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Complaints & Reviews

ridiculous terms and conditions

I am very disappointed at the service that was given to me at the FNB pavilion. I needed to take out money from my 32 day savings account and they said I could not. I do understand the terms and conditions of the 32 day plan but it was an emergency because I needed to pay my unisa fees yet they said I could only take it out for a DEATH or If someone was in hospital. It is my money I do not understand why I could not take out my money, I was even willing to pay the ridiculous penalty fee of R250 but they refused. It was only an amount of R1000, I understand that I need to place a 32 day notice but I had no time to come into a branch and apply for It as I am currently very busy at work, so all I asked for was a little bit of understanding but I did not get that. Instead of helping me save money they are costing me more money !!!

changed account without my permission

FNB send me a letter that I can upgrade my account to a silwer cheque account. seeing that I am still a student I decided not to do it. After 3 months I got a bankstatement and saw that I now have a cheque account, how can they cahnge my account without my permission?? The bankcharges for a cheque account is very high, esspecialy for a student. I went to FNB the following day and talked to Hannes. I told him that they must change it to a student account and refund all the bankcharges. he told me that they won't be able to refund the bankcharges, because i signed a contract.I asked hi if I can see my contract, as I am possitive that it is not in there. he then walked away and another friendly lady helped me and said that they will change my account and reverse all charges, that was almost 3 weeks ago, how can it take so long.

worst service on the planet

Every week I get a phone call from FNB homeloans stating that my payment date is on a different date, each time i have to explain the whole story to a different person. Each time notes are made according to the consultant...does anyone read the notes? Incompetence is the norm i suspect!!!

Please can someone with authority sort out my problem. I will not speak to any junior person as non of them can make a note on the system or even read the previous persons note.

our service is even worst than that of the government!!

fnb debit card declined

Yesterday my FNB debit card was declined twice even though there was more than enough money in my account. I had to go to the nearest atm which was absa to draw money to pay and so incurred a R10.50 non fnb bank charge!! Imagine the embarrassment not being able to pay with your card and the person telling me its declined! i wanted to check using online banking but this too didnt work.

  • Ai
    AidanM Nov 15, 2019

    I wanted to buy a coke today but when I was at the checkout till the machine said declined even though I know I have enough money.

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overcharged on bank fees

Ever since I can remember I have banked with FNB. I started with a Bob JNR, then Bob T, then student acc & finally last year I changed to a cheque acc. I bought my 1st car with FNB & am planning to take out my 1st bond with the bank as well.

When I changed my account to a cheque, I was promised my bank charges capped at R60 as that was my main concern coming from a savings acc, like a student acc. This was never the case. I have been charged standard rates on a gold cheque acc. How is it that FNB could take as much as they wanted from me without my signature being anywhere agreeing to that?

The call centre was not much help & just referred me back to my branch. I found the time to go in & discuss this. It was discovered that it was the employee that had converted my acc who is responsible for placing me on the wrong plan, which has charged me 200% more.

Unfortunately the only lady that could make a call on whether I would get MY money back, Naiomi, was not at work. I was promissed a call by her today with an answer. Its 21:30 & no call.

Im probably going to be blamed as well for not checking but if compitent staff was employeed this would not happen. I trusted my bank.

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unbelievably bad experience with first national bank

It's with utter amazement that I look at all the promises that were made when I was recruited as a client, obviously to rake my business in because you recognised my potential. Now, as was discussed at the beginning of the six months, I call upon the promises that were made in this discussion. Should I be surprised that I'm thrown with red tape from all angles. Suddenly, it dawns upon me that those were actually not the only promises that were never kept. I find it unbelievable how in this age in South Africa, where service is detrimental to all companies, they spend so much time recruiting you, but none trying to keep you. Unbelievable though, when I come and tell you that I've moved my business elsewhere - surprisingly, you act shocked. But Why??? you suddenly shout, conveniently forgetting all that you did not do when we initially met.

