Ford Motor Companywarranty coverage

ford and its dealers are missleading the public about there cars and warranty coverage.because of all the law suits about there duel clutch transmisions they wont even talk about them and if there covered or not.they sold me this car 2019 ford fiesta with a automatic transmision.and i would like to know if the clutchs are covered.the dealer says dont worry ford solved the trans problems.dont worry ford will take care of you.the warranty book is outdated and dont even take about the help line would not answer the question.they told me to talk to my dealership.i asked for legal dept and was told call corperate im they told me to contact my dealership.who says dont worry ford will take care of you.there are over a 100000 people who say differant.they had to sue them to get anything dealer said the problem has been fixed.and that there is nothing to worry about.then why wont they talk about the clutchs and tell me if they are covered

Oct 11, 2019

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