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branch manager

Met with branch manager to discuss account nsf fees I didnt expect these to be taken off but had to ask if...

Hayward Banks

bank fraud

our checking account was recently overdrafted 1900.00. I have never heard nor seen a bank allow such a large overdraft but apparantly Associated Bank does allow this to happen. Now we are the criminals and they are keeping my husbands 1500.00 paycheck that was just deposited into his account. Doesnt matter that we had a dispute going already for three of the at withdrawals. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Now we have Barry from Associated blaming us in this matter. I just cannot blieve it!

worst customer service

I was levied by the IRS and then the bank took a $100 "legal fee" for processing the levy. However, they never informed me of this fee, even though the law firm I work for is across the street from them and I had been their customer for over 2 years. In response to the $100, my account was overdrawn and I was charged an additional $315 in overdraft charges. Then, as I was paying it off, I received a call from their collection company but did not get the woman's name who agreed I could have until July 28, 2010 to pay the remaining balance. Instead, on July 26, 2010, they did a "Charge-Off" without allowing me the full time to pay it. The bank issued me a letter stating I did not in fact owe any money to them in the hopes that would allow me to open other bank accounts. They acknowledged that better customer service might have alleviated the charge-off but said because the woman at their collection agency never placed any note in her computer file on me, stating I had until the 28th date, there was nothing they could do. Elliott at this branch was helpful but in the end, I still got completely screwed. I work for business 20 feet across the street from this branch. I am SO disgusted I could cry. Because of some anonymous collection agent's negligence in not noting our conversation, I have a charge-off on my credit even though it states "no balance owed" or whatever, it still shows a charge-off. I will tell everyone I know about the treatment I received at the hands of Associated Bank and their shady collection company. DO NOT BANK HERE.

I have had an awful banking experience with them

I have had an awful banking experience with Associated Bank . I have never received such terrible customer service by multiple people within and organization. The representatives that I spoke with made it very clear that they do not care whether they keep my business or not (needless to say, they definitely lost my business). There seems to be some major disconnect and the employees are NOT on the same page. I will also warn consumers that I witnessed some unethical business practices that were of grave concern. My recommendation would be to remove your money from this financial institution.

failure to close accounts, horrible service!

They gave me cash when I closed my account and there is no record of the cash withdrawal or of me closing my...

Kimberly Banks

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overdraft fees

Last week I had a rebate form that needed to be deposited to my bank. Being as I work right next door I knew that I would be able to deposit the check. I wrote down the deposit and went to work. I didn't have time to stop on my lunch break so I went to deposit it after work in the ATM. Little did I know that they don't have envelopes at the ATMs for deposits. Which I have found out that you have to go into the bank to get the envelopes. It does me a lot of good to have to go into the bank to get the envelopes when if I was going in I probably wouldn't be going to the ATM. So I put my check in my purse and go on my way. The weekend comes and I use my card a few times forgetting all together that I have the check still. Monday I used the card 3 times. Monday everything from the weekend goes through. To my surprise I have 9 overdraft fees which are $35 each. But then I get this notice that the 3 items were presented to the bank and I had money in the bank, just not enough because the check is still in my car. How in the world can I have over-drafted those other 6 items if I had money in the bank when these items were presented to the bank. It doesn't say that I had this much and these 9 items were presented.

solicitation illegal or not?

Solicitation Illegal or Not? I was shopping at Mega Foods West (Eau Claire, WI) where a gal from Associated...

unreasonable fees

I have been a loyal customer to this bank, however, they have changed. I have had an account with them for the last 20 years, when they were still customer friendly. They had a "courtesy" on my account to allow charges to go through, which brought me to $400 over my account limit. From there, they charged 16 separate overdraft fees in the amount of $35 each, which has me struggling to get back in the black. Now I am facing more and more fees and the money is evaporating from my account. <br />
I have spent hours trying to correct many of their mistakes over the last 2 years, including one today that had them depositing our paycheck into the wrong account. You guessed it: We were charged overdraft fees because of their error! God help you if you think that they are willing to help you at the toll free number, they will make you seriously frustrated, so I wouldn't suggest trying it. I am now switching banks, and looking forward to having access to ATMs and other services that this bank does not have readily available. I hope their disgruntled customers leave in droves, and give their business to more honest banks that don't want to see their clients go under!

nsf fee's

This bank is very good at ONE thing...taking their LOYAL customer's money. I have been with Associated Bank for 15 years. I opened my mail today to see that I had $630 in NSF fee's from less than $200 in charges. I find that additionally there is a "courtesy" feature on my debit card that "allows" me to charge up to $500 in the negative before my card is declined. Over 2 days, the 2 days before Christmas, I made small purchases, almost all under $10 and was charged 18 times for Overdraft fee's of $35 a piece. When I called today, they again threw around the "loyal" customer statement stating they would credit me back a measly $150, when I refused, they said, "what would be sufficient for you"? Not only were they rude, insincere, they were incapable of removing the fee's that were ridiculously charged to me. They still seem to not understand that their attempt to "appease" me with the $150 was not good enough. I told them that the amount of money that it would cost me in late payments to my credit card companies and also in rent, was going to surpass their pitiful offer of $150. Overall, I am disgusted that this company doesn't grasp that their customers are the most important piece of their business.

