Flagstar Bankwells fargo transition

J Nov 19, 2018

I've been told my checking/savings is moving to Flagstar Bank on 12/1/18 due to WF selling off branches - in Flagstar's area of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana..only problem. I live in Texas. Account was opened when I lived in California. I have no interest in banking with a bank that tells me my only option for a non-fee ATM is my local Walgreens! So, I called Flagstar to see what can be done to stop this process on my account, since I'll be cancelling it anyway the minute it opens.

Their answer? I need to talk to WF as there is 'nothing' they can do! Umm, , YOU are the ones doing all the work to change m accounts in 2 weeks! I called WF out of s&giggles, and of course, was told there was nothing they could do as Flagstar is doing the transition. If I still lived in Indiana (which the account wasn't opened it), I would close my Flagstar account and go elsewhere just because of the blatant lye I got from their 'service'.. of course, living over 1000 miles from their closest branch now, makes it a much easier decision. I just have to mess with closing/reopening and all that. Thanks for making my day soooo much easier, Flagstar bank!

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