Florida Power & Light [FPL]electrical

K Sep 15, 2018

I used the app to pay my bill (i have never missed a payment) and i had recently closed a bank account and opened a new one. The app paid my bill with my old bank account which is closed. The app gives you the option to pay but once you prezs the button there is no option to choose payment method. Therefore i paid with the wrong account. I have been charhed a $30 fee die to this.
After that i wasnt allowed to pay online anymore. I was forced to use western union and pay a fee each time. I called and complained and they said as a one time courtesy, they could waive the restriction and i would be able to pay using the app once again.
I went to pay my bill using the app at the next bill date, at which point i pressed the "make a payment" button. I assumed i would be directed to a screen which would ask me how i want to pay, or at least show me how i was paying and ask for approval, but instead the app automatically took payment again using my old account.
I then called fpl on the phone and tried for about ten minutes to get a representative on the phone using the online system. When i was connectd to "mr chavez" the billing supervisor he just kept telling me there is nothing he can do.
Thanks a lot fpl for making my life a living hell. You are the only power company in the area so i guess you can treat your customers however you want cant you. I pay you every month my whole life just so i can have a basic human need and you just [censored] on me again and again. Youre criminals. Youre thieves. I hate you.

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