FlightHubtravel credit

E Sep 02, 2018

In May 2018 I had to miss a flight, and paid $150 to FlightHub to cancel it and apply the $416 credit towards a future flight. Now (September 2018), when trying to book a replacement flight on FlightHub, I see the flight I want is $550. This is what a new FlightHub customer would pay. If I used my travel credit, I would expect to pay $550 less $416 for a total of $134. However, when using travel credit, they charge $1000 for the exact same flight. So -- $1000 less the $416 results in a new total of $584. That's $450 more than what I should pay!!!

Why use travel credit, when I can pay less without it? Why does FlightHub need to make an additional profit on customers they should be trying to hold onto? Why don't they tell you this before you pay your $150 cancellation fee? Their message to me is they don't care about their customers. Made 3 phone calls, but their customer service reps are trained to say the same thing -- this is their policy, blah blah blah. There's no logic -- they just want to squeeze more money out of the poor souls who have already lost a lot.

Not using FlightHub ever again.

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