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Fitness 19 reviews & complaints

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Fitness 19 - Agressive and mad person approaching others with problematics outcome

It was a trainer working and he came and talk to us while he saw what that guy approached me, there are cameras at the gym so the gym team can go back and see what happen yesterday and who started this situation the is very uncomfortable to my person — I lost the peace I did have while I'm training just because an individual with mental problem and drug abused issues? I need to do it now, in this case is racists and mental problems involve for part of. This unhappy person today I'm going to go to the gym and talk to the manager about this matter.

Desired outcome: I want that guy profiled and with the restriction order - I was totally harassed he making faces when I was answering his question , Racist and hate is this person of

Fitness 19 - Fitness 19

1) Was a member of gym location for over a decade and at least three owners
2) Over the course of the membership BOA changed my card number on several occasions
3) Under previous management I would change my card number at my next visit (I went almost every weekday) and all was well.
4) Once fitness 19 took over was told to call a 800 number to correct.
5) 800 number was a automated time waster. After much effort got a human and instructed to enter account on website.
6) Website would not allow credit card number only bank and routing number. No way I would ever agree to this.
7) After attempting to get this solved with the automated time waster I gave up and assumed my membership was cancelled.
8) would not take my card number, would not help me at all, My contract was with at least two owners ago, I never signed any agreement with fitness 19 or ABC financial. My card even says body exchange. I never even got a fitness 19 card
9) Called ABC financial and attempted to explain and was called a liar.

Desired outcome: A letter of apology stating I owe them nothing.


Fitness 19 - Poor communication, workers with minimal communication skills

Closed my acct. 4 plus years ago. although I had another individual under my acct. I still closed the acct. Over course of 4 years called, when down there only to be told there is nothing I can do...

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Fitness 19 - Membership charges

My original contract with Fitness 19 (Sunnyvale, CA) was for the full monthly charge, and not for the the $2/month discount + a yearly charge. After a couple years, they started erroneously charging my credit card with a yearly charge. I pointed out the error and had my bank deny the charge. Over the next couple years, I continued to experience faulty billing practices. I visited in person to complain with the manager, who told me that they weren't responsible because they'd lost their branch accountant, and had to rely on another branch to do their billing.

Even though I canceled my membership in person, at the branch, they continued billing me the yearly charge. During COVID-19, the branch was closed down, but continued billing me. Now, I'm told that I cannot cancel my membership online without paying the back charges that I've been incorrectly billed. I've written emails and made phone calls, but the customer service has been completely lacking.

This particular branch has been closed and the accounts transferred to UFC Fitness. Now they are trying to collect on back charges that never were legitimately incurred.

Fitness 19 - Unprofessional service representative

The service representative Dan (Asian nationality-new employee) in your Brea location at 706 E Imperial Highway, Brea, Ca 92821. Did not perform his duties by properly checking my membership and...

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May 06, 2021

Fitness 19 - Health and Safety

This location is not following any of the CDC or Cal-Osha guidelines. They are not social distancing. They are not spacing out machines. They are not requiring mask for members or employees. They...

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Fitness 19 - Horrible customer service

I've been a member of fitness 19 since 2008 and I've probably referred over a dozen people to the club, but that will never happen again. A new employee named Christina at the antelope location i...

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Fitness 19 - Phone number not working

The Fitness 19 location in Mission Viejo has a number registered under [protected] but every time I call the number there is no ring on the other end and the call just ends abruptly. I'm trying to...

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Fitness 19 - Monthly charge and annual renewal

After the Farmington location reopened, I went in and cancelled my membership. I did not want to chance exposure to the Covid19 virus. The following week I received a billing for a monthly charge...

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Fitness 19 - Fraud

I received a bill for $249.00 from an attorneys office . I have never had a membership with fitness 19. I would like this reversed. I have never been charge nor do I know where this fitness 19 is. My Name is Jenifer Rallo
the paperwork state account # 1835512. I am not sure what to do here. I have a crunch fitness that i have been going to i have never been to a fitness 19
Jenifer Rallo

Mar 07, 2020

Fitness 19 - incorrect charges. Charged me annual fee before due agreement#[protected]

I have been a member of fitness 19 since 3-15-19. I went to cancel my membership as I am moving out of CA and there ar no gym's in my area. I was told first that i had to wait until my contracted tme was up, so I did. I called to cancel 3-6-2020 and am now told I would still need to pay $62.98 to get out of the contract. { $22.99 for 3-15-20 dues and $39.99 for annual fee} I dont get it and want my money back.

Fitness 19 - this new manager is threat to member; abusive, hostile, domineering, frivolously accusatory, hateful to member

Unbearable, Despicable attitude, insanely hostile, extremely toxic personality, wrongful perception like a hungry, biting bulldog: Campbell 19 Fitness new manager James Holloway: - Lack of basic...

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Fitness 19 - removal of management

I've benn coming for many years and the manager that was there for number years was removed, the replaced him with person that only been on job not even a year.. My experience with certain person...

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Fitness 19 - membership

I attempted to join the fitness 19 gym in Campbell for a promotional deal in person. I was told that I had to call back with my bank account information since I did not have it on hand. I called and...

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Fitness 19 - worst gym in the world

Whatever you do, don't waste you money on this place!!! It's cheap, but you get what you pay for - nothing!!! I went in for the first time this morning and was given my membership card. No one gave...

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Nov 06, 2019

Fitness 19 - outlet in bathroom

For the last couple weeks, the outlet in the bathroom has not been working. I am a 63 year old female and had to leave there with wet hair the last 3-4 visits. I mentioned it to the personnel there...

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Fitness 19 - poor maintenance of reclining bikes and tv screen

TV screen in front of reclining bikes has been broken since Jan 2019 Once a month ask status, every time DirectTV is blamed for not providing part or schedule. 10 months no progress. Reclining bike...

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Fitness 19 - bill from collections company with no prior notification

Good Afternoon- I am submitting this complaint after having just received a call from a collections company in the amt of $75 of which I was never notified or aware that I even owed. I moved 2 hour...

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Fitness 19 - membership

Please cancel my membership, I have moved to Napa Valley and no longer need the membership. My bank has also been closed and accounts charged will be returned. I came to the Camarillo office to sign...

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Oct 16, 2019

Fitness 19 - cancellation of membership

I cancelled my membership in April of ‘19. My bank account was still being charged. I spoke with Aaron and Paula at Fitness 19 and was told my account had never been canceled, which is not true...

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