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Issue: The temperature display inside the car on the dashboard displays and drops to a much lower temperature than what the true temperature is outside; resulting in only hot air blowing inside the car.

Trigger: When the car has been idle (in park or brake pedal) for 2-5+ minutes. (e.g. At a red light or waiting for someone.)

We noticed the issue in mid March as the weather began reaching 50+ degrees in Utah. We assume this issue has existed since we purchased the car, however, having purchased the car in winter, we weren't able to easily notice the dropping temperature on the display and the car blowing hot air through the vents. 

In addition to my service dates broken down on the attached pages, included are the service documents made available to me as well as images I took while the issue was occurring. We did not think to be taking pictures each time it occurred early on as we didn't believe it would escalate to where it is. 

***Please review the documents I am sending to you as I can provide more than the service department can. I had to dig around for everything I am submitting.

Regional Ford Case #CAS15356167 - Our request for a refund/replacement was denied. 
Because of the lack of documentation in the Larry H. Miller Ford Lincoln Draper service department, it looked like our car had not been attempted to be repaired enough times. Since August 11, we have now had the car looked at 8 times and it has been in the service bay for 32 days.

1) March 31, 2018 - told them to check it out. Service said they needed more time
2) April 9, 2018 - car was with service for a day. Issue discovered. Part ordered
3) April 14, 2018 - Replacement sensor part was installed
4) June 1-June 4, 2018 - Computer system reset
5) June 5-June 8, 2018 - Computer system reset
6) June 19-June 22, 2018 - Computer system reset
7) June 29-July 5, 2018 - Computer system reset
8) August 2 - August 11, 2018 - Body Control Module replaced

I'm not sure how much more evidence, wasted money on car payments/insurance, and time spent at Ford I need to get this rectified.

My grandfather is a former Plant Manager and our families have always had Ford. The dealer refuses to rectify this at the local and regional levels. At this point we are requesting a refund and no longer want a replacement. This has been handled so poorly to this point.

I discovered, and it was confirmed by the Service Department Manager Kimm Andersen, that the the Service Representatives and/or Technicians at Larry H. Miller Ford Lincoln Draper were not time-stamping each time my car was in and out of the service center. This behavior has resulted in Regional level denying my request for a refund/replacement.

I expressed many times to them what a liability that is, how un professional it looks, and how it can cost the case of a customer applying for a refund/replacement/Lemon Law if there is no "proof" that a car was being serviced. If this is my experience, I'm confident that this is their standard behavior with all customers with ongoing issues.
I have come to find that Kimm is indifferent to his customer's issues and will give false promises about what will be done to rectify an issue to get you out the door. I also switched Service Representatives in the last month as Eric Reams, in mirroring his manager's behavior, was indifferent to my issues and extremely unresponsive in communications throughout this experience. 

With my new Service Representative, Jonathan Forsyth, we had a conversation about the temperature issue and he stated that Ford will not do anything beyond continuing to "fix" the issue each time it is brought in; it would be up to me to file with the State of Utah to rectify the issue entirely and/or to get into a new vehicle. 

As you read through the 8 service visits listed below, you will be able to see a pattern with my vehicle and how it would not be possible for me to get out of and sell my brand new 2018 Ford Escape for a decent price when the temperature/air conditioning system is completely malfunctioning. No one in the hot desert State of Utah would willingly purchase a 2018 vehicle without a functioning A/C system. I myself am having a hard time going day to day, just hoping the system doesn't malfunction while my 2 year old son is in the backseat. We're having a very hot summer and it becomes unbearable to be in the car within the first minute of the hot air blowing. 

Please note that at the time of this submission, the system is currently malfunctioning and began 2 days after the last service date. 

I hope this application for Lemon Law qualification finds you well and will return positive results for me and my family.

Thank you for your time.

(could not find a way to upload PDF files. They have been converted to the images attached. the title of each image is labeled with the date of service and the photo number in order)

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    I was under the impression when filling out the form that this was going to higher-ups for review and not a public forum.
    Please no responses to the case as I am working with Ford to have this removed from the complaints section and taken to HQ.
    Thank you


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    just a thought but you know this isn't a ford site? a public forum instead

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    @9wood Yes. I added an update/comment as soon as I posted ...

    "I was under the impression when filling out the form that this was going to higher-ups for review and not a public forum. Please no responses to the case as I am working with Ford to have this removed from the complaints section and taken to HQ.
    Thank you"

    No surprise they haven't responded to me [eye roll]

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