Ford Motor Companyextended warranty

P Aug 18, 2018

My vehicle has extended warranty coverage for another 7, 000 miles. My car recently started cutting off and then wouldn't start (all in a matter of 30 minutes). I had it towed to local Ford dealer. Guess what...needs a new motor. I was told that I needed to provide 60, 000 miles worth of service records. I worked as a travel nurse for almost 3 years and I am expected to remember where all I had my car serviced?? And, I am sorry, but I don't keep receipts. What I do know, is that my car was serviced...sometimes before it needed to be. And now, without those records, Ford isn't wanting to pay to have my car fixed despite it being under warranty. I love that car, but you can bet that I will not pay out of pocket for something that is under warranty! This is a scam if you ask me. I even had to pay out of pocket for a rental car even though it is covered under my warranty as well. My car has been down there 2 weeks now and nothing is being done because it is too expensive of a repair. I just want my car fixed like it is supposed to be...just another way for Ford to pass the buck! Not a very happy person since I am now without a car!

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