Ford Motor Companyelectric vacuum pump extended repair

D Apr 27, 2018 Review updated:

I am putting out this complaint because I am very dissatisfied in the way my defective vacuum pump is not being covered under warranty. I am not the original truck owner so I did not receive the service letter about field service action # 15N05 which states my electric vacuum pump, which is causing my brakes to malfunction, needed to be replaced in 10 years or 150, 000 miles. I brought it to the dealership to have it fixed and was told it was not covered under warranty because I have 160, 000 miles which was past the extended warranty. I truly believe that Ford should cover the cost of the defective part considering the letter stating the limitations was not sent to me so this could be fixed in a timely manner. Now I have to pay $650.00 for a defective part that should still be covered under warranty. I will never buy a FORD vehicle again and I will more than likely be dumping this heap before more goes wrong with it since I will not be receiving any further communication about defective parts that could be on this truck.

  • Updated by Donna Houpy · May 07, 2018

    I am glad you agree. Ford should have done a recall and fixed the problem no matter the mileage. Thank you for your post.


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    mikejohn May 07, 2018

    I had same problem with vacuum booster 2011 but was told wrong build date had same problems even blown fuse $684.00 ford would not cover this is bull---- tks

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    mikejohn May 08, 2018

    I did not include my mileage it's only 88700 be auto nation ford said my truck was not the right build date

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    ChrisBe Aug 17, 2019

    I am dealing with the same issue now. I am the second owner, and never received a notice for this recall. I have the exact same symptoms described in the recall and have been replacing brake parts over the past two years as the pump failure slowly developed. Now that I have identified the root cause and had a ford dealer service department confirm it, Ford will not honor their recall. The worst part is my truck meets ALL RECALL CRITERIA listed. It was manufactured within the recall time period, has the ecoboost engine with this vacuum booster failure, is within the 10 years of the extended warranted described in the recall and has only 78, 000 miles. I have contacted Fort customer service repeatedly to try and resolve this and get stonewalled. I am now contacting a lawyer and preparing to eat the repair cost so my truck is at least functional. I have had 6 Ford vehicles over the years and have never been treated like this with any of them. I was a big Ford supporter, but I think they have lost my business for good. Get your act together Ford!

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