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October 10, 2019
115 SW 58th St
Cape Coral. Fl33914

The last week of August I was driving back to Ft Myers after 3month on a job in Shreveport La. My VW TDI died and was towed to Jackson Miss on Sunday August 25.
Since my VW Sportwagon was 8years old with over 250, 000 miles on it, I assumed it was a lost cause. On Sunday in a rental I drove around looking at vehicles.
On Monday I went to Gray-Daniels Ford about 8am, because they had a couple of possible trucks. The salesman and I came to an agreement on 2014 used F150. We agreed to a price of $19, 500.
Then the games began, first waiting hrs for someone in management to get back to me. Then the how much the payment should be, then the low payment of 72 months at 17.5% interest. On and on. Then the realistic interest if I bought a warranty. Finally, about 4:30 they completed the paperwork done.
I drove back to Ft Myers and found out I could not register my vehicle in Florida because I did not have a title. After many phone calls and a couple of weeks (7-day tag from Miss) they overnighted the paper work needed to register the truck. Then is when I found out they charged me to full 20, 000.
One issue I will admit to is I needed to get back to Florida to renew my drivers license as it was about to expire on the following Saturday. They assured me they would fix the loan when I sent them a copy of my new address as having moved back to Florida. This they never completed When I never heard from the loan company, I found out the payment was due the next day
Now I know I was stuck in Jackson, but I feel abused.
In the last 10 yrs I have bought a Honda Cross tour, VW Sportwagon, Buick Arcadia and a Chevy Silverado three of them for my wife. Never have I had a dealer treat me the way Gray-Daniels did. While I feel the Ford truck is a good vehicle, much improvement could be done at the dealer level.

Gregory HocH

Oct 10, 2019

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