Florida Power & Light [FPL]employee named henrietta mcbee

J Sep 05, 2018

Mc[censored] is what she should be called. She is a 60+ yr old woman and she is an evil, manipulative dramatic and psycho person. She is also a bully. She loves to go after college students. She tried to jeopardize my school career, reported me to my school and made up a bunch of lies about me. She thinks my dad is a doctor so she's trying to come after me and my family for a bunch of money that the thinks she is owed. She's not. My grandpa is a retired doctor and his past income has nothing to do with my family. I go to school on student loans. She also tried to tell the school i'm underage and that I was an alacholic. I'm almost 23, I am allowed to drink whatever I want. She has 2 houses, her second house in Orlando is purely rented out to people. She uses them as her check writers for her mortgage. She has mentioned multiple times how she is on multiple medications and how she sees a therapist. She should be suspended from just as she tried to have me suspended at my school. She's mentally unstable and she wont stop harassing me and my family. If she continues I will file for a restraining order. Her son is just as psycho as she is and he also tried to tell me how to live. He is controlling and crazy just like her. Mcbee needs to be fired at all costs.

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