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J Nov 21, 2017

My wife and I purchased a 2014 ford explorer sport model suv form columbine ford in 2014 including all the bells and whistles like the extended warranty and the maintenance plans. We currently have just over 90, 000 miles on this explorer and for the last 60, 000 miles have been complaining of the engine cutting out, shuttering, loss of power, revving up and down, vroom - vroom - vroom, or what ever you would like to call it. This problem started when we had around 30, 000 miles on the vehicle and have informed columbine ford about it every time we have brought it into the dealership, almost every service and countless repairs, they have replaced the throttle body, they said the coil packs, the spark plugs, the boots etc, which has done nothing to fix the problem. This cutting out problem started when we drove the vehicle longer distances 2-3 hours at a time and has steady gotten worse some times doing it on short trips as well. It is a major concern especially when getting on the interstate where vehicles are driving at high speeds and we can't get ours going over 50mph. Not to mention the damage this is causing in the engine internally. I have researched this problem exclusively and have found countless complaint of this ecoboost engine doing the same thing my car is. Like I said before we have complained about it every time we bring it in as well as calling them numerous times to inform them that the issue was not fixed after getting it back that it is doing the same thing. Today 11/21/17 I picked the vehicle up to take it on thanksgiving vacation and they (Paul edwards - service manager???) told me that they had fixed all issues we were having with the vehicle except the touch screen and those parts would not be in for another week or two and that the exhaust fumes we have been smelling would also be fixed at a later date because the parts were on back order. I told him I had talked to josh yesterday and he told me the same thing, then he through me the keys and said I could take my vehicle and they would fix the remaining problems later. I ask for a print out of the work they had done and much to my surprise they told me they did not have anything for me because josh was not there. I asked them to pull it up on the computer and print it out so that I could make sure the shuttering, cutting out, problem was addressed because we were making 4 hour trip for thanksgiving and again he said he had no idea what they did because josh was not at work. Then another gentleman behind the counter got on the computer and pulled up all the service records and repairs ford had made on our vechicle and to my surprise the revving up, cutting out, vroom-vroom-vroom problem had never been written up, so I had him scroll down all the other appointments we had made in the past for warranty issues and services and he said they had never documented us complaining about that issue before!! I got a little upset, and ask how that could be and looked at paul edwards the service manager and told him the last time I came in I personally talked to him about the problem, he typed it up in front of me and we made an appointment to get it fixed, how could the problem not get addressed with the main guy taking care of it for me. We scrolled down some more and noticed it had never been addressed, they have never even noted on any of the paperwork and we have been complaining about it for years, 60, 000 miles. Then when questioning paul the service manager about why it was never documented or addressed he told me that my bad attitude wasn't going to get if fixed and told me that if I didn't like it, I could take it somewhere else, I told him I know I can but we bought this $60, 000 vehicle here and was promised exceptional service and we weren't getting it, then paul tossed me the keys and told me to take my car somewhere else. What is going on at this place to have such poor management that would make this guy act this way, why won't ford fix this explorer for me??? Of course I got upset about this, who wouldn't??? This is an expensive suv and even more expensive to fix, im gonna get stuck with a lemon because of this service department and I want something done about it asap!!! Just because a customer gets up set you get asked to leave, just because a your car thats under warranty needs repairs your asked to take it somewhere else??? Im appalled by the way I have been misled at columbine ford, we complained about this problem over 10 times and it has never been documented and I feel its because ford wants me to get stuck with this lemon, and since they never typed up the complaint then they can say I never brought it to there attention. This is ridiculous and I hope some one at ford can help me with the problems im having. Its too bad that paul edwards and fords service department at columbine ford would treat their customers with such deception and poor workmanship.

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