Ford Motor Companyford fiesta

S Aug 15, 2018

I would just like to know, why would you continue to sell a car that has had electrical problems and transmission problems. Now I have purchased a car that I can't seem to fix or get rid of because I owe to much. I've have the clutch valve replaced twice and what do you know, it's no longer covered by the recall. For two years now I've had electrical problem after problem that the dealer can't find. Started with the air conditioner, then went to the fuel system, to my keyless entry, to the trunk and now back to the air conditioner again. I can't afford to keep trying things . So now my two children and I are heating to death in the car and I'm just sick of this damn lemon of a car. Then I do a little research and see I'm not the only one with problems but it seems to be quite regular with this car!!!

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