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Complaints & Reviews

Advertising items online at sale prices when you know your dist. center is closed

Due to Covid-19, many businesses are closed. As soon as non-essential businesses began closing down, American Eagle began sending out promotional emails about their super sales and how internet sales will be their priority until all of the shut-downs and shelter-in-place orders are lifted. Many items were discounted significantly on the web, and "free shipping" was offered in most instances. I, along with several friends, went online and purchased items from American Eagle and Aerie in good faith, and our credit cards were charged upon purchase. However, the items never arrived. When I called the 800 customer service number, I was told that the items were "slightly delayed" due to the limited staff, but that they were working hard to get everything out. Another friend, after receiving FURTHER American Eagle promotional emails about another sale (which the website offered at this low price for a limited time only - she had to order before the end of the week) went online and purchased several items from Aerie as well, and like the rest of us, her packages never arrived, either. After about 3 weeks of this and the same remote answers from American Eagle call center staff, "We're working on it. It is set to go out tomorrow." Or "It is scheduled to go out tonight, " I started getting emails from American Eagle stating that the orders may be "delayed" due to Covid-19. One email even said the orders might be cancelled. However, my credit card is STILL charged, and I am paying interest on items that I NEVER received!! I called American Eagle BACK and told them just to refund the items to my credit card, but I was told by them that they could not do this. The items could not be "returned" to my card until they have shipped. However, according to the emails, not only have the items not shipped, they may NEVER ship. I finally got an agent on the phone for American Eagle who is out of the country, and he told me, "Yes, our distribution center is closed down due to Covid-19. It was supposed to be re-opened in 10 days, with yesterday being the 10th day. It has been closed since March 17th. But not only has it not reopened, no one has contacted the call centers to tell us when or if it will EVER be reopened."

So, American Eagle, just to clarify: You have been actively sending out emails to ALL your customers as well as advertising on your website that all these great prices are being offered exclusively for this short time-period, you are offering "free shipping" with online orders, and that customers have to buy NOW to take advantage of these great deals. And you KNOW that your warehouse is closed, is NOT scheduled to reopen at any specific date, and you are holding customers' money in limbo??? Why would you sell items to customers who, in good faith order and pay, when you KNOW you can't deliver the product?? A complaint is being filed with the Attorney General as we speak, and also with the Better Business Bureau.

customer service

When going on a normal shopping trip to American Eagle with my daughter we were kindly greeted and went on...

the employees.

Last summer I had a few American Eagle jeans that did not last long and wore out in a matter of a month or...

guest services

I came in to the Christiansburg location today and was very upset by the customer service I Received. I...

classic boot cut jeans style [protected]

I bought 2 pairs of jeans, one is great the other has ripped on the back right pocket and massivly in the crotch. I bought them October 4th. The order number is [protected]. I have bought and worn American Eagle pants for a decade and now after 2 and half months these pants with normal wear have just been horrible. This is the 2nd time they ripped in 2.5 months and I either want my money back on the pair or a new pair of jeans.

classic boot cut jeans style [protected]
classic boot cut jeans style [protected]
classic boot cut jeans style [protected]

associate caslyn


I am a frequent customer at American Eagle, as I have two teenagers who throughout their years found American Eagle to be comfortable and fit well. We shop there throughout the year and at Christmastime I always buy gifts and clothes for them at American Eagle. This Christmas, as I have several times in the past, I went to purchase a $75 gift card to use and then to receive the $25 gift card to be used after the new year. My experience with the associate was as follows:

The name of the person of whom I am complaining is Caslyn. She appears to be around 18-20 years of age and is about 5'5" with long straight hair. The incident occurred at 5:45pm on 12/18/19 at the Oaks Mall in Gainesville, Florida - store number 00193.

Caslyn told me that I could not use the $75 gift card with this purchase. I asked her if I could buy it and if there were any limitations on when I could use it and she said there were no limitations on the $75 gift card. Then I proceeded to explain to her that I wanted to buy it and then use it today. She stated several more times that I could not do this. I proceeded to get out of line and grab a few more items and then I went back in line to another register, as she was no longer at the counter.

As I am making my transaction with the new associate, Caslyn interrupts my transaction even though I am trying to focus on my purchase. Caslyn comes up from behind me and states "I think you should be nicer when you talk to people." I responded, "I think you should be nicer too." She stated, "What I said was you should be nicer to people when you talk with them." To which I again responded, "I think you should be nicer too." She stepped away from me and started yelling at me in front of the customers and associates and stated, "It's not my fault that you are not good at math." I interrupted her and proceeded to tell her to not yell at me. I informed her that the problem was not my ability to do math, as I am a doctor and have taken many math courses over the years, but that she did not know the procedure for the gift card purchases and did not feel it necessary to check with her manager. I asked her for her name and she stated, "I'm not going to tell you" and she walked out of the store.

I asked for the manager and the assistance manger came out from her office. While she gave me a blank stare and was less than friendly, she at least listened and stated she would speak to the associate. I'm not certain I believe this will occur, as the assistant manager appeared less than concerned and offered no apologies for the way her associate handled the situation. She did tell me that the associate's name was Caslyn, and I hope this is accurate.

While I have been very pleased with American Eagle throughout the years, I cannot bring myself to continue to spend my money at a store that allows their customers to be treated in such a manner, especially when there are so many other stores that do not treat their customers in this fashion. I have been residing in Gainesville, Florida for over two decades. While I have been pleased with American Eagle up until now, I will not hesitate to voice my opinion about my experience to the many people who reside in this area.

