days." Which never happens.
Where can I raise a complaint against this?
Last time I called them and told them that I'm gonna complaint, they told me to go ahead. What an arrogance and unprofessionalism.
This is my order no. F2155625

ribbed front-button top

I placed an order (#[protected]) and when I received the item it had to dark spots. The spots looked like make-up so I ran it under water to try and remove them, but they would not come out. I foolishly told operator that I ran item under water and was then told "too bad for you, i can't help you because you ran item under water." WHAT? Missing the POINT!!! You sent defective merchandise to me and you waste my time refusing to send me a non-damaged item. No wonder you are going out of business. I have been a great customer at your stores and via mail orders for 25 years and I will never, ever shop there or visit your website again. No wonder you are in bankruptcy. Shame on you.

ribbed front-button top
ribbed front-button top

customer service

I was waiting in line waiting to pay when the cashier yelled out to the lady behind me that she had to pay...

online order and stolen money

I made an online purchase 2 weeks ago, and customer service refuses to give me any answers. I was supposed to receive my package in 3 days, which is the shipping i paid for. Their email customer contact said they canceled my order, while the twitter page says it's been shipped, but they can't provide a tracking number. Now they're not replying at all. Seems like they've stolen my money. I'm absolutely shocked at such horrible service! No wonder their company is going bankrupt. They need to steal as much as they can. I demand to get my refund!

sent me wrong items and I requested for refund it’s been a month and giving me a run around!

Don't buy at forever 21!!! Buy at your own risk! I shop all the time on Forever21. They even said I'm a VIP member which I didn't know until I called them for this issue. I ordered online. They sent me the WRONG ITEMS! First of all my order is for 6 items they only sent me 4! Out of the 4, only 2 are only correct. They are giving me a run around! First I sent the wrong items back to them. I tracked it and they said I'll get an email. I saw they received it and yet NO EMAIL. I called again and now they are saying to fill up an affidavit and email. Did that! Now forever21 is singing a different tune! That I have to confirm how I received my package. This company DOESNT WANT to return your money! Especially now they are going bankrupt! Will be reporting on them to BBB!

return id 1604248

I returned the product I bought as the fitting was not good. And since 45 days they are not able to return my...

Products Not Received - Horrible Customer Service

Please save yourself some frustration and avoid ordering from Forever21. First, the shipping is terribly slow. I ordered items on August 3rd and they still have not arrived. It was stuck at "in transit" status for over a week. Second, customer service is rude. One nasty young lady hung up on me while I was asking about my order. Then, she had the audacity to hang up again when I called back. Look folks, spend your money in stores that value customers enough to hire competent and professional customer service staff. In closing, Forever21 should train customer service agents on how to provide courteous support (or fire them) and this company should invest in empowering customer service agents to offer customers some sort of good will gesture when orders do not arrive within two weeks.


I Received My items That I Purchased And I Noticed There Was A Atkins Bar In There Now I Did Not Take It Offensive Until I Noticed Only Other Plus Sized Girls Like Myself Received Them. What Are You Guys Trying To Say? I Feel This Was Inappropriate And It Makes Me Not Want To Shop With You Guys Like I Love You All. Your Company Have My Size And Have Great Prices I Hope You Guys Don't Feel No Type Of Way About Plus Sized Women. I'm Considering Speaking With A Lawyer.


  • Ln
    LNK8 Jul 25, 2019

    They sent them to orders of all sizes, calm down. I ordered all small clothing and received one. Atkins bars are protein packed meal replacement bars... that can be used to cut back calories if used to replace 2 meals or anyone can eat them at any damn time for protein.

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debt collector

I am very furious with the conversation that has taken place between myself and a customer care representative . I believe she works in the department that works with payments . She gave her name as Jody, but refused her last name or any other information for that matter that would better help identify herself . I was very insulted by her choice of words . Everyday I receive a phone call from a blocked number which is a representative from Commenity Bank for My Forever 21 account . At this point I feel like I am being harassed and it is unacceptable . I tell the representative kindly everytime that reach out to me when is a accurate date for me to make a payment . The choice of words that Jody utilized were very unnecessary and I don't appreciate it . This unprofessionalism is not acceptable to any client for that matter.

[Resolved] salary issue-katy mills store, houston, tx

I am an employee in F21 Katy Mills, Houston, TX and i want to lodge a complaint regarding salary. Please provide me HR email address.

I am employed since May 19 2019 at forever21 katy mills store.
My first pay cheque was due on June 7 but i never got my first pay cheque, the reason i was given that i am not in their system so they are enable to give me salary.
They told me to wait and I can take salary On June 12 but i didn't got it today either.
It looks like i will never get my first salary because of some unknown reasons.
I have worked hard to earn this and it is painful not to get paid off for your hard work. This is really disappointing and discouraging. I never expected this from forever21 as employer.
I want to escalate this if you can help.

Maryam Jamal
Store Associate
Katy Mills Store, Houston TX.

