Florida Power & Light [FPL]overcharging /saying its budget billing

B Nov 26, 2018 Review updated:

The last few months my bills have been 8-10 dallara month higher.
i am a single person. i use the same amount ech month.

Bill went from about $ 150.00 a mon th to over $ 200.00 a month.

When i call customer service, i get the " budget billing" script.
Than I get transferred for a energy survey.

I feel i am being over charged, I pay my bill each month.


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    JAC13 May 23, 2019

    Fpl budgeting is a joke!!! when we first bought this home 4 years ago, the highest bill in the summer (june, july, august) fpl time was about $200, with the remainder of the months between $100 and $150. the last 2 years bills have sky rocketed forcing us to do the budget. as we dive more into what is drawing what power, conclusion was the air conditioning was running too much. air condition unit and, windows and doors were originals from home built in 2004. so, made investment to put in all new windows and doors in february 2019, and a new air condition unit with all new hvac in roof beginning of may 2019. oh yeah, and temp used to be kept at 68 degrees, but with new air condition unit are able to keep it at 73 degrees (does not run even close as long as old unit and home is cool). just received bill... and it is $254 (actual usage $221). how is that even remotely possible?!!! lat month (april) fpl bill said actual usage was $171. are you freaking kidding me?!!! I am sorry, you keep your head down, work your ass off, do what is right, and the utlities are able to screw you?!!! with the way every thing ends up in court, how is it that fpl is not in court having to pay their customers for the, won't even say unfair, criminal extorsion of their customers?!!! does anyone know of a class action lawsuit going on or being pursued against fpl? we keep all e-mails, receipts (paper and electronic) and have a paper trail of this activity. anyone interested in fighting back against this corruption, I am in. text me [protected] and let me know this is the topic (I don't answer phone if name is not associated with the number).

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