what is the use of having ebucks if you have problems accessing it

On Saturday the 19th of September I went to Look and Listen at Clearwater Mall to buy myself a CD with my ebucks. When I got to the tills to pay the lady told me that Ebucks was off line for most of the week, but that she will try to swipe to see if it goes thru. She tried twice to no avail. I had to pay cash for the CD. This is actually the 3rd time that I had to pay cash at Look and Listen because of ebucks. What is the use of having ebucks if you have problems accessing it. I only use my ebucks to buy CDs.

marketing gimmick then they wont downgrade online

Myself like many people signed up for FNb's R66 a month account. The account fees then went up to R79.00 which I cant afford. I called the call centre and asked to downgrade which they refused to do, and I was told to go into a branch to do this. Why should I do this if I applied for the account online??? Wake up!!!

they will screw you big time

I have banked with FNB ever since I started working. Not only that, I have WORKED for this bank and I must say that I am sick and tired of being *** by large corporations!!! I have an investment account with FNB where they are mandated to debit my cheque account on the 21st of each month and credit the my FNB investment account.Guess what???My account was debited on the 20th (a day before I ACTUALLY get paid!!!)..There I was at the grocery store getting a few things and surprise surprise...INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!!!All because FNB couldn’t keep its grubby hands off MY MONEY for 1day!!!That is just plain disgusting!!! There I was with egg on my face-No FUNDS AVAILABLE!!!I then proceeded to a Standard Bank ATM (because they obviously did not cash in on the business opportunity to erect an ATM in my complex, never mind the fact that ABSA and STD-their two biggest competitors-have woken up to customer's needs!!!) to see if I could do a balance enquiry. I WILL BE CLAIMING those few rands-I will NOT be liable to pay interchange fees!!If this is how FNB treats its customers, i best start looking for another bank!!!

dont think fnb knows how to provide good service

Finally got the EBUCKS fee reversed...but it doesnt end there. I received an sms last week regarding an amount due, called FNB call center [protected] spoke to some dumb nut whom informed me to ignore the Sms as the Ebucks membership fee had just been reversed, my account is not outstanding...fine, received another sms I ignored it cause i was told its sorted out. Today i called the automated balance enquiry line, still theres an amount outstanding, spoke to a consultant Sharon who advised me there is an amount outstanding for R148.43 that was invoiced on the 120909 for an annual VISA card fee but it was due on the 080909, does THIS MAKE SENSE, AN AMOUNT IS DUE BEFORE THE DATE ITS INVOICED??? How the HELL can it be due on the 8th Sept if it was invoiced on the 12th Sept? Fair enough il pay it, but FNB's level of communication to their customers is just pathetic AND believe it or not, i was told by Sharon if i am billed with interest or late payment fees for this amount, I NEED TO COMPLAIN ON THE WEBSITE TO GET IT SORTED OUT AGAIN!!! Thanks FNB, like i dont have a job to do, I have all the time to sit and type out complaints to get things sorted out!!!

ebucks maximum earnings not advertised

I have had an ebucks account since inception of the product & it was never outlined to me that there is a maximum amount I can earn per month. I chose to use my FNB card for the sole purpose of earning these points but have found that after a month of shopping I was given only the max 2000 points. This is a breach of my original contract & a contradiction ito FAIS - this new rule - which i was told by ebuck customer care - only came into effect in June. - Had I been aware of this- I would never have used my FNB card for those purchases. This fact needs to be publised to all FNB Ebucks users.

poor home loans death claim assistance

I have been speaking to Alida Vandyk regarding the bond of Mr and Mrs Mpata. Mr Mpata passed away in June and I forwarded the relevant documents to Alida. She confirmed that the claim would be paid by 4th September but she keeps asking for documents that I don't understand. I have copied her on an email to my attorneys where I asked her to advise me on the documents she's asking for and they advised that because the estate was less than R123, 000 those documents are not necessary. Alida became upset and responded by writting me an email in big bold letters. All we need is for the claim of Mrs Mpata to be settled or to be advised on exactly what to do so that this matter can be resolved. After all Bond cover is paid to have these things sorted out after the death of a spouse not to have complications with bank staff who are not willing to be helpful.

