AARP Scseptreated with no dignity, respect, value

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AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a grant program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and administered through the AARP Foundation. It is designed to provide job training and job search assistance to individuals age 55 and older with limited income.

Great idea, [appears] to be a wonderful resource, and I do not know how it works in other cities, but if you live in Seattle, and are thinking about applying for this a lot of practical, face to face, research and informational interviewing before making application!

Myself, and others, have experienced what seems to be more than a reasonable amount of dysfunction in how the program is being "administered." I have not felt like I was being treated with dignity, respect, or valued from the first day.

On the first day of application I was sent on a wild goose chase (i.e. an unnecessary trip that wastes time, energy, resources, etc. without realizing any gain). Later in the week I was sent on two more wild goose chases.

Later still, I experienced confusion and ambiguity from the staff when I sought to clarify their WorkSearch Jump Start program. An email to the Project Director raising concerns about the wild goose chases and the confusion was met with a "circle the wagons" mentality.

After a period of time I was notified that I had an interview with what was to become employment ($8.55 per hour for 18 hours a week) at with my "Host Agency." This is the initial step that must be taken as a means to actually "gain" access to benefits the program offers. As instructed by AARP staff, I showed up for the interview eager and ready to work...only to discover from my Host Agency that the interview was actually suppose to be two days away...not the day I was instructed to show up. Another wild goose chase, and somewhat humiliating.

Later, I discovered that other AARP SCSEP Participants are experiencing similar dysfunction's, especially with interviews. I've been told stories similar to mind, plus other stories of two SCSEP Participants being scheduled at the same time for the same interview and more.

The SCSEP Participant Handbook--which was provided nearly 3 weeks after applying, and then only because I showed up in person to debate a procedure that I was being different sets of verbal instructions to follow--talks about the importance of open communication so that one might be fully assisted. Yeah, right...good luck with that in Seattle. In my experience, this staff is one of the worst "communicators" ever, and I question that they are following the procedures that they are suppose to be following.

Due to my own personal drive and initiative, the assignment that I am performing (as my Host Agency Executive Director verified in a performance review that I requested) is that of what could be called a Commercial Handyman. This is fine with me because there has been no agreement between myself and AARP about any job title, and I get exposure to a multitude of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) that would increase my marketability in this very tight job market (i.e. Custodial, Building Maintenance, Administrative Assistant, Grounds, Warehouse, Minor Information Technology, Other).

Then I noticed on my time sheets that the job title of "Stock Clerk" started showing up. After a review with my Host Agency Executive Director about my performance and the actual job tasks that I am performing, I submitted a job description of a Commercial Handyman, resume, and explanation about my Host Agency review with a request that the job title be changed to Commercial Handyman in order the reflect [and therefore get recognition for] the tasks I am actually performing (which again make me more marketable).

Instead of changing this job title to match my career goals, the Project Director forwarded my email to another employee (that I don't think I have met yet) who informed me that he checked with a Payroll Administrator who apparently--and without any knowledge of what I am actually doing or bothered to contact me about the matter--chose the job title "Stock Clerk" because the Department of Labor doesn't list Commercial Handyman.

The problem with that is this time sheet (which may be a federal document) has legal "effect." In order to receive pay for the hours I have worked, my Host Agency Supervisor and I MUST sign this document which is stating that I am a Stock Clerk...when the KSA's that I am actually performing make me far more marketable in the job market as a Commercial Handyman!

Now that I have raised my objections (openly communicated) about the job title of Stock Clerk being completely unacceptable, that I feel like I'm not being treated with dignity, respect, or valued, and have requested the job title be changed to either Commercial Handyman (or Administrative Assistant, Undefined, or left blank until a job title can be agreed upon) I am getting stonewalled and essentially "forced" to sign this document if I want to get paid. I noted on the last time sheet that I was signing the time sheet in protest... Communications from AARP SCSEP Seattle are, at the moment, non-existent.

