Florida Power & Light [FPL]continuous power outages

M Sep 07, 2018

I have been in my house for less than 6 months and have had the fuse on the transformer on the pole behind my house blow out and have to be replaced 7 times with the power being out up to 3 hours each time. I have had multiple conversations with customer service, most of the time the technician reported the outage as being the limbs on the lines. FPL sent a tree "expert" out to look at the pole/ transformer and said it most likely a transformer problem, and suggested trimming the limbs on the "drop" to the house, which I did and the problem continues. I am a senior and find it very difficult without power (and water since I am on a well) in the heat and humidity of the summer. I understand this is a monopoly and I can not go out and find another power company that provides some sort of customer service. I have rated this one star as I there is not a lower rating available.

continuous power outages
continuous power outages

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