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R Sep 11, 2018 Review updated:

I took my car in to get the recalls fixed on my 2015 Ford Fusion, i believe July 21st. And someone at this facility actually backed into my car with an F150 damaging the front end quite bad, so they had my car for a week to fix it and the recalls. Picked my car up and immediately knew the shifter didn't feel right ( it wiggled way too much) i took it back and they all just told me it was supposed to move... then yesterday September 10th i was pulling into a parking spot and when i went to put my car into parked and it got stuck in reverse. So I'm not sure what happened the first time they were supposed to "fix" my car but they did it incorrectly and i could have gotten injured. I drive all the time and this could have happened at any point thankfully i was only going to the store and was in a safe location. And to make everything better all of the employees there are super rude and wanted to put blame on me for something that couldn't have possibly been from me. I'm at the point where i don't even want to deal with Ford because for one my safety and two the lack of respect i have received several times from multiple people.


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    9wood Sep 11, 2018

    just a guess but think the transmission got affected with the shifting problem
    personally I would be looking at legal options as they are responsible for the damage caused

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