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American Eagle Outfitters Complaints & Reviews

American Eagle Outfitters / online shopping experience

Oct 07, 2019

American Eagle OutfittersDear Sir or Ma'am, I am writing you this letter to express my displeasure with the service I received through your online operations. I rarely shop at American Eagle already, and unfortunately this experience made me not want to shop there again. I own two items of clothing from the...

American Eagle Outfitters / unethical behaviour from an employee

Oct 01, 2019

on September 15 I went to the store ubicated in the Westland Mall on Hialeah with my 2 daughters, they were needing jeans and we strongly usually choose AEO for buying their jeans even when I know the price is high but my girls love them and I have the store credit card and I just use...

American Eagle Outfitters / packaging

Sep 27, 2019

American Eagle OutfittersI opened my box I got from American Eagle in my bedroom and I started unwrapping everything. When I looked back at the box, little cockroaches started running everywhere and they were in the bags the clothes were wrapped in as well. This is disgusting and I am extremely upset with American...

American Eagle Outfitters / shipping service

Sep 25, 2019

I got an email from AE saying my package was out for delivery yesterday. Yesterday came and went. No package. I wait for it today. Check the status this evening and it says notice left no safe place to leave the package. There was NO notice, I was home all day, and we have a front and back...

American Eagle Outfitters / khaki super stretch jeggings

Sep 16, 2019

As a tall girl, it is extremely difficult for me to find a pair of pants that fit well. Last year, I tried on the super stretch khaki jeggings and instantly fell in love. They fit perfectly. However when ordering the exact same size (10 long)this year, they came at a different length...

American Eagle Outfitters / customer service

Sep 03, 2019

On Monday, September 2nd 2019 I was in the American Eagle store located in Carolina Mall in Concord North Carolina. From the time we entered the store no one acknowledged us and no one gave us any assistance. When we finally chose items we were going to purchase and went to the register...

American Eagle Outfitters / manager angela pepper

Aug 23, 2019

I am writing to complain about a manager that refused to give me my military discount. Her name is Angela Pepper in the Midlothian VA, Chesterfield town center store. I do not carry my husbands ID but I do carry his Discharge papers with me. ANd I was paying with my USAA card. SHe not only...

American Eagle Outfitters / i’m complaining on how they treated us and their rude tone

Aug 19, 2019

I got a pair of jeans Off the clearance rack and there were other pairs of them in different sizes on there too for 29.99 when I went to buy them they rank up full Price off the clearance rack and there were other pairs of them even though there was no sticker the workers told us very...

American Eagle Outfitters / american eagle

Aug 10, 2019

American Eagle OutfittersI bough this shirt a couple of weeks ago and have worn it 2 times. The first time, I washed it on cold with like colors. The second, it came out as you will see in the picture below. I did nothing different but it looks like it has big bleach splotches all over the front. I like the shirt...

American Eagle Outfitters / american eagle active & extreme flex young mens jeans

Aug 05, 2019

American Eagle OutfittersI am reaching out in reference to a pair of AE Jeans that I bought for my son in the past 6 months. Both pairs of jeans now have identical vertical tears next to the pockets in the rear of the jeans. The size of the jeans was not an issue, (30 x30) as my son has a thin, athletic build, and...

American Eagle Outfitters / payment

Jul 26, 2019

I work in aerie and my complaint is I got paid way less than last time. Which is 152$ when I worked 5 days even closings which is more hours. I work in part time. My last payment was 214$ and I worked 2 days and it doesn't make sense. I would round my hours to about 20 hrs and got paid...

American Eagle Outfitters / unethical behavior

Jul 24, 2019

During the VERY short time I spent inside of the American Eagle at Summit Mall, I overheard the manager (I believe her name is Chelsea), refer to two black associates as "Monkeys" to another white manager, and if that weren't bad enough, she directly berated one of the associate...

American Eagle Outfitters / service

Jul 24, 2019

I was shopping at my local AE I was not greeted, I was not given any eye contact but I was close enough to read the two workers in the stores names on the tags. I was standing back towards the fitting rooms there was no one else in the store when I was doing this. And neither the floor...