My biggest frustration is that my card wasn't declined, not once out of the 18 times that I used it. Between the 21st and 23rd of December there was never an inclination that there was anything wrong with my account, even when I pulled money out of an ATM. I do not have daily access to internet so the ability to see overdrafts isn't something that I seek out daily, regardless of the very rude and unhelpful advice of their staff to "just look online or use a register". This company has never had an issue declining my card when I am out of state on business due to their suspicion of theft, but can't for any reason find a phone or email handy to help me to avoid ridiculous fee's. I would be very interested to add up the interest that I have paid this bank over my 15 years with them, since they are so readily eager to itemize my fee's. I can't wait to pull my money out, my entire families and anyone else I can get to pull their money out. I can't pay me rent, my bills, groceries anything, it's 3 days after Christmas, people are strapped without their banks gauging them needlessly. It's not much of a surprise why our economy is in the state that it is in with organizations like this.

  • An
    angryzfamily Jun 17, 2010

    I HATE associated bank! They just run my husband and I into the ground (yet again!) with their stupid fees and it wasn't even our fault! We deposited a payroll check and then paid our bills. Well that money wasn't available right away (tho IMO it should be!!) so now we have fees up the wazoo, and our card was never declined either, And by them taking out their fees without me knowing we were overdrawn again. So now both time it was their fault and now we don't have money for groceries or other bills. In which we have 2 young kids, by the way. You think they care? No they don't.

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  • Ca
    Capitalism at its worst Aug 25, 2010

    Associated Bank charged me $293.00 in fees on two charges of $21.53 that Virgin phone erroneously charged to my account AFTER my Virgin account was closed. I submitted a dispute. After waiting almost 2 months, Associated sent me a notice that they were applying the fees and Virgin's charges. AB provided a copy of Virgin's generic form letter that referenced "attached call log" but there was no call log included. I called AB's loss prevention technician who said he never received the call log and that I had to go after Virgin for the missing call log. I guess he was too busy/lazy to do the job required as a banking professional.

    How can AB reject a claim based on a generic form that had nothing to do with my case and no documentation? The fees, baby! It's all about ripping off customers.

    They charged me 7 times the amount of the the original charges.

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exorbitant nsf fraud

Associated is manipulating checking account debits and credits to their advantage, resulting in multiple...

Park Falls Banks

failure to credit acct with proof of deposit in good standing

I have proof on printouts that I had a positive balance on end of closing day, plus 2 large deposits the following day. The bank charged me 2 overdraft fees $70, for taking a check cashed on the 15th, 2nd day, and putting it back to the previous day, and disregarding my cash deposit, saying I was overdrawn!This morning, I went online to find that they would not allow me to see my acct info for Oct 14 and 15! I called the main office-they said noone could. I immediately called the local branch and they had it! Just didn't want me to see my acct-caught a lie-they "marked the acct" knowing we complained the day earlier. Went back and forth on phone calls, branch to main office bounced around. Branch said they would handle any issue to come in the day before, so I did. They didn't want to talk about it, told me to leave! I was nice, as I want my refund and hanle this thing. Said they would call police to have me taken out! They did call! The officers were helpful to us, the bank made a fool out of themselves! We closed out acct after 8 years thee. Never gave them any problems in past. They were awful beyond belief. We are persuing further action

  • Dv
    dvanheld Jan 21, 2010

    I just had the same problem today with Associated Bank. I was looking online for any lawsuits pending against manipulating the debits/credits, and processing of them. If you have any news or know how I can take action don't hesitate to email me @ [email protected] Thanks!

    P.S. After I get my tax return I plan on closing my checking account and moving it all to Anchor Bank. If this bank does this please let me know as well. Thanks again!