So I am in the process of contacting whoever I can to take an independent look into this matter. Interesting thing that I have no intentions of being litigious, nor am I seeking to get anyone fired! But I am certainly wanting AARP to hold their staff people accountable for their dysfunctional behavior, I want my job title to be changed to reflect the things that I am actually doing, I want to be treated with dignity, respect, and to be valued, and finally I want assistance with becoming more markable in the job market! After all, I am not collecting unemployment! I am 58 years old, and I must say this is the worst "assistance" I have ever received from anyone, or any agency!

Do any of you want to risk going through this type of experience?


  • Ho
    hopeful SCSEP worker Feb 12, 2010

    I called this office about 1 1/2 years ago, and waited and waited to hear back from them. No call. I phoned again, and again they said your on the list someone will call you. Still no call, so I gave up. (I initially called because there was a flyer at my apt. bldg. regarding AARP helping you get employment, and getting paid while you volunteer (SCSEP Program) and attempt to seek permanent employment.

    Now, I'm doing some volunteer work and some of my co-workers are in the SCSEP Program. I called AARP, now I'm waiting for someone again to return my call, he's out for a week, then will be busy when he gets back, so I'm suppose to hear back in approx. two weeks. We'll see if it happens this time. In the meantime I'm going to go through the City of Seattle Mayor's Office Program, IF THEY HAVE ANY FUNDS LEFT for 2010 for the SCSCEP Program.

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  • Ti
    TitiSnickersMax Jun 29, 2010

    I am not certain as to why these inconsistencies exist, however, it is truly an insult to those of us seniors. I was recently released from my position hosted by the local historical museum. Assuming that I would call AARP and they would be sensitive to my situation, it was quite the opposite. I asked to be placed as soon as possible in that my husband and I suffered serious financial setbacks and I need to work. Instead I was told by the representative that she did not have time for me now and that I would need to wait two weeks to be contacted. All of the material that you read on the internet about the SCSEP program in coordination with AARP contradicts this type of treatment. I am totally shocked and doing my best to find someone whose compassion would lend itself to that which is promoted. So far, I have not been able to find any contact information for those who may have the means to correct these unconscionable injuries to our honorable intentions.

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  • Le
    Lenegal0716 Aug 08, 2010

    I am a 62 year old woman who was placed in a position as a custodian; never did that type of work before.
    Work was demanding and physical, I advised AARP.
    There were harsh chemicals in custodian closet.
    Last day I worked at placement agency, I ended up in ER due to chemical inhalation.
    Have called and called local office after submitting paperwork from ER, haven't heard from them since.
    Many of these people at AARP were hired from the SCSEP program themselves; wonder if they ever had the placement skills beforehand.
    Poor communication, non compassionate.

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  • Cj
    cjttocs Feb 09, 2011

    I live in Phoenix Arizona, and have face the same promblems stated here, I am over 55 I was let go of my job saw advertisment regarding SCSEP thru news letter that was e-mail to me thru AARP, went down to the office, which was way out of the way spent all day there with how to interview, how to search for jobs etc. they stated I had to go and do intake at that time I was told I qualified. Since losing my job I am now homeless and still no job. I ask also for help to go back to school, again nothing. I keep calling they say there is a freeze on nothing they can do, I said you stated there was a waiting list, again they stated no there is not we just cant help you. Now when I call they just put me on hold and dont come back to the phone so I just hang up. If this program does agsest which I beginning to think it does not why dosent someone help us. I have been looking for a job for one year, and I do beleive it is because my age, what am I or anyone else suppose to do.

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  • Ba
    backtowork Mar 01, 2011

    Please Beware - the SCSEP Program would and could be helpful - if the people overseeing it, mainly the Project Manager, had more interests in making her program the BEST IT COULD BE, instead of a Master's Research Thesis for her own accalations. I have foud her HAND PICKED STAFF to be UNPROFESSIONAL on EVERY LEVEL. I have been talked down to, patronized, be littled, and when I spoke with the Project Manager, her reply was; "not my people, I find that hard to believe." "I won't have you talk that way about my people, unless your willing to sit across a table from them and allow them to defend themselves from your accusations." [In other words: CIRCLE THE WAGONS]
    How sad: this program is ment to help people out, and all the unprofessionals with the power are ABUSING, aging professionals, who have treat others with DIGNITY, and RESPECT!