American Eagle Outfitters / customer service

Jul 23, 2019

I was shopping on a Tuesday afternoon and the only customer in the store. I politely declined assistance as I was simply browsing to kill time before another appointment. After looking at a pair of pants I dropped it and the security tag bounced off. I promptly picked it up and put it back...

American Eagle Outfitters / a torn jeans

Jul 23, 2019

American Eagle OutfittersHello, On April 30th 2019 i boght a pear of jeans in American Eagle store, Grand Canyon, Haifa, Israel. I did not wear it daily at all. But after 2.5 month it was allready torn as you may well see in the picture below. It doesnt seem reasonble that after such a short time the jeans will...

American Eagle Outfitters / service complaint

Jul 12, 2019

There were items on a table which had a sign marked $7.99. An associate said that $7.99 was the correct price. When we got to the register, the manager said that the items were not $7.99 and when we explained that to her she did not honor the $7.99 price! Good customer service would honor...

American Eagle Outfitters / sales associate

Jun 21, 2019

After buying a pair of your black high-waisted tie waist linen shorts about 2 weeks ago, I put them on for the second time and the butt of the pants ripped in multiple areas. I went to the Windsor store where I bought them and informed a female employee about my situation. She told me that...

American Eagle Outfitters / manager of the avenue at west cobb, 30064 georgia

Jun 20, 2019

I have a complaint on Taylor the acting store manager when I was there at 6:30 pm on 6/20/19. My daughter attempted to purchase a kimono robe in the clearance portion of the back of the store. There were several kimonos only hanging on a rack on the back of wall and the sign directly on...

Aerie / employees / customer service

Jun 15, 2019

So today on june 15, 2019 me and my sisters walk into the store and were looking at the clothing and another customer was walking out and the alarm went off and we were away from the door yet the person working there told us to be honest y'all need to just get out of our way while...

American Eagle Outfitters / management disrespecting employee and potential employees

Jun 15, 2019

I am a former employee of an Aerie. Aerie's message is be yourself and be body positive. I got a job at Aerie after the store i was previously working at was closed. I got the job almost immediately and told my friends who were in need of a job to apply. 2 of the girls I worked with at my...

American Eagle Outfitters / customer service-gift receipt

Jun 14, 2019

American Eagle OutfittersOn June 13 I was shopping at the American Eagle Store at Carolina Mall in Concord, NC. After waiting in line for quite awhile another register opened and I was called over. After the clerk got my information for reward card I indicated to her that I needed a gift receipt. She hurriedly...

American Eagle Outfitters / shorts

May 31, 2019

I had ordered two shorts through your online system to in which I had returned the shorts due to them being larger then expected. I went to the store and took a 40 minute drive to get the correct size. We were charged for both shorts and only received one pair. When I called the store the...

American Eagle Outfitters / jeans

May 30, 2019

You need to make better quality jeans I buy all my jeans there and they fit perfectly and what not. Now I will not be purchasing any more jeans because the quality have declined. I recently bought a pair of jeans and they have ripped in the matter of 5 washes. No they are no too small and...

American Eagle Outfitters / aerie stores

May 29, 2019

MALES should NOT be allowed back into the dressing area of a lingerie store that is frequented by high school and middle school girls! It's HIGHLY inappropriate for a customer's BOYFRIEND to be in the same dressing room as my thirteen year old niece! If this policy doesn't change, you...

American Eagle Outfitters / jeans

May 27, 2019

American Eagle OutfittersI have owned these pants for less than 1 year and they've already started to wear out completely in the leg area. Theyre about to rip at any moment. They're black extra stretchy jeans - or jeggings. I am extremely dissatisfied with this purchase and the quality. they should have lasted...

American Eagle Outfitters / service at fairview mall

May 14, 2019

To begin with, I am a disabled customer. American eagle used to be my favorite jeans place. All my jeans are from American eagle. This morning I was at a store to return a pair of jeans I bought at full price. While I was returning the brand new pair jeans that cost me $59.49 (because my...

American Eagle Outfitters / harassment by sales manager

Mar 28, 2019

For months now I have been harassed by a sales manager AprilDare at AE locates in Green Acres mall Long Island. Having a mutual friend in common my number was given to her. Upon speaking I told AprilDare that I would no longer like to be associated with her. She has called me using other...

