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This company appears to operate under a host of other names and has associations with companies with equally unsavory reputations. They currently operate out of Parsippany, NJ under Five Points Travel which is an issuing agent or distributor for Vacation Travel Club in Benton Harbor, MI. They send out invitations with the promise of free travel gifts to sit through their 90 minute travel club presentation. The salespeople of Five Points generate their revenue by selling the membership with an upfront membership fee. Only an annually recurring $169.00 goes to Vaction Travel Club. The upfront payments, often in the thousands of dollars, provides no value. Do not sign on the date of the presentation and do your due dilgence in researching this company. Nobody at the company has a business card and all the salespeople I spoke with have either recently moved from Florida or Branson, MO and appear to be transients. There is a complete temporary ambience at their office in Parsippany. Their membership agreement has no recission or cancellation policy. I attempted to cancel within 24 hours after using none of their services and was refused. Dreamworks and Five Points Travel have no website, but follow the link below for more information and a typical warning regarding these clubs.

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  • J
    J Oct 23, 2008

    Yeah I know what you mean. Thank god we didn't sign up. They were really pushy but A LOT of things just didn't sit well with me. For starters, there weren't any computers, no file cabinets, business cards (as you said), etc. The appearance of the place almost screamed out the word scam, honestly. I must say the presentation was interesting as I am sure it's supposed to be in order to sucker people into thinking they are going to get very expensive vacations for cheap if you sign up with them. But the more I watched this 90 minute presentation, the more it just didn't make sense. It didn't add up. So I am warning you all, STAY AWAY! Don't even bother going just to get the so called "free" airline tickets and "free" car rental, all they do is give you some bogus flyer that you can probably pick up at any movie theatre or shopping mall counter. You actually have to send in money before you get your "free" stuff. Again, doesn't add up. Don't waste your time, and if you do waste your time, definitely do NOT sign up. Oh yeah, that's another thing. You had to sign up THAT day, the very day of the presentation if you wanted to get all the benefits of the "vacation club". LOL. You want to sleep on it? NOPE, you can't. That was another instant red flag that this company was not on the up and up. Any company who wants your money and doesn't give you the time to think it over and is offering extra incentives if you sign up that day is obviously in financial hardship and you should stay away. Any legitimate company will say go home, think about it, blah blahblah. If you are still interested, here's my card (oh, thats right, they didn't have any) give me a call and I'll still give you the same price and benefits as we discussed today. This company should be ashamed of themselves.

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  • Ro
    Rob Oct 26, 2008

    Hi, We sat from from 11-3:45 and was finally convinced to join this club. I then proceeded to ask them to get me rates to St. Thomas for my son's wedding in June 2009 and their prices were much higher than expedia. The manager Kyle is attempting to be pleasant and assist us but so far there are no results. We are probably going to take them to small claims court. I cannot believe how I got involvedin such nonsense. I hope those of u out there who received the same invitation that we got will throw it away immediately.

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  • Ro
    Rob Oct 26, 2008

    Anyone who gets involved in this so called vacation club should know that it is a waste of money and we should have looked at the complaints about 5 points before going to the presentation.

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  • Co
    Connie Oct 27, 2008

    I went to this presesntation last Saturday. They had 4 different people try to convince me to sign! It sounded great, but I told them that any reputable company allows you to come back another day after thinking about it ands doing some research on them. That's when the intense pressure started. I was told the price would be $9, 995 for a lifetime membership (plus $229 doc fee, and $169 annual fee). However, if I signed up that day, it would be $7, 995. When I said "no thanks", they sent somene in who gave me a price of $6, 9995 for 2 weeks condo instead of 4. I said I still wanted to do my research on them, so they sent in another person, who said, since I was single, with children, they would reduce it to $4, 995. When I insisted that I would wait, they said I could pay $995 for a two year trial membership and 1 week condo. Now, when I pointed out to them that they had a huge difference in their prices, they said that I "must have been hurt by someone else" to "mistrust them". I didn't sign and tried to research them on the computer (not much info out there, including the parent company, Vacation Travel Club). If they have truly been in business for 15 years, there would certainly be a lot more info out there. In fact, the Vacation Travel Club wont' even let you click on the "About Us" section without a members password, so I can't find out anything here either. As someone stated before, there is no cancellation clause, and even the free offers aren't free. You have to pay them large deposits (example $75 for a car rental), just to start the process. READ THE FINE PRINT AND DON"T SIGN ANYTHING.