    I wish the REGULATORS COULD PULL T"HE PLUG on this Project Manger, and find a BETTER CANDIDATE.

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  • Na
    Naaomi Apr 01, 2011

    Because we, the baby-boomer generation, now exist as the "unemployables" according to government statistics, should begin communicating a lot more loudly as a nation of "unemployables" who has had the bar moved once again on the social security benefits pay-age. Being kicked-around is not who we are. It appears there are quite a few of us who are unhappy, unemployed, homeless and without hope. Crying in our milk is not who we are. It is time the government hears from us. That "we're mad as hell! and we're not gonna take it anymore!

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  • Ev
    Eviecoach Apr 12, 2011

    This program is a joke. AARP does not help you gain employment. Instead you have to plug along like you always do and try to find work on your own. The very few interviews I have been able to get result in the same "over-qualified" status (translated to mean "too old"). What good does a program like this do for someone who has over 47 years of office experience and still remains unemployed? We are required to attend "mandatory" meetings and are penalized if we do not attend a useless meeting with very little hope for a job. It seems as if the younger workforce views us all as senile. Take a clue and realize that one day you will be "over-qualified" too.

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  • Sl
    slave labor Jul 23, 2011

    The non-profit agencies I have worked for with SCSEP are terrible. They take advantage of us. I frequently hear comments from the rich volunteers, who usually only come in once a week; " I don't get paid anything". Well the host agency does not pay us one dime of our lowly minimum wage. I feel used and unappreciated. The word training is a joke. They work your butt off and look down their nose at us. Volunteers take away jobs from people.

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  • De
    destiny0 Sep 24, 2012

    Good for you for speaking out, i am going through a similiar situation here in AZ, only i have sent my issue to several top people and they send me to someone else. They all stick together from Wash to the low person on the totem pole. There has been un truths said about me to make the Project Mgr. look good, nothing between her and i was help private, our emails were always sent to two or three others even those that i had contacted. I was on the program for a few months at an Agency that i was already a Volunteer and offered this Agency to AARP and so went on the program, i liked it there i was learning several different things. then a confusing mess happened and it has been a fight ever since to have bad remarks removed from my file with them and to listen to my side, and as the person above this message i just get the run-a-round and have ever since trying to get on SCSEP here in AZ, i was told there was a freeze and i wrote someone in Wash and there was no freeze, it took me almost 3 years to get on, they are so confused as they have taken me off the Program 3 different times and do not seem to be able to coincide with each other.

    I hope that anyone that is thinking to get on the AARP program here in AZ to do your homework first.

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  • I agree. We are required to go to the YYC (Yes you Can) mtgs. at the worksource offiice here in Seattle. When we arrive we "sign in" with the office using our ssn.. This morning after arriving early and being seated in the main office to await being called into the meeting at least 3 or 4 of us were still waiting to be notified 10 minutes later. When we finally inquired we were told they were already in session. As we filed in and announced that we had been waiting and never called, the director screeched at us that we should have signed in I informed her I certainly had. She ignored me and continued with her "diatribe" with no apology or acknowledgement that perhaps she was the one in error. This is just a tiny example of the mistreatment participants endure!

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  • Wi
    Willaby Feb 14, 2013

    I am a telecommunications retiree, but didn't want to sit around the house and rot away. So I called my local AARP office and enrolled in the SCSEP. Boy what a mistake! After being moved to three different host agency sites in six month, I was sent on an interview that didn't fit my goals. After I didn't accept the job at $, I was called into the AARP office and told that I had violated my agency agreement and would be terminated from the program.

    Perhaps someone in Washington D.C. should re-evaluate funding this program. These folks in the local offices are a joke.

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  • Be
    Bennie Williams Nov 07, 2013

    I must say that i can relate to your experience as well. I am writing from Houston, Texas AARP. and my experience with the Host Agencies, and AARP services are terrible. Senior's are used fro the government agencies to collect Volunteer hours. The extensive training is a joke. They send to Host Agencies that degrade you and put you in a corner and you, do absolutely nothing. Someone needs to investigate the way these places are ran, and how seniors are being treated; because if there were no seniors, there wouldn't be a need for AARP Foundation SCSEP Program.