  • El
    Elizabeth Phephenyane Mar 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I have a house bond with FNB. We were married in community of property and have signed all the necessary documents (Thembani Glenn and Elizabeth Phephenyane). in 2002 my husband died. The treatment I got from FNB Home Loan was shocking being sent from pillar to post for ten years. I am paying my bond every month still both in our names.. I'm now unemployed and sixty years old and sickling. I have wrote to so many people to help me solve this problem. One of the FNB staff even asked me why am I not selling the house?

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debits still going off deceased estate

My mom passed away end of April, I contacted FNB, informed them and sent a copy of the death certificate to them and to FNB card division. I am waiting for the letter from the master of the high court to finalise the estate as I am the executor.

I saw this week that FNB is still allowing debit orders and card fees to be deducted from this account. Surely this is not allowed?

I am very disappointed in fnb credit card devision

I am very disappointed in FNB Credit Card devision as before I left (Feb 2009) South Africa for holiday to New Zealand, I informed them that I will be overseas and my credit card statement must be emailed to me on which they agreed on and said no problem. Now we are in September 09 and after plenty emails send to the email address on FNB web site and still no statement. FNB is very quickly to charge you interest on your account or if you are behind etc. My account is up to date and all I need is a flippen statement to see what is happening on my account. We are still in New Zealand and I can not just pick up the phone and speak to FNB as it is very expensive to phone overseas. All I am asking is a simple statement to be send to my email as per FNB records. I don't want to stop paying as them my account will end up in arrears and also don't want to over pay my account as I will never get my money back from FNB.

mislead and lied to by the bank

On the 14th Aug, I did a once-off internet transfer to another account.Since the person needed the money urgently, I chose to do an Express Clearing, which went through on my side.The person I was depositing the money to didn't get the money though.In the morning I went to my Branch to ask, I was told the Express Clearing didn't go through because it was a once-off, I showed them that it did went through.The person from the Internet Banking told me that I am not going to get charged the R32 because it didn't go through.I wanted them to reverse the money so I can deposit manually because it was needed urgently and they told me I am going to get charged for that! It was not my fault in the first place because the Internet Banking allowed me to do the Express Clearing, and I was put under the impression that it had gone through. Any way, I was not surprised today when I checked my statement and I found out that they have charged me the R32 for an Express Clearing that never happened! They wasted my whole morning that day going up and doing trying to fix their problem, I want to be reimbursed and rewarded back the money I deposited otherwice it's goodbye for both my accounts with u.

zastron fnb bad for the image of the bank

I wanted to deposit money at FNB in Zastron on [protected] at about 15H00. As usual, there was a long queue which was understandable for this time of the month.

I decided to deposit the cash at the ATM. After depositing the envelope with the cash into the machine, there was no paper in the ATM so no deposit receipt could be printed. I entered the bank again to enquire at enquiries about this problem. Although there was a queue at enquiries, the man behind the counter totally ignored us. After some time another man came from outside the and started attending to the customers. I could not wait longer and decided to write a complaint in the complaints book. Needless to say, the book as full.

It is now 06H15 on the [protected] and the cash deposit is still not reflected on my account.

This is not my first encounter with such bad service in this branch. Many of my clients have the same problems with Zastron FNB. Please wake up the manager or even better, replace him as he is not control of his branch.

disgusting money making scheme from poor clients

I am so disgusted in the studentl loan i took with FNB. I took up a R24000 student loan from FNB - till today the loan never reflects a amount less than R24000 outstanding to be precise it now amounts to R24960.80. They on their own decided to take a debit order of R297.23 from my account without any consultation, they charge me R20.00 monthly fee, R48.50 for something they call CPP insurance premium and an interest of R229.43 which fluctuate but never less than R200. I dont understand how they expect the loan to paid up if the loan amount is less than their charges. I would expect by now from 2007 to have paid in their interest but no.

I have accounts with them and the monthly interest they charge me, they dont pay into my account as interest. Are they making money out of people and not prepared to give to people.