American Eagle Outfitters / customer service & product

Mar 10, 2019

I recently bought several pair of jeans in my size and when I got home to try them on, they were to small! I buy jeans from here all the time in my original size and they fit perfect. But not this time! I tried to return them for a size up and the lady wouldn't let me swap them out. She...

American Eagle Outfitters / advertising

Jan 24, 2019

After Christmas AE stores (at least three that I personally shopped so I am assuming company wide) displayed giant red signs advertising "Additional 60 percent off Clearance." But when I located some items I wished to purchase there was no mark down price, only a sticker identifying the...

American Eagle Outfitters / service complaint

Dec 27, 2018

The incident happened on 26th Dec, 2018 in the outlet in Marina Mall, Kuwait. I went for shopping as there was a sale of 50% off. Due to rush or whatsoever the shop was crowded and the ply wood in the shop was off the screw. It fell on my leg and i came out without complaining though an...

American Eagle Outfitters / online orders and customer service

Dec 17, 2018

I ordered a pair of boots as an Xmas present;however after a week with no updates I discovered that my order hadn't shipped. Through the customer service chat I found out that they were having trouble finding the item. If the item is not there it needs to be marked out of stock. I...

American Eagle Outfitters / online service complaint

Nov 21, 2018

I placed 3 orders, one which did not go through to American eagle's system yet I was still charged to my credit card. They told me to replace the order by calling them. I asked for another option to replace order as my phone doesnt make international calls. They said calling is the only...

American Eagle Outfitters / gray sweater with lace backing

Oct 30, 2018

Director of Customer Service American Eagle Outfitters 77 Hot Metal St Pittsburgh, [protected] United States Dear Director of Customer Service, On Saturday the 27 of October, I purchased a gray sweater with a lace back. It was from the American Eagle Outfitters in the Exton mall in...

American Eagle Outfitters / false advertisement

Oct 25, 2018

American Eagle OutfittersHi according to AE connect, if you purchase 5 jeans the next one is free, I have purchased 8 jeans and I have not received a 15 dollar coupon nor a pair of free jeans as promised. I have contacted customer service numerous times and even made phone calls with AE connect, all stating and...

American Eagle Outfitters / bad customer service

Oct 20, 2018

Hi. I'm making an complaint on regarding One of the managers hiring me to be employed at the store ( White plains Galleria Mall ) after getting hired I had to complete my 1-9 which I did to be on the schedule . I did notify the manger that hired me I forgot her name but I did speak to...

American Eagle Outfitters / clothing/sizing available

Oct 09, 2018

I have observed while shopping AE the new commercial depicting larger sized models. I cannot purchase anything in store in my sons size. 260pound 6foot 16yr old football player. 40/32 xxxl. As the buying power in my house it is very irritating to have to pay for shipping and handling just...

American Eagle Outfitters / return issues

Sep 28, 2018

I sent in for an exchange on two items and they got lost in the mail. Apparently, they do not keep record of the prepaid label they send customers and I am being told "too bad, we can't help you." So, I'm out money for a mistake that isn't my own? I've been emailing and calling them for...

American Eagle Outfitters / jeans

Sep 20, 2018

American Eagle OutfittersI bought for the first time a jeans less than 6 months ago from american eagle (Egypt - CFC mall branch) and now its torn and cut and the quality is the worst ever. I came to the branch and its obviously that there is anproblem with the quality of the jeans as this had never happened with...

American Eagle Outfitters / men's jeans

Sep 19, 2018

I bought a pair of jeans a little over a month ago from the location in the galleria mall in Hoover Alabama. I paid $60 for them and the zipper is already broken as well as 2 of the belt loops. Its unfortunate that these small things are going wrong because the jeans fit great and are...

American Eagle Outfitters / jeans

Sep 13, 2018

American Eagle OutfittersHello, I bought a pair of Blue jeans about a month ago and they still make my hands blue, they even ruined a pair of white shoes. I have washed them a few times already and they stayed the same. I can't wear them without ruining another piece of clothing. Please tell me how to fix them or...