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  • La
    Lady Workhorse Mar 29, 2014

    I was a client of the Seattle SCSEP/AARP program in 2008. It was not as professionally run as I would have hoped but I discovered that most of the placement staff were seniors themselves. Admittedly, they were kind of slow on the uptake.

    I lived in Federal Way at the time and my greatest hardship was getting to Seattle on occasion for face2face meetings. I was placed at a senior center in my community and was there until I accepted a permanent placement after about 4-5 months. I think there were 4 SCSEP placements there - 2 in the office and 2 in the kitchen. (One lady was 80 y/o at the time, and she became permanently employed at the center). I usually got breakfast and/or lunch, which was certainly helpful since my income was extremely limited at the time.

    All in all, my experience was positive. However, I have a no BS personality and tend to "demand" professionalism and respect. I will say this: This forum is fine for publicizing to prospective applicants, but not the forum for getting change. That would be letters to AARP, your congressperson, the legislative committee(s) charged with oversight of the SCSEP funding. If you feel like the system is broken, do something about fixing it.

    I plan to reapply to the program later in the year and I am looking forward to another successful experience.

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  • Ms
    mswordgeek Apr 29, 2014

    I totally concur with the others with regard to the local AARP Foundation's dysfunctional administration of the SCSEP program. There is a lot of "poverty shaming" in their attitude about unemployed persons, and the clear message is that we have to be sharply and continually prodded to get off our dead ### to get out there and find work.

    Their approach to the job hunt — especially in my field, IT — is 'way, 'way out-of-date, their philosophy with regard to the role of host-agency placements is at cross-purposes with itself, and they are very rigid in their general approach and administration of their services.

    I won't go into detail here with what really got my tail in a knot, as it might identify me. I want to make a grievance, but I do not trust the local administrators to not be vindictive.

    The rollup: If you're an out-of-work senior and can suffer the guff, this can be a useful program. However, DO treat the staff as bureaucrats... that means, stick to the letter of their program, and never volunteer information that your "employment specialist" does not ask for.

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  • Un
    Unhappy Host Apr 29, 2014

    I represent a host agency that is working with the local Seattle office for placements at our agency. I have been very disappointed by their arbitrary movement of participants of late. What should have been a very lucrative arrangement between our programs, good for the AARP participants, the host agency and good for the local office, has turned in to a major disappointment. I had intentionally created meaningful positions for our AARP participants in hopes that it would sharpen skills, make it meaningful and hopefully in some way help participants find work in the field that they were looking in. Unfortunately creating meaningful work means that an agency has to go out on a limb and "give" work that is critical to the agency to a participant that could be moved at any given moment. The amount of training that the agency invests needs to be met with some type of return on work performed. And, with little to no notice as to when a participant is moved, it creates a void that then has to some how be met. Going forward I will be forced to keep most of our AARP participants in less meaningful work. The most unfortunate part of this arrangement is that doing so, in my opinion, belittles the unique gifts that each participant brings to their host agency. I wish all of you luck going forward, and hopefully we can all find a way to share our stories in places that can inspire the change we all clearly want to see! A local office that really understands the complexities of this job market, that respects our growing population of baby boomers and all of the gifts that they bring, that can better support their participants with placements and other services (I have noticed that there are many AARP folks that need additional supports such as clothing, food, housing, ect...) and that host agencies are able to utilize their particpants in meaningful ways that show respect for the talents that participants bring. Let's keep this moving forward!

