Ford Motor Companyf-250 super duty def problem

B Oct 24, 2019 Review updated:

We took our truck to Beaman Ford in Dickson TN for the recall on the DEF system and don't believe they really did the work.We think they just removed the code as the check engine light came back on within 30 days.They wanted us to then pay for testing.Once we put more DEF in the light went out and only came on when we were alerted the DEF was low.This week when that came on my husband put in 2.5 gallons of DEF fluid.Even though it showed full it cut him back to 50 mph and then idle and is stuck in idle.Beaman wantsd $165 to diagnose the DEF problem.They know what the problem is but...What can we do to get it out of idle.


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      Nov 06, 2019

    2016 Ford F250 80, 000 miles already had to replace the motor that cost $20, 000.00 now just a short time after replacing the motor the truck is back in the shop because it's doing the same thing it did when the dealer told us it needed a new motor. Now it's the def heater. We were told that has a 5 year 100, 000 miles warranty. Yet dealership says it's not covered ., also heard there was a recall on that same thing for [protected]

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