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On December 6, 2018 I spoke with an agent from First Premier Bank regarding my credit card. I was told that if I make a payment of $404.62 they would credit the account $100.00 and I would have the full available credit of $400.00. I did a post dated payment for the $404.62 for December 14, 2018. Per the agent I would have the full available credit on December 15, 2018. When I reviewed my account information the morning of the 14th the funds were still in my account and the credit card account was still showing to be past due. I contacted First Premier Bank that same morning and spoke with an agent who advise that payments post at midnight and the funds would not be available on the 15th however she could cancel the post dated payment and I could set my payment up with her and she would process the payment and the balance would update and funds would be able the next day the 15th. I completed the process however, this was all a lie. When I went online the morning of the 15th there were no information available I contact First Premier Bank and spoke with Shannon who advise me that as of November 17th the account was close due to two returned payments. I advise her that I did not receive any information regarding this no letters, no telephone calls nor emails and I advise of what the agents prior advise me. She stated there was not anything that she could do. I then at that point ask for a manager. She transferred me to Amanda who I advised of the previous conversations and she stated there was not anything that she could do but contact the security department to see about having the account re-open. She stated that they would not refund me the money because the account balance was of the amount that was collected. I expressed to her that this is unacceptable and against the law and that they can not do this. She advised me that she understands and if she could fix this problem then she would however she can not. Amanda stated that it could take 3-5 days. Amanda stated that I could attempt to dispute though my bank but as I explained to her the bank would do research and contact them directly and per Amanda they would say that it is valid because the money was owed on the account. Today, December 17th I checked my credit report and it is showing the account to reported close on November 1st, how is this possible if First Premier Bank is stating it be reported close on November 17th. I spoke with Kendra today also and advise her of the information. She spoke with a manager who advise her to tell me that they are not sure why it is showing November 1st on my credit report when it was not close until November 17th but like I advise her credit reports reports things that creditors report to them and that date was not made up. She advise me I can send a dispute and provided me with a fax number. She then stated that she can send a referral to their settlement department to see if they could refund the money however it was not guaranteed. I asked to have a head manager such as a AVP or SVP to contact me and Kendra advise that they would not and that it would basically be a supervisor. I informed Kendra that I have worked for banks for some time now since 2001 and I have learned some things over the past 15 years. I advise her that this is deception and per the fair debt credit act deception is against the law. I advise her that Amanda told me that the agents calls would be listen to and per Kendra there would be no way of knowing if this would actually be completed. I would like to file a law suit against this company because there are probably other consumers First Premier Bank Collection department has did this to. I am aware that they do receive bonuses for collecting.

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