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Lacoste Operations Complaints & Reviews

Lacoste Operations / "product complaint"

Oct 21, 2019

Lacoste OperationsHi i recently bought a pair of womens lacoste off white with navy striped canvas "Glattleder" sneakers. The dye has run from the navy stripes of leather on the shoe throughout the rest of the canvas when they were left in the rain. I spoke to the outlet today "The Habitat" in Byron Bay NSW...

Lacoste Operations / men’s jumper

Oct 06, 2019

Lacoste OperationsHi there I Am writing to complain about a Problem I had with the quality with one of your men's jumper. I brought a jumper tracksuit set to wear out The next day to an event as I got home I noticed it had a whole in the arm, what was not the problem we managed to exchange the jumper, but...

Lacoste Operations / tax free form mistake _ fidenza italy - philippe grimmelprez

Sep 24, 2019

dear Lacoste Via Federico Fellini, 22b, 43036 Fidenza PR, Italy Phone: +[protected] I have bought some shirts in your Lacoste store in Fidenza - Italy. The tax free form was filled in wrongly. ( EURO 155.50 - dd 29.08.2019) As you can see am I not Emirati and I don't look like one. Can...

Lacoste Operations / t shirt

Sep 19, 2019

I am a regular lacoste t shirt customer since 20 years . I always buy from mi road and wtp stores . Guys at the stores also know me very well . I have a few t shirts whose colour has faded inspite of following all the wash instructions . I have also complained this at both the store a...

Lacoste Operations / sliders

Aug 20, 2019

Lacoste OperationsThe Lacoste sliders bought separately for my son and my nephew have caused terrible blisters on each of their feet - they have both been in pain after wearing them once. One pair was bought from website Alive & Dirty who have already offered a refund - the other pair from website JD Sport...

Lacoste Operations / lacoste sliders

Aug 18, 2019

Lacoste OperationsHi, I bought a pair of Lacoste sliders from JD sports in scunthorpe for my holiday and I am so disappointed with quality of the product. They caused really bad blisters to my feet to the extent that I could not wear them anymore for the duration of my holiday. I regularly buy your product...

Lacoste Operations / polo t-shirt

Jul 20, 2019

Lacoste OperationsI purchased two Polo-Tshirts from Delhi Airport T3 Domestic departure on 9th July 2019. Both were purchased on 30 discount sale. Since I was in a hurry, I realized only later at home that one of the T-Shirts has a small hole near the second button. i called the store today and I was told...

Lacoste Operations / l'homme lacoste deodorant stick

Jul 18, 2019

Lacoste OperationsI purchase a fragrance set from perfume shop online which contained a fragrance spray and a deodorant stick I did not use the stick until recently but when i used the stick it gave me a burning sensation under my arm pit. At first I thought it was because of the fragrance in side it but...

Lacoste / sliders/ flip flops

Jul 06, 2019

LacosteI recently bought a pair of sliders from a company called ministry clothing in Lichfield, Staffordshire, uk . I do not blame this company as they only sell your products, I decided to treat my self to what I thought were quality sliders/footwear for a holiday, i literally wore the slider...

Lacoste Operations / man bag

Jul 01, 2019

Lacoste OperationsGood Morning I bought my grandson a Lacoste small bag in March costing £90 but unfortunately the top part of the zip has broken of when he was closing the bag I have my receipt and am taking it back to the Nottingham store where I purchased it but would like your comments on the matter a...

Lacoste Operations / poor quality product from lacoste

May 21, 2019

Recently, had my Lacoste polo t shirt returned due colours fading. Having completed the entire process of exchange(which took 21 days), I went to the store to get a new one. But to my surprise the same problem happened once again!..this is a serious product quality problem from a premium...

Lacoste Operations / shoes size

May 20, 2019

Order number [protected] I have bought 2 pairs of shoes of the same size and one of them doesn't have the same size. It should at least be labeled two sizes less. Because I bought online and shipped it overseas. I dont think this is fair to keep it without using it keeping in mind its price...

Lacoste Operations / fake/counter-freight products all around

May 14, 2019

Lacoste OperationsDear Concern, I am young professional and digital nomad traveler around the world. I love to wear original clothing of renowned brand Lactose. But recently i have found one facebook page and website selling low quality copy/fake product of Lactose by saying that the product is original !...

Lacoste Operations / customer service

May 11, 2019

The store staff service is too poor. Upon entering the store i noticed the two staff talking to each other and i didnt get a courtesy because they were Chit chatting i have to apologize to interrupt their conversation because they dont even pay attention to me. I bought two items NF2036PO...

