Ford Creditlease vehicle turn in procedure


I was a loyal Ford customer for fifty years. I select and operate fourteen Ford vehicles in my business. I leased a Ford product under the Red Carpet Lease program and purchased the Wear Care policy for $300 on insistance of the Dealer. My Lease was based on a 39 month contract and 39, 000 miles. At the end of the Lease I turned in the vehicle with 34, 000 miles and detailed out as was when i received it. Upon delivery to the dealership, they told me to leave it with them for an inspection. Several weeks later I received a notice and bill for $500 for tire wear in excess of one-eighth tread. The Wear Care policy was not applicable to tires (what a scam). After consulting a lawyer friend, I sent a check for one-eighth of the payment and a factual letter regarding language in the Lease which was not consistant with Ford's interpretation.
I explained that i was not responsible for the "betterment" of their vehicle. Ford began sending threatening letters and harrassing phone calls both at home and at my place of business. They turned the remaining balance in as a "charge off" to the credit bureau. I could have paid them and forgot about the whole thing, but with Ford's attitude and refusal to give me any documentation that they replaced the tires other than the invoice, I decided that it would be our last Ford product. From reading all the complaints I now know that others have had the same and worse complaints. This is what happens when a company gets too big for it's britches. I suspect that some lawyer will figure this out and a class action will ensue and that I will be getting my $100 coupon to go buy a new Ford with! Stick it where the sun don't shine!!!


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    1goodgolfer Jun 29, 2016

    Some ###s never read the fine print. $500.00 is pretty cheap for tires.

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    John B Kube Oct 23, 2016

    I have leased over 20 vehicles over the last 16 years. RCL lays out all of the charges, if applicable, before you turn the vehicle in. They will contact you to inspect the vehicle, 2 months ahead of time, at your chosen location. Tires & Brake Pads are pretty much not covered or paid attention by you. You should have known. Sorry...

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  • No
    Nosho Sep 18, 2017

    I'm also done with Ford credit and Ford ownership.
    I have lease or outright purchased Ford for the last 20+ tears.
    I live in NH. Last year I was in California taking care of my Grand Children While my Wife was in NY helping with my Daughter and Grand Daughter, (G.D. was having surgery) Long story short, I missed a payment. Once I received the notice I made the payment over the phone. that payment was applied to the upcoming paymt so I went from 30 to 60 to 90 days behind even though I was making my paymt on time. I did not realize till I returned home and saw my statements. Ford reported my arrears to the Credit Bureau which dropped my credit score.
    I had never been late on any payments prior to Ford or any credit card.
    I wrote a letter to Ford Credit explaining how that was the only blemish on my Credit report and had never been late before and would they please make it right with the credit bureau.
    The reply was you were late, that stays on your record and were not calling the Credit Bureau or any other credit agencies. I really was not sure what to expect for an answer but I did expect a little compassion on their part.
    Fair enough. Their call. My call is stay away from Ford.
    One lost customer can't hurt Ford but the saying in sales or service is " one happy Customer might tell one or two people but a unhappy Customer will tell 50."

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