Please can someone look into this and explain. Disgusted about their money making system taking from the poor and cant give.

fnb fourways mall are insufficient and unhelpful

It seems like the staff at Fourways Mall FNB are becoming more and more unhelpful. I went in on Saturday to collect my new card. I unfortunately forgot my ID book at home but I had my temporary drivers licence as well as my Correctional Services ID card on me. Both have my full names, ID number on and both have my photo on.

The teller at the bank point blank refused to help me because I did not have my ID document on hand.

Now I have to go back to the bank with the unhelpful people a second time to collect the card.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous behavior. Why is it that I always have problems with FNB Fourways mall? Why can you not train your people the way Benmore Shopping centre FNB trains their staff.

I think you should go and take some pointers from them.

FNB Fourways Mall are insufficient and unhelpful. And you waste my time!

  • Sa
    Samantha1g Oct 06, 2010

    I completely agree!!! FNB in general do not help with any issues at hand. The staff is exteremely incompetent!!! I have logged a complaint recently with no help at all!

    Three days have passed with no reply...not even a read receipt!

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fraudulent charges not waived

I had charges on my First National Bank credit card that were proven fraudulent, yet the bank said they could...

harrassing phone calls and jacking apr to 29.9 on customers who have never been late and pay way above minumum payment

Started receiving Harassing phone calls about 6 months ago when I was getting close, a few hundred dollars, to my credit limit (never over the limit) asking me to call them and use reference # so and so. I have never been late on this account since opening appox 2 years ago, never overlimit and have made double payments not minimum payments. Called Company twice complaining about the phone calls when I have never been late and pay way over the minumum and use convenient online payment. They apologised and reported to me each time that I called that they would remove me from the call list because I should not be receiving these calls. However, I continued to receive these phones calls starting 10 days before mimimum payment is due which continued at least 2-3 times a week until my payment posted. I called today to complain again about the harassing phone calls being made to customers who are in good standing and to inquire about APR (since I'm paying down or off some of my credit cards and I will only be keeping credit card companies who reward their loyal and good paying customers by not hiking up APR because others fail to pay their debt}. I was told APR was increased to 29.9 from 19.9 and it was in my Dec 2009 statement. I asked them why this important notice was not sent separately from my monthly statement since I pay all my bills online and rarely look at my statements. Their snobbish, lack of customer skills rep's response was there was nothing they could do about it. The rep further stated that I had 45 days from my Dec 2009 statement to close the account before the APR hike took effect. When I asked for a supervisor the rep reported to me that it would make no difference if I talked to someone else or not that it could not be changed. The rep further stated I was notified in my statement and did not respond within the 45 day deadline to close account with current APR before the hike took effect. Is this Customer Satisfaction toward customers who are in good standing?????????????????????

What's really mind Boggling and disturbing to me as a current "good standing customer" is when you log onto First National's site they are advertising to bring in new customers, a 7.99 APR with no annual fee for their credit card.

As of today I have requested my account closed which the supervisor reported to me it was closed per my request (by the way, the rep was right, talking to anyone else would do no good). I refuse to pay 29.99 APR (being consequenced)for being a "customer in good standing" I feel I should be rewarded (like the new customers are being rewarded with a low 7.99 APR to come with First National), for my dedicated patronage. I will not continue to use First National services when they have total disrespect for their Customers, lack of professionlism in notifying their customers of changes in terms of agreements and not practicing what they preach according to their motto "With the strength and stability that comes from being a 150-year old bank, you'll have peace of mind knowing that we'll be here for you today and for years to come".

Well First National Bank of Omaha, when the going gets tough, you, First National Bank of Omaha, take the cake! You consequence your dedicated customers by hiking their APR and trick (APR of 7.99 for new customers)new customers of First National Bank into thinking that First National Bank of Omaha will be there for them, just like I thought First National Bank of Omaha would be there for me (customer in good standing) because I, as their customer, believed that one good turn deserves another. Hogwash!!

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