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  • for called a former friend who happens to to be associate diector AARP for old times sake. She said she would be in nearby town on AARP business and meet me for dinner. She was unusally quiet. As we went to our cars to leave she opened her truck and handed a very thick binder of of contact information to congressmen with theIr contact information and how to contact them professionally and what to say. the next day i was contacted by AARP by email and greeted like I had signed on to do what amounted to a 40 hours of work without pay. I was shocked about the meeting, the assumption had signed on to do all this work and the emails. I didn't respond because I was sexually assaulted. I called AARP and spoke to my "friend" and told her crying my life was a tragedy and I couldn't do the work. No questions asked, and no sympathy. She hung up. I haven't heard from her since. I'm glad I've read this blog because I was planning to use their services to re-enter the workforce. I

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  • De
    deje Mar 11, 2015

    snail mail is better! I was told in here in Reno that I, a disabled senior, had my status
    changed to a family of ONE! Yes, although it is a family of TWO by the FEDERAL and
    STATE governments. Ms Roberts, find her on FINKEDIn, has taken to making her OWN
    rules and guidelines. Must be NICE, since their wages, benefits, etc, are paid by OUR
    TAXES with a grant from the DOL. I am terrified, afraid I am going to lose my home, for
    delinquent property taxes. TO ALL OF YOU, DO NOT BOTHER WITH ARRP, Mister
    Cook just emailed me and said I could "reapply", perhaps. Even though I KNOW by
    the DOL's webite about the SCSEP program I am MORE than qualified. PLEASE,
    START RAISING THE ROOF, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN!!! Ooo, 44 jobs since July! (This was the end of September 2015). Wow, averages 12 jobs a month? Must be a very busy office, huh?

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  • La
    la sherwood Jun 04, 2015

    JUNE 3RD, 2015. i was home, late afternoon, when i received a phone call from someone at the aarp office. she told me the director, eva garcia, wanted to meet with me about reassigning me. i said fine, but i couldn't go into austin, she would have to come to me. i said i'd be at the host agency the next day. the woman said, "Oh no. today was your last day. you're not to go back." needless to say, i was incensed. i had been waiting and expecting( for 6 months) to be reassigned; but, to be called after already putting in 2 days this week, with no fair warning, and no reassignment ready to begin, i felt totally discounted and offended. the last time i had spoken to eva about this ( in january), when i asked her how long i would be at my current host agency, she did say, "until i tell you you're not." she sure told me.
    i tried several times that same afternoon and the next morning to reach her, but was told she was unavailable. i was even instructed to call her "when she is available. Have a blessed day." before i was hung up on.
    i believe that eva is not providing the services that the SCSEP program is supposed to provide its participants. any requests for assistance, allowed by Title V, were never reponded to. And the wages paid, i believe were less than allowed.
    i do believe that someone should take a long look at how this austin office is being run, or better yet, come and speak to the participants. i may be alone in my dissatisfaction and disappointment, but what if i'm not?

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  • Ki
    kiznkitten Sep 29, 2015

    First of all I am sorry so many of you are having trouble! I'm in the SCSEP program through a community college in Washington which is falls under DSHS. It took almost 5 months for a position to open up. When it did the first thing I did was decide where I wanted to work. Then I verified that the place I wanted was looking for help. I chose to work on the college campus which is part of State Government and very rules and regulations, not to mention Union, oriented. I coordinated a meeting with the SCSEP Director and the manager of the Department I wanted to work at. If you find a position where the prevailing wage is higher, they will pay you more. I chose to work in INFOTECH. While I am not as skilled as my younger counterparts, I am learning a lot! They make concessions for my limitations, I am 63 and disabled, so it's working out well. I don't impact their budget and they get extra help. It's a win win situation. Re-think where you want to work, and propose it as employment that is funded by someone else instead of a volunteer situation. Most employers have had some bad experiences with volunteers at one time or another. You should be allowed to do just about anything that is considered a job on the SCSEP program. Get creative and explore an idea you've never thought you'd be able to do. This could be your golden opportunity! Check out college campuses and government employment opportunities. Don't limit yourself. I have never been happier with any job I've ever had! Here is a list of the people who oversee the SCSEP program in Washington.

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  • Th
    Theresa Carmouche Oct 19, 2015

    I agree with all of these comments. I was working on staff at the Houston AARP site located at 16770 Imperial Valley Dr, in Houston Texas. The project director there got angry because I was a whistle blower on her office indiscretions to her boss and came in on her off day and told me to get my things and leave the office. This was done in front of a site participant who had come into my office to pick up some paperwork. Everyone is right, this SCSEP organization is a joke, you're definitely not treated with dignity and they definitely don't care about helping you find a job, they are just there milking government funds.

