Ford Motor Companypurchased product, fixed recall and now car is worse than started

N Aug 12, 2018

I took my 2014 ford fusion to the Colorado Springs, Motor City dealership for three things - fix a recall (steering column, bolt) and for a new key and the keyless code. I live 120 miles away from a city and a single mother. The dealership had to keep my car because they broke the bolt of if the steering column and had to keep my car for a few days. When I picked up my car I was advised everything was fixed, received a new key and was given the door code. I was never shown how to use the code on my door and the new key did work. Fast forward 35 days later, my new key quit working, can't use the keyless code on the door and out $372.00. I called the dealership and they said to come by and they would look at it and question the key maybe defective and to call before I come to ensure someone would be there to check things at no cost. I called the dealership on July 31 in the morning, since I was heading to the city, they said to come by. I showed up around 930am and was advised they were slammed and to come back in the afternoon on my way home. So I returned around 3:45 pm. The dealership had to find someone to see if they could look at my car. They took my car to the back and about 30 minutes later, told me I needed to pay a minimum of $80 to do a diagnostic check for my key and it may fix it or it may not. I advised them I was told to it would be no charge and ? a defective key. I told them I did not have the money at that time. I felt like I was being taken advantage of a s a women who knew nothing about her car, seeking help. I advised the technician of my concerns again (listed above) showed him my receipt and that no one assisted me with the keyless code at the time of payment. He tried over ten times to open my car utilizing the keyless code and failed. I was told that I have a newer car and the computer are always acting up. Then he proceed to tell me that it's probably my BCM that is going bad and to bring it back for a diagnostic and repairs when I had the money. Now My car will not start after 12 hours- dead battery, the tire pressure fault sensory is on, keyless code on door does not work and the new key does not work. I took my car in for a recall and a new key- a simple process. Now I have a car with many problems that NEVER existed prior to walking into this dealership. I just want my car back to how it was and a key that I paid for to work. I'm not sure what game the dealership is playing and they have lost my business going forward.

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