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    Want to delete.

online order not received after three weeks

I ordered four items from Forever 21 online to be sent to the Forever 21 store in South Coast Plaza along Bristol here in Costa Mesa, CA on May 10, 2019. I am an avid buyer from F21 and always receive my orders on time. But it is now May 31 and its getting ridiculous. Ive talked to at least 5 customer service representatives and they all tell me to just wait but enough is enough. Something should be done about this and nothing is. This is my order number [protected].

I'd love to buy more but this is killing my trust and desire for your products.

I'd love for my items to be sent to me right away or at least be compensated for this inconvenience. I bought these products for special occasions and it was missed.

  • Iu
    I_understand May 31, 2019

    Happy Mile,

    Did they ever provide you with a shipping confirmation and/or tracking information?
    Have you thought about cancelling the order with the company then disputing the payment with your own card company? That may be a fix to recoup your $$.

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expired discount code

I signed up with forever 21 May 23, 2019 with the email shariah.[protected], and they sent me a code to use for a 10% discount, which expired in 7 days, the same night I signed up. I tried to use the code the day I got the email with the 10% discount code, but when I put in the code in said it was already expired. There's no reason it should already be expired when I just got the code!!

expired discount code
expired discount code
expired discount code
expired discount code


my experience at forever 21 was traumatic and disturbing. i'm a 16 year old and i have always loved shopping at forever 21 but the fitting rooms had always made me uncomfortable due to how big the space was between the ground and the divider wall. one day i was trying on a one piece and when i bent down to pull my pants up there was someone videotaping me with their phone through that space. it was absolutely horrifying. i later found out it was a 31 year old man. i told my friend to get the manager and the police got him. cameras showed him walking into the fitting room right after me and when the woman who was working the fitting rooms talked to the police she told them that she had placed him three rooms away from me but he had ended up in the room next to me... sounds like she wasn't paying very close attention if he moved 3 rooms down and she didn't even notice. once i got dressed and came out of the fitting room i tried to speak to the manager and he wouldn't even look at me. after this experience i looked up "forever 21 fitting rooms" and hundreds of stories just like mine showed up. something needs to change and until it does i will NEVER shop at forever 21 again and if you do i don't recommend going in the fitting rooms.

  • Kn
    kneelfist Apr 24, 2019

    Why should she pay attention. He is the one that did not follow her rules.

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return the item - wasn't refund it... they will keep my money and sell it again!

This kind of retail company needs be put down! Awful - Terrible customers service. I returned a blouse that...

incorrect product

I ordered the fringe open-knit top. When it arrived, it was very large. I cannot wear it. I have tried...

horrible customer service

I will never shop here again, online or in store. I used to live for Forever21 and now I have never been more disappointed by a store. I ordered a pair of shoes from their website in an 8.5 for a wedding that I am in. It took longer than expected to receive the shoes but I got them with enough time to make sure they would work. However, when I received the shoes the company sent me a 6.5. I double checked my order to make sure I ordered the right size and I did. I called the Customer Service number and this is when it all started. Not only did I wait a very long time but I had to call there 3 times because I was hung up on by members of the team twice when I asked to speak to a manager. On my 3rd call, I asked to speak directly to a manager after being on hold for 20-30 minutes I finally got through. Basically the supervisors message was that they can't do anything about it and that "I am out of luck". To remind you these are not just shoes for a night out, they are shoes that I am wearing to a wedding I am in. He said that all they can do was have me order another pair but he can't promise they will get there on time unless I upgrade the shipping and if they don't get there on time I can't return them because they are marked as final sale. I have never been more frustrated and disgruntled. I then asked what I do with the 6.5 because I obviously can't wear them and I was told I would receive a shipping label in the mail by early Monday morning. This morning rolls around and I use the online chat service, I was told that she couldn't help and that I had to fill out forms for this to be approved and then she closed the chat before I could reply. I am now out of shoes for the wedding and out of the money I paid for the current shoes. I will never shop here again and I will make sure this story is spread by any review possible and by word of mouth, I can guarantee that.

item process and system

My experience with f21 was very dissatisfying and frustrating. I had found burgundy ankle strap heels that I...

lack of customer service with customer support

I have been going back and forth with customer service over the phone and through email and everyone keeps giving me the run around.

I have been trying to make a return but am unable too because with this new return link I cannot access my package through the website they provide. Everytime I enter in my Order Number which is [protected] and my billing zip code 90020 it says that it doesn't recoginze that info.

I've called and explained this situation and Ive emailed and explain this situation and the only thing they keep doing is resending me the link which is not helping me.

I've tried accessing the return link on my cell phone, on my laptop, on my computer at work and also through the Google Chrome they suggest and NONE OF IT WORKS.

I am trying to return items I purchased on October 9th and I have been unable to for weeks now and no one is providing me with what I need which is a RETURN SHIPPING LABEL.

I am so ready to cancel my credit card with Forever21 because this is just ridiculous. I've never experience such horrible customer support and no one being able to get to the bottom of an issue.

It seems like no one has any clue about this new return process and it's very inconvinent. I hope this reachings some one that can possibly help me because at this point no one has been able to and that's insane!