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  • Ro
    Rob Oct 27, 2008

    Whomever logs onto this site please read Connie's comments because we were taken in by them and now are taking them to small claims court and wil go to the media too. Their prices that they gave us for a trip to St. Thomas was $500 more than expedia plus they were sending us on non-stop flights. The travel representative Amanda is arrogant and nasty and their manager Kyle attempts to make peace and then never returns your calls. We also filed a complaint with New Jersey BBB. Please do not even go to the presentation. They are nice pushy sneaky salesmen. I hope anyone who reads this site and has had the same experiences as us will post a comment. DON"T GET TAKEN in BY THESE Scamming Salesmen.

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  • Jo
    joshua Oct 27, 2008

    I feel really bad for those of you who signed up for this misrepresentation of a travel club. I hope those of you out there who read this will NOT attempt to attend the presentation. They make everything sound so wonderful and inexpensive and it is far from that. This business should be shut down and anyone who has gone to the presentation should file a complaint with the BBB of New Jersey.

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  • Sa
    Sam Nov 12, 2008

    Has anyone tried to redeem their gifts. I received a 3 day 2 night stay at any Ritz Carlton Hotel anywhere in the Continental USA, dinner voucher for $50.00 and 2 round trip airline vouchers to anywhere in the Continental USA. Are these legitiment vouchers?

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  • Ma
    Marina Gallucci Nov 23, 2008

    Thanks so much for your comments. My husband and I are registered to go to the seminar next week, only because of their offer of the "free" weekend at Ritz Carlton and two airline tickets, which we would like to use to travel to a wedding in Miami in March.

    Please can anyone tell me if these are bogus? We live in NYC and would have to rent a car to get there, or get someone to drive us, so please help and spare us the expense of that. We already know from the comments that aggravation is going to be a part of the day.

    Do they serve drinks???


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  • Ro
    Robert Adamski Nov 28, 2008

    We sat through the presentation and sales pitch and had the same offers with one difference, they offered to buy our Marriott Vactoin Club week for $8, 000. We told them no and wanted to research some more. After reading these we are gald because we probably would have lost our Marriott week and had nothing. By the way the reward is for Fairfields not Ritz Carltons. It may be worth the $50 per person deposit (alledgedly returnable.)

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  • Ro
    Rob Dec 02, 2008

    When we tried to redeem the airplance vouchers and 3 night 4 day trip to mexico there were more black out dates than dates to travel.The airline tickets have to be used (both) at one time plus if I want my 19 year old son to come along he is not allowed to due to his age. I cannot believe how we got scamed into this and if they don't come through with the promotions we are all set to take them to small claims court. We already reported them to the Better Business Bureau. This past week they did come up with a lower price for a trip to St. Thomas than expedia did. More than likel because they told BBB that they had offered us cheaper flights and at the time they did not.We won't book it until they come through with the promotional deals. My husband and I have been quite patient but are at the point of going to small claims court. I hope whomever reads this does not go to the presentation and get inolved with what we have.

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  • An
    andrew Dec 08, 2008

    This is oneof the worse scams I have ever come accross. They make it sound so great so how can you turn down a 3 night all inclusive trip to mexico and free airline tickets for 2. Well don't believe a word u hear. The tickets and mexico trip have more blackout dates than dates to travel. If you read this please don't go to presentation and be taken in like we were.