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checking overdraft fees

My bank continues to charge me overdraft fees of $35 each time I am over drawn. While I know this is a fair...

nsf fee

this bank is a bad place to do biz, was in the flood went to get my fema money out thay wodent give it to me, nex thay added nsf charges fore checks riten to pay contracters for reppair work after flood with loan money from the grater flood releef fund was told that i wood have to give them atleast three days before i coud use the money and thay hit me with nsf fee's fore checks ritten to contractors even with a balence over 26000.oo on the account when i used up all the money tring to fix my house thay closed the acount on me with no prier notes and charged a nother adninistration fee fore closing the acount, now i cant even get a checking or a saving's till thay get more mony from me as thay have sent it to a colection compeny that thay owen and are reporitng bad det each month on my credit report,

  • Sj
    SJFSpoiledRotten Aug 31, 2009

    Associated Bank is awful. I miss it being First Fedral. I have been with First Federal and now Associated Bank for 6 1/2 years. I recently over drafted my checking account $2.85 and was charged a $35 NSF charge. It was my fault, but I put money in the account the very next day before the transaction even had a change to post to my account. I went to the bank to explain what had happened and they wouldn't even hear me out, they just gave me a card to call customer care. If I wanted to call an 800 number, I should just bank in a different state. So I sent a message to the online department, didn't get a responce in 24 hours, so I went to a different branch and talked to someone for 35 minutes, who in the end just resorted me back to the 800 number. The refunded me $20 of the 35. Finally got a reply from the online customer service people who said it looked like my issue was resolved. Sent them yet another message asking them to refund my $15 and they wouldn't because it wasnt' due to bank error. I am already in the process of switching banks. Not because of the $35 NSF charge that was my fault, but because of the lack of customer services.

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unfair nsf fees

These folks are tricky! They claim 'overnight' processing, and process a load of debits and credits the same day to my account. So, my direct deposit goes in the same day as debits go in. But they charge me an NSF fee. Why?

Their explanation is that the debits were 'there' first in the overnight processing.

Way to make a buck!

  • Ti
    timhabedank Aug 15, 2009

    Associated Bank posts debits from largest to smallest on a certain day. So, if you had $200 in your account on Monday, and you spent $5, $15, $25, $40, $10, and $175 on Tuesday in that order, the bank would post the items at the end of the day in order from largest to smallest. $175, $40, $25, $15, $10, and $5. Then, they assess NSFs based on that so you would get charged for 3 NSFs instead of 1.


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  • Wi
    Wismom Aug 20, 2009

    File a Complaint withg the Better business Burea bbb.org I believe.Thjey did this to my daughter and whenthey recewived the complaint from bbb they refunded Every Cent to her!

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  • Wi
    Wismom Aug 20, 2009

    Wow guess i should have spell checked first :-)

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  • Si
    silverado02 Oct 15, 2009

    We all need to go further to straighten out their act. I am told that the banking commission has no authority, but the currency exchange office in Texas does have authority. I will find their address. I heard from other people too, same stuff. I still can't believe how they handled this-not wanting to look at the paperwork proof, talk about the incident, and calling the cops to "take me out" Her name was Laura who made the call. have been told by others, she has a very dark personality. The officers were nice, understood the situation we had. The bank made a very bad fool of themselves showing customers what they did-by what we discussed, right in front of the customers. Laura sure is not meant to be dealing with people in customer service. Maybe a prison.

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I opened my statement on line and found that one item made me go about slightly negative in my account. Instead of charging me a fee for that one item, they moved transaction around to there advantage and charge me over $310 in fees in one week. I called them and they told me they would look into it but they never responded. I have been with them for 14 years and as I look through past statements, I see that they have been manipulating to their advantage all along. That's why my tax dollars along with part of my pay checks go to bailing them out.

Don't use this bank and tell everyone you know.

  • Fi
    First3sayitall Apr 04, 2009

    They have done the same thing with me, especially over the last month. They say that they put through the larger amounts first, then the smaller amounts because they wouldn't want your rent check/mortgage pmt./insurance pmt., etc. to be returned NSF. How caring of them. In relity, they put the large amount through first so they can charge you 5 OD fees instead of just ONE!!! Beware of their fees for Authorization Holds! That's another way they get you!!!

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  • Pi
    piper697 Jul 04, 2009

    They have done the same to me and for anyone in the Green Bay Wisconsin area, Pioneer Credit Union is the best.

    > Your payroll checks are available in full immidiately,
    > Their on-line accounting is MUCH more real-time, ( I mean really, I have logged into my associated account literally a couple hours apart without making any other transactions and have seen different balances ).
    > They do daily credits first and then debits ( gee doesn't that make sense, unless your tring to generate revenue )

    All I can say is that if your with Associated, "Be Afraid ... Be Very Afraid"

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  • Sp
    SpiderMom Aug 10, 2009

    Same here. I forgot to write down two cups of coffee for $2.32, when I used my bank card. My checking account got so out-of-hand that I got over $600 in fees and couldn't keep up.

    I agree, don't use that bank.

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  • Ti
    timhabedank Aug 15, 2009

    Associated Bank posts debits from largest to smallest on a certain day. So, if you had $200 in your account on Monday, and you spent $5, $15, $25, $40, $10, and $175 on Tuesday in that order, the bank

    would post the items at the end of the day in order from largest to smallest. $175, $40, $25, $15,

    $10, and $5. Then, they assess NSFs based on that so you would get charged for 3 NSFs instead of 1.