Lacoste Operations / shoes

Mar 23, 2019

Lacoste OperationsComplain Good day all, I bought this shoes 5 months ago and I didn't wash it since then, however as shown in attached pictures there is a hole in the front of the shoes which is not expected from a well-known company like yours, so appreciate your action in this regard as I need to...

Lacoste Turkey / l. ight 116 1 trainers

Feb 04, 2019

Lacoste TurkeyGood morning lacoste Dear managers, kindly note that your products are having a really really bad quality for kids. Here's my complain I bought a lacoste sneakers to my 4 years old son size 10 UK (Lacoste L. IGHT 116 1 Trainers - Navy) from Turkey. He woke up waiting to show his new...

Lacoste Operations / tshirts and tracksuits

Aug 18, 2018

My partner wears nothing but lacoste from boxers right through to the jogger style tracksuits.. At christmas I bought him a black hoody and joggers a grey hoody and joggers a black round neck tshirt and black polo shirt. These have been a total waste of money and are ruined in the...

Lacoste Cairo Egypt... City Stars Branch / marice bl2 cam:black

May 24, 2018

Lacoste Cairo Egypt... City Stars BranchON 2 April 2018 I bought this item from lacoste store in Cairo ...City Stars Mall Branch... The quality was ZERO... I doubt it is Lacoste's product... After 3 times of using your product it tore ... I wrote a complaint by E.mail to the branch and it had been ignored... It was attached with the photo...

Lacoste / purchased products all different fits but same size men size 5

Apr 23, 2018

LacosteI have always liked your polo shirts and trainers but have recently found that the sizes are not all the same. I have a large selection of size 5 polo shirts and are quite recent but the fits are all different. I am not happy that I spend in excess of £70 for each individual polo shirt. In...

Lacoste Canada Inc / lacoste eau de toilette in 2017 pour lui magnetic, 100 ml

Nov 16, 2017

Lacoste Canada IncRecently I requested personal assistance from Lacoste Customer Care. Below is a summary of my request and their response Response By Email (Danielle) (10/17/2017 04:18 PM) Good afternoon Bruce, Thank you for emailing Lacoste. Lacoste will gladly accept returns of unworn merchandise in...

Lacoste Israel (imported by Vandomme) / cotton man's shirt [protected]

Oct 15, 2017

Lacoste Israel (imported by Vandomme)I bought the shirt at Lacoste in Tel aviv Piad nearly 200 dollars. At home I realized the shirt was stained. The manager refused to replace it for a new shirt with the claim that it could not have left the shop stained I.e I caused the stain. I kept the shirt covered with a plastic bag as I...

Lacoste / lacoste polo shirt

Sep 29, 2015

On 15th September, I bought a polo shirt from Lacoste store at Johannesburg airport. The saleswoman at store did not remove the security tag and I am not able to use it. When I contacted Lacoste, I was advised that they cannot do anything, I should take the shirt to some other store in Dar...

Lacoste / replacement of zipper on my lacoste backpack

Aug 20, 2015

LacosteDear Sirs Some years ago, I bought a blue backpack from a Lacoste shop in Lisbon, Portugal. A few years later the main zipper got broken and I had to replace it. I went to a Lacoste shop in Lisbon, and I had it fixed. It took a few months, and it was not cheap, but I got a new zipper that...

lacoste brown leather shoe / leaking in water


i bought a pair of lacoste brown leather shoes in macys in new york only wore the once and they were letting in water paying this price for shoes they should be water proof .

Lacoste / returns


A warning to people if thinking of shopping on line with Lacoste..I orderd 2 polo shirts and light rain jacket 28th Feb 2012, which arrived and I was pleased with the polo shirts, but the jacket was too small.I packaged up the jacket and returned in the post with the returns label...

Lacoste Wholesale / lacoste wholesale scam


If you sell clothing on eBay you might get a message that looks like this... its a scam. They'll send you a whole list of fake tracking numbers to make you feel safe. They'll even communicate with you all the way up until 9 days after the supposive package is to arrive...

lacoste trainers (runners) / hurts my ankels


This is my second pair of lacoste runners that are after hurting my ankels i buy alot of there products shirts, polo shirts, after shave and runners i am not happy with there latest product (runners) i buy all of my lacoste products at the above address. would be grate full if some one got...

Lacoste / poor quality


Brought a lacoste jumper £140.00 worn it about 3 times it has since fallen apart with holes in it.The shop has since closed down so i took it to the lacoste retalier in birmingham who would not help please could you advise.

Lacoste Polo shirt / fake, liars, worst customer service


They are fake and liars. I bought a lacoste pink polo shirt. And it was fake. It said it was a real lacoste. But I found out that its fake. Even if I ask for refund, it would take forever to get my money back. Dont try to purchase anything in their site. Theres no way to contact them with their only unreliable email contact.