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  • Ne
    neera Jan 25, 2009

    January 25th 2009.
    We too got sucked in last night.
    I am hoping our Visa card will offer us 100% protection based on fraud.
    The time on the credit card slip was set at TWO hours before the transaction actually occurred! ie we signed our slip maybe at 6.15 pm BUT the slip shows 16:15...very interesting! What are they up to!

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  • Be
    BeagleLoverNJ Jan 26, 2009

    Thank you for the heads up. We just received their invitation today and called them up right away to get the details. Like all of you said, the offer was very enticing and we got ourselves confirmed for a 90-minute presentation this coming Saturday, 1/31/2009. Well, we're not going to waste our time...I'll call to cancel first thing tomorrow morning. We don't plan to spend any money anyway, and just interested to get the freebies. Thanks again for the very helpful information. I'm glad I did my due diligence before going there.

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  • Tr
    TRISH Feb 06, 2009

    i certainly agree...we sat through the presentation and were disapointed when we werent even given the gifts as promised only a voucher to send in ...supposedly to redem for gifts...the guy actually called us "JERKS" under his breath while we were leaving..because we asked hard questions that he could not answer...STAY AWAY...

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  • Sb
    sbk Mar 05, 2009

    ok. so we sat thru the presentation which was only 50 min. the sales guy spent exactly 4 minutes with us. asked if we were interested, we said no, he said what about a great way to fi nance, we said no, and he said thanks for coming. i'm sure they pressure but we got out lucky.

    so, what i really want to know is has anyone actually used the vouchers? and with what results?


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  • Ds
    dsgator Mar 14, 2009

    PLEASE READ BEFORE ATTENDING: I only WISH I had read these comments BEFORE attending the presentation. Oddly enough, my husband and I thought it was an interesting concept and of course, were sucked into the presentation because of the free trip. (After all, how can you argue Costco prices for travel). We quickly realized Five Points wasn't for us and made it clear to the multiple sales people that we were keeping it real and that in this economy, although the idea sounded great they shouldn't expect anyone to sit there and shell out thousands and thousands of dollars on the spot as an impulse purchase, including us. The major turnoff was their actual sales manager who was arrogant, condescending, completely unprofessional and downright mean. When we made the recession a valid financial concern, he blamed the media for all the hype and said that EVERYONE was going on vacation and the media is inventing all the problems. After actually insulting both our jobs ("what kind of companies do you people work for who are laying off, our business is booming!") we decided to end things there. These people were clearly living in an alternate universe and huge red flags come up when a company who is doing business in 2009 cannot acknowledge that there is a recession going on. Furthermore, flat out denies it. I am most definitely going to report them to the BBB but what is most disturbing is that last night we found out about on average about 5 out of every 12 couples signs up for this thing. These people should be ashamed of themselves for giving the travel industry an even worse reputation than they already have.

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  • Cg
    cgonza Mar 24, 2009

    I too am caught in the scam they have sold. They have 2 people who answer phones when you try to use the service. They are not the travel agents, they then have to work with other travel agent and they then never get back to you. Has anyone gone to small claims court yet and what success have you had. Also one person said they were going to call the media, has that happened yet. This is a complete scam and they need to be exposed more publically.

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  • Mi
    Mitch Mar 26, 2009

    We were also sucked in their scam by promises to get cheaper airline tickets to Croatia since our children and we plan to travel there this summer.

    On February 10, 2009 we attended a presentation in the office of Five Points Travel in Parsippany, NJ. This was the result of a birthday gift I received in the mail, which included three days and two nights in any of Ritz Carlton Hotels and Resorts and as added gift a $50 dinner for two. For responding within 72 hours we were to receive two complimentary round trip airfares to any major international airport anywhere in the Continental U.S.

    The presentation was given by Mr. Phil (no last name given). Goal of presentation was to get us to sign for Dream Vacations International travel services. After the presentation we were approached by Mr. Dan (again no last name given) who tried to sell us a package plan for approximately $8, 495. When we were not interested Mr. Dan discounted the package to approximately $4, 995. The discounted amount included two round trip airline tickets to Croatia, because we mentioned that we plan to go there soon. We did not purchase this discounted plan either. We were given information on how to obtain my birthday presents (Ritz Carlton and free airline tickets).