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  • Vi
    Vishanti Burden May 04, 2016

    Great Article. analysis . I learned a lot from the details - Does anyone know where my assistant might be able to acquire a template IRS 941 copy to work with ?

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  • Ha
    HavepeacewithGod Mar 30, 2018

    I was site staff for three months. I constantly reported policy violations to my project director. When a site staff in charge of payroll forged my signature, I reported it to police. This same woman verbally assaulted me, mocked my faith, and defamed my person on several occasions. Exit for Cause violations without an exit! I was removed from my role by the project director after being told to "beware of stray random bullets!" She was guilty of forging SCSEP paperwork as well. Also, they force disclosures that are voluntary without disclosing that fact. You fill them out or you are not processed. These disclosures reveal barriers that are used to show the DOL they are serving "the most in need" whether you are or not. My privacy was violated with this coercion. I rejected the homeless or risk thereof form and it was reintroduced with the comment that I all of us are at risk and I had to fill it out to be in the program. It was altered after the fact. The project director was eventually terminated for retaliation after I filled my grievence, but not the coworker. A month into the official grievence procedure, the regional director violated my free speech while I was on approved break. After sharing her lack of approval for my exercising my second ammendmemt, I was forbidden to continue to live as an american with constitutional rights or I'd be charged with insubordination and terminated. Keep in mind I was in the process of whistle blowing dozens of policy violations and chose to go on approved break for legal reasons which had no time limit. I proceeded to exercise my freedom to leaflet, followed by her issuing a termination letter for insubordination. I sent a quick "be advised you just violated the law" and was responded to by another in the corp stating it wasn't going to happen. This grievence process is in the sixth month having passed all in AARP, the secondary grant holder, and all the way up the NCBA, the primary grant holder. Next is the DOL but only in regards to assurance the policy was followed regarding the grievence, and any laws violated. NOTHING about policies violated and no clue who at the DOL cares. Praying the many policy violations will be addressed. We still have two elephants in the room, a coworker that was allowed to remain after several exit for cause violations, and a regional manager that remains after violating law and retaliation for which there is supposed to be zero tolerance policy. I cannot return to hostile training site which is what exists until someone holds these grant holders accountable. Have not found that one yet. I've been advised to hire a lawyer when this internal investigation is completed. To call it an investigation is ludicrous! One in the NCBA responded not knowing who I was even complaining about, and that was after her assurances that she prided herself in advocating for seniors and righting wrongs. A plethora of emails and letters and no clue what my issue was although she agreed AARP acted appropriately. I'd love to see all of us united against this atrocity, all holding them accountable together.

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  • Le
    Leslie Patton Dec 09, 2019

    @HavepeacewithGod OMG!!!

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  • Vi
    Vicki Priest Apr 27, 2018

    Wow. I went looking for the overseeing governmental agency of SCSEP, and this page came up with my search. I feel like the office I've been dealing with "read the book" on client relations after skimming the article and the comments. No wonder the current congressional reps would like to get rid of the program. The intent of the program is good, of course, but how crazy is the program in practice! I've been treated with incredible disrespect, even being insulted for things I've never done or said (or thought!). That's just one thing. I'm not perfect, but the people paid to help on the journey to regular employment don't call and let you know there's a problem. I don't know, it's like they assume you're a bad actor or that you're 12 years old. The office I'm at asks for our help doing their job (finding places to train at) while insulting us at the same time. I've even helped in this way, with no thanks, just insults. It's just utterly strange (and stressful, and time consuming . . .). I have no source of income, but if I did I would not endure this program.

