Ford Motor Companynew 2019 m ford fiesta 1.0 titanium 100hp

O Jul 15, 2019

Attention about new Ford Fiesta 2019 m cars !
I've bought a new car just 6/07 in Fethieye Ford showroom with Lots of noises from engine, road running of the tires, wind against the car noise with inside plastic compartments vibrations .
Have a listen to my 3 d day car driving on the Kas - Fethieye road and make your jugement.
It's my second times trying to be heard by people who are thinking to buy Fiesta 2019 m from Helvacioglu auto dealers that they are not competent to sell a brand cars without any characteristic comparisons between 2015 m and 2019 m deference's to a buyers . Moreover without a test drive !
And when I was there for fallowing next two days after receiving of my new car non of the dealers were in the sales department who sold me the car, due to their sick leaves . It was my second new Fiesta that I bought from them . With my first car I was so happy in 3, 5 years that didn't pay attention to nothing part from ordering new car from same showroom and it's new 2019 m Fiesta . And they never tried to explain to me about deferents characteristic of the new 2019 m Fiesta that it's consumes 7.2 liters which is not economic car as was mine previously owned car 2015 m Fiesta with all the same characteristic- titanium 1.0 EcoBoost . 100Hp .
As a woman buyer I'm very disappointed that they have used my trust in bad way and I feel cheated .
Not worthy to spend so much money for these series of Fiesta 2019 m as the service manager told me in showroom on 8/07 Monday with my complaining of the noises, that these cars are noisy and he admits that the dealers should have informed me about !
Hope to be heard soon by Ford main office how the women buyers are been cheated in Fethieye Helvacioglu showroom by unprofessional and not competent dealers .
I was loyal client to Ford in last 18 year . I driven Mustang in America, Mondeo in UAE and last two cars in Turkey which is lost my trust now to Ford .

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