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I took my car in because of noise when breaking. they said it was the caliper and said it was replaced. I asked to see the one that was replaced they said it was no longer available. this was in Feb the first time it was taken to them the problem still exsist. other than the caliper they said they replaced yhe brakes which was not done either.after taking the car back 4 to 5 times the problem still exist. i have asked formonies that were paid back to me because the service was not done, when i brake it makes a horrible grinding noise so it isdriven very much out of fear that the brakes may fail. i have talked with jim last name .there was someone else i think his name was brent i think he was over the service department. they said that the car was making normal car sounds. it was not normal car sound when they said they had fixed it and charged me$483.00. i asked for my payment back so that i could take my car somewhere else to get it repaired. i was told that they had done all that could do and a refund was not their policy because the work had been done. is this your normal policy for repair work. i can be reached at [protected]. i need some kind of resolution to this problem. thanks

Aug 09, 2019
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  • Km
      Aug 10, 2019

    Simply the fact that the problem still exist isn't reason to be reimbursed. When you enter into any type of service contract with anyone you are paying for work to be done not a desired result. You paid for a caliper and brake pads to be replaced, which was done, you did not pay for a sound to go away. You claimed early in the complaint the work was not done. What led you to this conclusion? If you conclusion is based on the fact that the sound still exist and you never saw the part that were removed then your conclusion is based on fallacies. Unless you look at the caliper and brakes that are on your car and can see they are old parts you can not say they never replaced these parts. Really I suspect your problem was never the brakes, but might be the wheel bearings, which are separate from the brakes but may have the same problem.

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