Fitness Firstunable to use passport services in singapore

P Sep 02, 2018

I would like to file a complaint in regards to fitness first for cancelling my membership without informing its member although payment was made via direct debit thru my credit card.

There was no letter sent to its member and I was abruptly asked to refer to Home Club while I was on a transit from Malaysia to Singapore for one day. The staff from Fitness First (Bukit Tinggi Klang) by the name of Nur Halinda was too busy handling other staff while she kept me waiting for 30 min to handle my request. There was no Manager around the staff confirmed, however she was on call with her manager by the name of Kavitha who confirmed that my membership cannot be renewed and ask to refer to IOI Mall Puchong membership.

When I called IOI Mall Puchong membership, the membership consultant by the name of Sakthi said, Bukit Tinggi Klang Fitness First should be able to renew the membership without any issues since I have no payment dues. But there was no follow up from Fitness First subsequently.

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