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I took my car to taylor ford in union city, tn for an air bag recall after I got my car back the windshield wipers started coming on by them selves . they did it every once in awhile then they just stayed on. I took my car back to taylor ford and they told me they didnt think they did anything wrong but i could bring my car back and for $90.00 plus tax they would try to find out what was wrong . i am very upset by the way i was treated they never did this before the recall. I have always bought fords i bought this car new and have been thinking about geting a suv . All they had to do was check the car. My husband had to pull the fuse out to get the wipers to stop so i cant drive the car right now. i dont think it is to much to ask to have the car checked out. I think the problem is in the sterring wheel because before they stayed on all the time using the blinker would make them come on . My name is Carla Barham my email address is [protected]@gmail .com

Aug 14, 2019
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  • Km
      Aug 15, 2019

    It's very unlikely that anything done at the shop is causing your issue, and simply the fact that it wasn't doing it before it was at the mechanics shop doesn't mean the cause is from the mechanics shop, and if it were from the mechanics shop then it's likely that the problem actually existed prior to taking it to the mechanics shop, but only started having an effect after the air bag was fixed. Say you have a water hose you are using to fill up a pool, you turn the water on but nothing comes out, you un-couple the hose from the faucet and try turning the water on without the hose, no water comes out, you replace the faucet and water starts coming out, you re-couple the hose water still doesn't come out, you look at the hose and see water is leaking out of a tear in the hose from a kink in the hose. Now did whoever change the faucet put the tear in the water hose or was the tear in the water hose always their just un-noticed till put under pressure, and you had to pay for a new hose anyways. Chances are any problem with your windshield wipers pre-existed and had to be repaired anyways it was just un-noticeable till the air bag issue was fixed.

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