I urge you to watch any video you may have of the incident as you will be surprised at how your associate Caslyn represented American Eagle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [protected]

Best Regards,

Dr. Roberts


I did online Christmas shopping with American Eagle. I do not understand why I paid $15 for 2 day shipping when it's not even in on time. I would really really like a refund on my shipping. I understand it's the holidays, but had I know that the extra $15 wouldn't make my package get here any faster I would not have paid it and just would have done the free shipping. Please respond back.



The employees are very rude at this store. They become very mean on a return. If the product doesn't fit...

next level airflex men’s pants

The long sticker that comes on the leg of the pants which shows the waist size and pant length ruined my...

merchandise returns due to price error - a store manager did not help me.

Last Saturday, November 23, I made a purchase in AE of Plaza Carolina of several clothes. When I was back home, I realized that there was an error in merchandise prices. So, I decided to make a detour to the Bayamon AE store since it was much closer. Once in the store I spoke with Mr. Derick, (I think he is a Manager) but he told me that he could not do anything for me because this was a problem that the store at the Plaza Carolina has to solve. So, I had to return Plaza Carolina driving again about 40 minutes to solve my problem. At AE in Plaza Carolina, Mr. David assisted me very kindly and told me that Mr. Derick could helped me solve my situation without having to return to Plaza Carolina. This situation made me very upset. I consider myself as an AE's good customer (almost a fan) and I think that customers deserve more respect.

misrepresentation of clearance

I found a pair of jeans on a clearance rack, I asked the clerk how much they were she said 24.99, I tried...

customer service and return

I made a purchase via telephone on 11/7 using my AEO store card in order to receive free shipping and discount. I paid the balance in full 4 days later in order to avoid finance charges. 4 items do not fit and I want to return. I have receipt, tags still on, items never worn. I do not want store credit i.e. credit to my ZERO balance AEO card I would like my cash back. I called customer service and they stated they would send to the research review, however I did not receive a ticket. I do not feel I should be penalized for paying my debt off immediately and forced to only buy AEO items because I paid my debt in full almost immediately.


Today one of your employees was very rude to me at the cashier station. Her name was Janet. I never had...

online shopping experience

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I am writing you this letter to express my displeasure with the service I received through your online operations. I rarely shop at American Eagle already, and unfortunately this experience made me not want to shop there again.

I own two items of clothing from the American Eagle brand that I love. These shirts I own make me feel more confident and beautiful than any other items of clothing I have. One shirt is long-sleeve and lavender, while the other shirt is short-sleeved and white. The similarities these shifts have are that they are both the soft shirt brand, and the other is that they both have deep V necklines. The important part of the neckline comment is that I do not typically wear V necklines because of my scar from heart surgery. Feeling beautiful and comfortable in these shirts is what makes me love the brand. I only own two shirts I love because I can rarely find shirts that fit my body type. I wear a size XL or above, I have wide shoulders, and I am busty. This combination of characteristics does not work with much, or any of the items sold by American Eagle. If this has been my experience, why would I want to buy multiple clothes online?

This summer I lost 30 pounds which has helped me to be able to fit into more clothing options. The first brand I looked at new clothing options for was American Eagle. I was so excited to be able to try more options because of my new measurement decrease. I am a college student with time and financial restraints, so I went to the online clearance section immediately. The website was very well-done. It was easy to follow, and visually pleasing. I ordered 5 items, all items I was nervous to wear in the past, but I decided to take a risk. The items came faster than expected, but the packaging was nothing short of embarrassing. There were no printed receipts in the packages, and the items were not in smaller clear bags.

I went to try the items on, and that is where the biggest problems started. The sundress did not fit well with a larger bust, the knitted tank top fit like a small, the leggings were see through, and the sweater was not the one I originally ordered. On top of these issues, one of my items got canceled. I am not happy with this experience from American Eagle. The American Eagle brand needs to seriously look at the services they are providing for their customers. I am curious as to what you have to say in response to this situation.

Molly Pierce

online shopping experience

unethical behaviour from an employee

on September 15 I went to the store ubicated in the Westland Mall on Hialeah with my 2 daughters, they were...


I opened my box I got from American Eagle in my bedroom and I started unwrapping everything. When I looked back at the box, little cockroaches started running everywhere and they were in the bags the clothes were wrapped in as well. This is disgusting and I am extremely upset with American Eagle as well as the fact that I'm going to have to pay for someone to come spray my house now.


shipping service

I got an email from AE saying my package was out for delivery yesterday. Yesterday came and went. No package. I wait for it today. Check the status this evening and it says notice left no safe place to leave the package. There was NO notice, I was home all day, and we have a front and back porch that is safe. No one came by. So they lied and my package was yet again NOT delivered. I will not be ordering from AE anymore. It was shipped with Ups and then sent to USPS who always messes up deliveries. When the company decides to stick with ups I may order with them again. I will also be returning what I ordered whenever the hell they decide to deliver it.

khaki super stretch jeggings

As a tall girl, it is extremely difficult for me to find a pair of pants that fit well. Last year, I tried on the super stretch khaki jeggings and instantly fell in love. They fit perfectly. However when ordering the exact same size (10 long)this year, they came at a different length. Instead of being long, they look rather short though the tag says otherwise. When hold them up to the pants from last year, you can see the difference in length. They do not fit correctly and I believe there might've been a mistake. I am disappointed by the pants.

customer service

On Monday, September 2nd 2019 I was in the American Eagle store located in Carolina Mall in Concord North...

manager angela pepper

I am writing to complain about a manager that refused to give me my military discount. Her name is Angela...