Ford Motor Company2015 ford explorer limited epas system

J Sep 07, 2018

Had my 2015 Ford Explorer Limited, with the 3.5 liter V-6 2x4, incur a catastrophic failure of the EPAS System out of nowhere. No warnings, no noises, nothing. Shut the vehicle down after a road trip from Maryland to South Carolina while we were checking in for our vacation rental. When we returned to the vehicle and started it, several warning alerts came in on vehicle computer including; power assisted steering failure, traction control failure, front collision warning failure and a total loss of turn signals. Shut the vehicle back down and attempted to power down vehicles computer to see if the issue would clear, but it did not. Had to drive the vehicle for 1 day and a half before a Ford Service Center was open, all the while there was NO POWER STEERING and this made it EXTREMELY difficult to steer. Ford Service diagnosed it to be a faulty steering rack and steering module and needed to be replaced. Due to mileage the vehicle was out of factory bumper to bumper warranty and for some reason, this was not considered to be part of the Power Train so I was responsible for 100% of the repair cost of $1818.00 for parts and labor. Due to the fact that we were so far from home and could not go without a vehicle, so we had no recourse but to pay to have the repair done so that we would have a vehicle to return home. Thankfully, the dealership was nice enough to allot us a loaner for the time they had our vehicle. This is a severe issue with a good portion of Ford vehicles that are equipped with this EPAS and several recalls have already been established. Ford needs to put more effort into correcting this issue to prevent someone from being severely injured or killed due to this sudden loss of steering.

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