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  • Ki
    kiznkitten Jul 05, 2018

    To: treated with no dignity, respect, value, who said; "It is designed to provide job training and job search assistance to individuals age 55 and older with limited income."
    NO! No it is NOT!
    "The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a community service AND work-based job training program for older Americans. Authorized by the Older Americans Act, the program provides training for low-income, unemployed seniors. Participants also have access to employment assistance through American Job Centers.
    SCSEP participants gain work experience in a variety of community service activities at non-profit and public facilities, including schools, hospitals, day-care centers, and senior centers. The program provides over 40 million community service hours to public and non-profit agencies, allowing them to enhance and provide needed services. Participants work an average of 20 hours a week, and are paid the highest of federal, state or local minimum wage. This training serves as a bridge to unsubsidized employment opportunities for participants. Participants must be at least 55, unemployed, and have a family income of no more than 125% of the federal poverty level. Enrollment priority is given to veterans and qualified spouses, then to individuals who are over 65, have a disability, have low literacy skills or limited English proficiency, reside in a rural area, are homeless or at risk of homelessness, have low employment prospects, or have failed to find employment after using services through the American Job Center system."

    The SCSEP program has been perverted by AARP Foundation to run up the numbers of participants for the foundation to assist them in getting more Grant money. The program is not being run by the foundation to help Seniors, it's been perverted to run increased numbers of participants through SCSEP in order to benefit the Foundation. The SCSEP is a section of Federal Law under the Department of Labor. It is the Title 5 Older Americans Act, Senior Community Service Employment Program. The way that the AARP Foundation is running it is discriminating against the very people it is intended to help! According to the DOL, the department that funds the SCSEP, "Disparate impact occurs when an employer has policies or practices that appear fair and are fairly applied but have a negative impact on members of a particular sex, race or ethnic group, individuals with disabilities, or other protected groups." The AARP Foundation is using this statement, "I understand that enrollment in SCSEP or unsubsidized employment may cause me to lose all or part of certain public benefits I receive, " in their SCSEP Program Requirements Application form to scare away Disabled people, or anyone receiving public benefits. There is so much more that is just not right about the way AARP Foundation is running the program! I think it's time to complain to OASAM Civil Rights Enforcement for DOL Grant Recipients, Civil Rights Program, "The Civil Rights Center, Directorate of Civil Rights, enforces various Federal statutes and regulations that (1) prohibit discrimination in DOL funded programs and activities; (2) prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability by certain public entities and in DOL conducted activities; and, (3) prohibit discrimination within DOL itself."

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  • Ki
    kiznkitten Jul 06, 2018

    I was happy with this job until the AARP Foundation took over. They SUCK! Here's who complain to:

    OASAM Civil Rights Enforcement for DOL Grant Recipients

    Civil Rights Program

    The Civil Rights Center, Directorate of Civil Rights, enforces various Federal statutes and regulations that (1) prohibit discrimination in DOL funded programs and activities; (2) prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability by certain public entities and in DOL conducted activities; and, (3) prohibit discrimination within DOL itself.

    The primary external activities of this agency include:

    conducts equal opportunity compliance reviews of DOL grant recipients on a periodic basis;
    investigates discrimination complaints filed against DOL grant recipients as well as certain complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of disability by State and local governments; and,
    provides equal opportunity compliance assistance and training to DOL grant recipients.
    The primary internal activities of this agency include:

    mediates and/or investigates discrimination complaints filed against DOL;
    investigates complaints alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in DOL conducted activities;

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  • Ki
    kiznkitten Jul 06, 2018

    Complain on Facebook and YouTube as well. We need the donars to the AARP Foundation to be aware of what's going on! If there are enough people a Class Action Lawsuit might be effective, it looks like they are violating Labor Laws. That won't go over well since it's a Department of Labor Grant paying for the program.

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  • Ja
    Jack Wayland Nov 04, 2019

    The intentions of this program are stellar. The results are not. Unfortunately, the end results in "non-profit" corporate welfare. Enough said.

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  • Ma
    mauve Feb 26, 2020

    It has been my experience that it all depends on the Project Director & those in the Site office whether the local SCSEP is a success for us as seniors. Too often the Project Director leaves it up to the "employment specialist" then does not oversee. She is free to place those who she prefers to place & make excuses to those she prefers not to place. I'm in the process of complaining to D.C. to shake up this local office. I have been unemployed for one year & they seem to have "no work for which I'm suited". The last interview which the "employment specialist" cancelled I was told "they chose another candidate" ( !?!) Candidate ?? And she is making decisions on MY life !

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