    On the way out of the office of Five Points Travel Mr. Dan took us to talk to Mr. Phil. Mr. Phil offered us a three years membership with Dream Vacations International with a promise for cheaper airline tickets, vacations, rentals etc. We inquired how much would we save on airfare to Croatia in early summer of this year. Mr. Phil went to the other room and obtained airfare costs over the Internet from Travelocity showing the prices from approximately $1, 250 to $2, 500. When we asked how much would these tickets be with Dream Vacations, Mr. Phil went again to the other room and after the consultation with someone came back and gave us a price of $850 to $1, 100 and stated that they can get us prices approximately 30 to 40% cheaper than what we can get on the Internet. This made us purchase a 3- year membership for $1, 495. The idea was that we are going to save on cost of the airline tickets to Croatia this year. Also our two sons, daughter and grandson are planning to go to Croatia this summer. Since all of them are entitled to use Dream Vacation services we would actually save our $1, 450 in the first year.

    On February 13, 2009 we called Five Point Travel and inquired about two round trip airline tickets to Croatia. We were promised that someone would call back with a quote. However, nobody did. When my wife finally got to talk to the receptionist, she said she had our file and the price of the ticket was over $1, 300 per person. This was substantially more than quoted on February 10, 2009 and unacceptable. The receptionist has promised that someone would call us back. Nobody did.

    Many of my wife’s phone calls did not go through. I guess with a phone with identification service you can screen phone calls. When my wife called from a telephone not registered in our name the call was accepted. From the receptionist Ms. Joanne, my wife managed to get Mr. Dan’s cell phone number. On February 27, 2009 Mr. Dan promised that he would look into our case and have Mr. Phil call us. Mr. Phil never called.

    In the meantime we called the other travel agency and were lucky to purchase two round trip airline tickets to Croatia for less than $1, 000 per person each.

    On February 27th we got a phone call from Ms. Daphne who called on behalf of Mr. Phil. Ms. Daphne took entire and detailed information including dates of our flights, airline, name, price of tickets and promised that she will call us back. She never did. When my wife after a few days called Five Points Travel nobody there knew who Daphne was and my wife was told to call Dream Vacations International. The receptionist there told her that Daphne is not available and took our phone number. Daphne never called back.

    On February 28, we got a call from Ms. Penny from Dream Vacations. She was very understanding and promised to check into the whole case and obtain cheaper airline tickets for our two sons. After ten days she did not come up with a quote of any cheaper tickets.

    After all this aggravation we concluded that it was all a scam and we mailed a certified letter to Five Points Travel (with a copy to Dream Vacations International) demanding refund of our money. So far no response. We have also notified our credit card company to stop the payment.

    On February 12, 2009 we filed the registration form for our gift airline tickets with Grand Incentives, Inc. and mailed them as requested by certified mail. On March 1, 2009 we received the response letter informing us that our certificate was voided because our form was not completely filled out. We left out the space for a night phone, because we use only one phone for the night and day. We feel that this is a silly reason for voiding the certificate. When I called Grand Incentives help desk on March 3, 2009 Ms. Carry insisted that we were not following the rules and therefore we lost the free tickets. We were offered a trade for the voided certificate for a Resort week, which allows for a week stay in a condominium. We were told to require this by e-mail. The email address was [email protected] I e-mailed the request on March 3, 2009 and did not hear back yet.

    We also did not hear back from the Ritz Carlton from which we requested the certificate on February 12, 2009.

    We feel that all this operation is a carefully planned scam and after collecting money from the customers nobody does anything and nobody can be reached. So far we did not receive anything that was promised to us at the presentation. Nobody has a business card and a last name.