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  • Mo
    molly1976 Oct 23, 2009

    Hi, me and my husband have a mix of the very same situations that you all have. Honestly we made a mistake with our checkbook balance. Which based on the balances that they show on their website we deserved only 1 charge. But somehow it turned to into 5 and then those caused to be in the negative so then it generated 5 more.

    I am pulling my hair out of my head because as I look at the activity as they show it on their website for the past two months there are 3 things that they show put out balance into a negative. And collectively we have 15 overdraft charges. And then where do they come up with their variety of terms. I mean they call some Hold Fee charges, and OD Charges and Item hold item paid charges.

    You call them and try to challenge and you get nothing but attitude and they say well the way you see it on the site is not how it really is.

    I know it's not important, but I'm a Repulican and usually I'm totally for people taking responsibility for themselves. But I am not for anybody taking advantage. So to this seems like a great opportunity to utilize the Dems that I don't normally agree with. Please join in with me, I am going to be sending copies of my statements to my Senators, perhaps both MN and WI as well as my attorney General to file a complaint. Don't know if it'll amount to anything but it's worth a try.

    Any chance would anybody join in with me. This kind of behavior needs to be called out. Email me to let me know if you will, [email protected]

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  • Ru
    Ruxban Apr 09, 2010

    Associated in now being sued for re-arranging transactions around to maximize the amount of over draft fee's as of 07APR2010. Instead of getting hit with 2, we got 11. At $35.00 a shot, you do the math. We have printed copies of our daily bank statement that confirm this. You can literally watch and see them doing this.
    They also have this sneaky trick if you go out to eat and leave a tip. Let say you spend $30.00 and leave a $5.00 tip. Associated will clear the $30.00, then a few days later entirely delete the entire tranaction your account, then another few days later, put it back on for the full amount. You have to watch very carefully to make sure you taking into account the entire tranaction to aviod any complications. Never leave a tip on your card! Always pay the tip in cash.
    $35.00 for an overdraft fee is assinine! I would be justified if they had a 1/2 decent online capabilities, or customer service line! Trying to talk to them on the phone or online is just as bad as talking to Dell if not worse! At least with Dell they have an excuse: they can't speak english.
    I don't know who's sueing Associated, but I would sure like to jump onboard that train when it comes around!

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  • Em
    emkaykay Apr 11, 2010

    I recently received over $200 in overdraft fees because when I checked my account online, it DID appear that I had sufficient funds. After I received these fees I went online to check my account again to verify and it appeared that I actually did NOT have sufficient funds. I did notice that they did debit the largest amounts before the smaller amounts but thought nothing of it. I did take full responsibility for these overdraft occurances since I should have personally balanced my account instead of checking the balance online periodically. I called the customer service line to inquire if it would be possible to waive any of these numerous fees for me since I had been a loyal customer for over 4 years and had never, ever overdrawn from my account before this one occurance. Customer Care gratiously offered to give me $50 back in overdraft fees and even added a COMPLIMENTARY! check book register so I could balance my checkbook. Wow. I asked why he stated that it was "complimentary" and questioned if people actually PAY for checkbook registers. So I just took those care of all of the fees and made it a point to never ever overdraft again. A few months later I happened to use my online bill pay service (through a third party vendor: mycheckfree.com) they (mycheckfree.com) debited my Associated Bank account to pay my bills instead of debiting my US Bank account. After unsuccessfully trying to resolve the situation with mycheckfree.com, I called customer care to let them know about the error and they had a "too bad, so sad" attitude with me and told me that "obviously (I) had authorized the transaction." I had to go into the bank and inconvenience a personal banker. After about 30 minutes of waiting and 15 minutes of explaining my situation, the personal banker reluctantly told me that if I were to sign some form, she would TRY to take care of the situation for me. Why didn't the Customer Care associate let me know that all I had to do was simply fill out a form? And why did I have to argue with the personal banker for 10 minutes before she informed me about that as well. Another thing that Associated Bank could have done was try to address the problem and try to prevent it from happening again.
    Example scenario:
    Customer: I have overdraft fees. Complain, complain, complain.
    Customer Care: I see you currently do not have overdraft protection and you have a significant balance in your savings account. I would suggest linking overdraft protection with your savings account. Or if you would like, you could also open a line of credit to link to your checking account for overdraft protection.
    Instead, customer care has a "too bad, so sad" attitude and tells you that you "obviously authorized the transaction". What are they paying their customer care associates for since they obviously don't care about their customers?

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rip off

Associated Bank "misplaced" (they say by a coding error) a $400.00 cash deposit that created overdrafts to my...

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