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  • Vi
    Vic Apr 02, 2009

    My wife and I are sure glad that we did not sign-up for their travel club during the 3 hour presentation in early December. Attempting to receive our "free" gifts, we too have been "voided" and ignored continually just as other commentors have said. Reading websites "ComplaintsBoard" and "Rip-Off" on VIP Travel and Certs, Inc. both of Florida, and both being who Five Points Travel brushed us off unto to try to get our gifts, have very negative comments. They use sleazy copouts to make sure that no one receives the gifts.
    So we too say that you should not waste your time at Five Points Travel, and if you did, hopefully you didn't buy-in. Forget the "free" gifts. It's not likely to happen!

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  • Ve
    VEG Apr 02, 2009

    Thanks to all your eperiences/complaints/comments (and, Thanks to the Internet :-) ...) we were supposed to go t Piscataway, NJ this evening, but decided to NOT go after reading these comments.
    I am wondering if any of you have taken action such as bringing it to the public's attention thrugh TV programs such as Arnold Diaz's "Shame, Shame, Shame .." on Fox news. I think scams like these should not be allowed to continue - especially in this economy where big scams and phony businesses are hurting everyone ...

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  • Gu
    gummy Apr 10, 2009

    So glad I read these posts before we went to Willow Grove to talk with Five Points Travel. How can they continue to get away with this scam???

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  • Su
    Sucker Apr 11, 2009

    We were had!!! Unfortunately we bought into this. We purchased a membership after them lowering it several times...that should have been a major red flag, not to mention no computers, no last names, as previous people have stated. They are not Five Points Travel, they are now Bentley Travel, or how about Slime Bags Travel!! We tried to stop a credit card payment but could not stop it in time. This website came to late for us. We are very upset not only with them but with ourselves. If something seems to good to be true, it definitley is. DO NOT go to these places and hand over any information much less money. This really blows and how freaking embarrassing that we got suckered in. These people should be thrown in jail and have the key thrown away...grrrrrrrr

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  • Ha
    HAPPY CUSTOMER Apr 14, 2009


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  • Ro
    Rob Apr 15, 2009

    OMG Please do not join this travel club or even go to their presentation. They sucker you into something that is the worse investment you will ever make in your life. The vouchers are bogus. We could not get any of our dates we requested and Jackie from 5 points said that we would get reimbursed 500$. Yes she did keep her promise we received a check for 500$ which was deposited the day we received it and it bounced. We already filed a complaint at the BBB a few months ago and now we may have to refile it and take them to small claims court. Again this has been the worse experience we have ever had.
    By the way in order to book a trip to St. Thomas we had to keep checking when the flights were going down on expedia and then they went ahead and booked it for us. We did not need a middle man to do that we could have done it on our own.

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  • Jj
    jj3128 Apr 15, 2009

    We were the victims of this scam by Five Points Travel, (or Dreamworks Vacations International, or Dream Vacations International). Obviously they operate in many different names and locations. I have filed my compliant with New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and BBB. If you are defrauded, please do not hesitate to file your case against them.

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  • Nj
    NJbuyerneedshelp Apr 16, 2009

    Hello All, I have filed complaints against, Five Points... with the BBB, the Attorney General and there is an attorney who is ready to file a class action suite but he would like as many people to come foward. His name is G. Martin Meyers, 973-625-0838; 35 West Main Street; Suite 106; Denville, NJ 07834. I encourage EVERYONE to do the same and pass this information out, especially contacting Mr Meyers. See his attached web link If we get enough to move foward, we can shut this operation down and hopefully get our money back. I have been in a few communications with the NJ OAG office and my last correspondences from them is they have been receiving many complains and are about to fully begin their investigation


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  • Ha
    hate5point Apr 17, 2009

    Well Five Points took their sign down this week and they have changed the name to something else so they can continue the scam. Seeing that they generate business via mailers they are also open to being prosecuted for mail fraud. These people prey on old people and minorities on a daily basis. You'll never see the same salespeople on a day to day basis. They are disgusting.

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  • Ha
    hate5point Apr 17, 2009

    The new sign is up and Five Point is now officially Bentley Travel. So they will be ripping people off via Bentley Travel from here on out.

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  • Ro
    Rob Apr 17, 2009

    I can't believe that. Something really has to be done to close them down. If it does happen who knows if they will even have money to give back to those of us who prosecute.

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  • Cl
    clone Apr 18, 2009

    My wife and I went yesterday night and were apparently suckered (it is now Bentley Travel as you are all saying). We weren't going to do it, but "Bob" told us that what he has done for the past 10 years is resell his 4 weeks to people at the site of the superbowl, which makes his money back and then some. This seemed to good to be true and apparently it is! I feel so horrible about this I haven't been able to sleep all night (hence why I'm up at 5 in the morning). I'm going to call them right away and demand my money back. I know people that are going to another presentation later on and I will tell them to make a big scene in the presentation if they don't give me my money back. If that doesn't work out I will call that lawyer.

    To pay for it, they took all my info and opened up a mastercard credit line. Does anyone know what bank this line is? I want to call them up and refuse payment right away.

    I can't believe I fell for this, I just feel so stupid. Has anyone had any success getting their money back?

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  • Ro
    Rob Apr 18, 2009


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  • Nj
    NJbuyerneedshelp Apr 20, 2009

    All, also try to file disputes with the credit card companies if you opened one with Five Points/DIV/ or now Bentley, If they receive enough disputes, they too will have to wonder wants going on

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  • Vi
    Victim Apr 20, 2009

    It is now well established that Five Points Travel, Dream Works Vacation club, Dream Vacations Internation, Inc., etc. are alter-ego businesses(illegally commingled, d/b/a entities which are unlicensed and unincorporated with the PA and NJ secretary of States offices)which are carefully organized to run a sophisticated, ongoing fraud. I have notified Mastercard/Bank of America and the FBI fraud division of this scam because of the fact that this involves mail fraud (a federal offense). These fictive entities use deceipt and trickery to take your money, and in return they fail to provide the services promised in exchange. Even their website is dysfunctional, and the travel agents are essentially useless. You can do better surfing and utilizing sites like RCI and other discount deals offered via the internet -- virtually for free. The contract we signed was defective and predicated on fraud, mistake and/or duress -- and therefore EVEN IF YOU SIGNED SOMETHING THAT SAYS THAT YOU AGREE THERE IS NO RIGHT OF RECISSION, in fact, under PA law, there IS a right of recission when the transaction is predicated on fraud, mistake and/or duress. Therefore, if you have not yet paid your credit card company and the credit card company has not paid the vender, you should immediately dispute the charge and provide a detailed letter evidencing how and why you were defrauded -- and why the contract is null and void under PA law, and why the services were bogus or misrepresented in any event. Stress that the service benefits were not in fact used by you, and that the credit card company will be enabling a fraudulent business to continuing operating should it decide to make payment. Make sure you send them the BBB "f" ratings and complaints about these disaccredited businesses. Your best recourse, and perhaps your only recourse, is with your credit card company -- because if you allow the credit card company to make payment, you will be chasing the vender until the cows come home -- as it will be very difficult to find, serve, and successfully sue the individual principal owner of these fictive businesses. If you want to know more about your rights of recission, google PA recission laws (and remember that recission can be spelled a couple of different ways). If you want to know more about why your contract is not enforceable as written, run it by an attorney. Remember, the first principal of contract law is that there must be a "meeting of the minds" with respect to the transaction. Notwithstanding your right of recission, If you did not get what you bargained for based upon what was represented to you either orally or in writing, there is no meeting of the minds and therfore there is no enforceable contract. If I make progress with the US Attorneys Office or the FBI, I will be sure to let you all know. In the interim, it may be advisable to pursue a class action lawsuit if necessary. You may need to name your credit card company as a co-defendant, if they failed to heed your directive to stop payment. Read your credit card contract carefully for your dispute rights. I hope this is helpful.

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  • De
    Dennis Apr 22, 2009

    This is a scam - a big time scam and everyone should avoid it! At first, it seems interesting - but remember - if something sounds too good to be true - it probably isn't true. We received an invitation in the mail - come to a presentation and receive two roundtrip plane tickets, free seven day car rental, gas vouchers, dining vouchers, etc. There was never any mention that we would have to pay for these vouchers upfront and then request to get reimbursed.
    We went to the Presentation - a lot of hype and selling about their vacation packages and great deals - all too good to be true.
    No matter how hard they tried, and they tried hard, they couldn't convince me this wasn't just like a bad timeshare deal. My wife pointed out more than ten typos in their power point presentation - not a good sign.
    After the presentation - and before they would give us our promised 'Promotional Package' with all our free gifts - they tried to convince me to buy in. They almost got my wife - but I gave her that look - what are you f crazy? The price to join kept being reduced - by the thousands. The deal was sweetened to include a free cruise, a free four night stay at a resort of our choosing and so on and so on and so on. When the manager finally realized we were not interested, he moved on to another couple. I hope they did not buy into the BS - but I am not sure.
    I asked for my 'Promotional Package' and was taken to another room to wait for a travel specialist. We waited about fifteen minutes when I started to loudly complain to anyone who could hear me. I wanted my 'Promotional Package' and I wanted to leave - I had wasted enough time already. They gave me a letter with instructions as to how to get my vouchers. They do this because they think a number of people will not follow through, so it does not cost them anything - and they are probably right. I did follow through.
    I sent a letter to Five Points Travel in Willow Grove and followed through with a call to the office. I was told my vouchers would be coming in three weeks. I told them that was unacceptable. I got the package in three days. For the free car rental I had to contact Greenbriar Promotions and guess what - to get the free car rental I had to send them a check for $75.00 and I could claim to get the money reimbursed to me once I used the voucher. Upon researching this deal on the web, I discovered that this deal was also a scam. Complaints about never getting the money back were plentiful. No vouchers after sending the money were out there for everyone to see. I did not send my money in.
    I could go on and on but I think you get the point.
    Stay away from Five Points Travel. Stay away from Grennbriar Promotions. Stay away from Millennium Travel.
    Stay away from any trtavel club that promises to give you free vacations, free flights, free dinners, free gas vouchers etc just for attending a presentation.

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  • Je
    Jeannegirl Apr 22, 2009

    I am a member of DVI. I have saved a lot of money with the company and i am a little concerned about all the complaints. I had some trouble with the free gifts but Jackie helped me to get everything sorted (the promontional gifts are not DVI they are the marketing company). Which seems to cause a lot of problems if you don't follow the directions. At any rate, i like the company! But had i read all this before signing up I probably wouldn't have purchased and would have missed out on great savings on my two last vacations. I'm happy to say as of right now the program has been worth the money I spent on it!

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  • Ha
    hate5point Apr 22, 2009

    Yeah I'm sure you had a great experience because you're probably one of the people ripping off the customers on a daily basis. Seeing that the FBI is now involved I can't wait to see them swoop in and grab all you lowlifes. So go back outside of the building and smoke your cigarettes and wait for all the other victims.

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  • NEW NAME!!
    Bentley Travel, formerly Five Points/DVI is now "booking" through
    Established in Phoenix on March 20th 2009 with letters about free airline tickets saturating the market dated April 20th.

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  • Lo
    Lorraine May 15, 2009

    This is definitely a scam. We didn't purchase anything, but after we sent in our voucher for the free plane tickets and hotel room, they sent us an empty sealed envelope. When I tried calling them there number was disconnected.

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  • Ro
    Roger May 21, 2009

    On long island they appear to be working as Paradise ravel out of melville

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  • Nj
    NJmom May 25, 2009

    I'm so glad I saw these comments before calling! They seem to using the name 'La Bonne Vie" at 600 Park Avenue in Manalapan, NJ. I got one of these offers in the mail, and wanted to check on the internet before calling, since it sounded too good to be true.

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