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Complaints & Reviews

fnb business relationship manager totally useless

18 months ago I tried and eventually opened a business bank account. Have now decided to close it as the bank charges on the business account are killing me slowly. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to close an account? Filled out all the paperwork 3 weeks ago, the last person that has to close the account officially is the business relationship manager - who was supposed to contact me when I opened the account but have not heard from her at all. I somehow think the word 'relationship' and 'manager' are just words that got added to her useless title. Now they gone and charge me another months banking fees for an account I tried to close 3 weeks ago. Whats the problem with these people... FNB business banking - absolutely and totally incompetent and useless. Customer service - doesnt exist!!!

need to urgently process express clearance

I urgently need to process a payment for express clearance TODAY. I loaded the new benificiery, but I could not find the Express Clearing option. I phoned the call centre for help. The agent told me I need to perform an initial payment before I could add express clearance. I did that, but it still would not work. Please, this is urgent, payment must appear TODAY. PLEASE URGENTLY ASSIST!! Please call me before the end of today to sort out the problem URGENT URGENT URGENT.

no one answering customer care number

I have tried to call the international travel card number a few times [protected]. The number goes to a hold message which lasts up to 20minutes. I tried several times from overseas now, and call just stays on hold with no answer. I have tied to general card call center number [protected]. They have put me through to every imaginable division, including overseas call centres for visa and mastercard. Obviously no one works at the first number and they dont know this. I have asked twice to put me through to a supervisor or manager, and they just put me back to the first call centre number, and I go hold for another 15minutes and evenutally hangup. As I am calling from overseas, this is costing me a packet. Today I called to the general call centre and after explicitly stating that I didnt want to be put through to the 2861 number... they put me through and left me to hold on. FNB seems to be languishing in causing their customers pain and passing the buck. Who do I need to speak to in this place to get my card reinstated and to get access to my funds while overseas?

At this stage I have a card that I cant use, and cant get access to my funds!

fnb's refusal to accept responsibility for mistake

As I'm a client of Debt Relief, I can't open an account in my name. In 2008 my mother opened an account with FNB in her name & gave me full signing power on the account. We authorised FNB to pay Debt ReliefCPE by debit order every month. In FebMarch 2010, I went to FNB & instructed them to change the CPE account details to Debt ReliefElias Consulting's bank account details. About a month later, we had to change the bank account details of Debt Relief again. Again, I went to FNB Tyger Valley and instructed them to cancel the Elias Consulting details and change it to Debt ReliefCapital's account details. In April 2010 the specified amount was taken from my account twice. Chantelle van Staden at FNB told me that the CPE account was never closed, the Elias account was never opened but they had opened the Capital account. Not once on my previous 2 visits were I informed of any of this! I was instructed to write a letter of complaint & they would go search through the archives and see if they can find anything. Why do they refuse to accept responsibility for their utter incompetence? Our other accounts can't get paid now & we're being charged for this! FNB must take responsibility!

fnb refuses to refund money after fraud activity

After weeks of waiting with no feedback from FNB with regards to my fraud case (whereby money was withdrawn from my account even though the card was in my possession), I call them for the 3rd time to be told that a letter has been sent by post informing me that they are NOT going to refund my money as I have been found liable because my cheque card requires a pin for withdrawals. WHAT? So if someone clones my card or puts some device by the ATM to get my details, I am the liable party? Wow, FNB, you have just lost a loyal client!! Amazing how I have been treated and not been helped at all through this. Disgusting!!!

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funds illegally withdrawn and transfered

My business partner was allowed by a bank official at FNB Brits to illigaly withdraw and transfer funds from our business account without my signature or permission. + - R 2, 514, 742.06 was tranferred via internet banking. My partner was allowed by the bank to make changes for the internet banking facilities without my signature. As this would have been needed, for I have 51% shares in the company. Even our mandate stated that 2 signatories should sign for any changes or facilities on the account.

My business partner's wife (who is not a member of the company) was issued with a business credit card without my concern or authorisation and she used the card to open an Adult shop through the company account. I do not understand how the bank could have allowed this to happen. When I went to the bank no one could explain how a 49% shareholder can make changes without my signature.The changes on the account did not comply with our mandate at the bank.

declined by paypal

Require a subscription for a simple entertaining games selection at a cost of 39.99 us dollars. Completed a subscription form on Pogo UK. My card was declined. Twice. You suggest on line PAYPAL. I applied here and they at least had the decency to tell me YOU ARE THE BANK THAT IS RESPONSIBLE. How can you help me ?...Get this card sorted out for me either by youselves or with VISA. I don't have a debit card for fun, it's for convenience. At the age of 75 I am learning about internet convenience. Maybe another bank may help me quicker. Let me see what what you can do in 24 hours.

uncleared cheque that has taken more than 14 days

On the 2nd of March 2010 a cheque deposit was made into my account from Swaziland and I was told it would be cleared in 7 working days after I had spoken to an agent from the call centre. After the 7 working days I called again and was told it would be cleared after the 15th of March and on the 17 the cheque was still not cleared, I called the call centre again and was told to wait 7 more days and I asked the agent to give me a definate date as this was becoming a bit problematic, I asked her how the 7 days was calculated was it 7 days after the cheque was deposited or 7 days from the day we spoke she said it was 7 days I asked her how she came about with the 7 days, she said the 7 days was a comment on the account and she had no knowledge of how they came about with that, I must just wait for 7 days or rather call my branch maybe they can help me, I called my Centurion branch and the phone rang for a longtime until somelady answered, I was asked to leave a message becasue all managers were busy they would call me back, the lady was just not keen on helping, to date Im still waiting for that call, left another message today with Pamela who also said I must wait for their call.

reverse transactions

I am unhappy with the service I received
Complaint description On Friday the 7th January I made a cash withdrawal of R150 from an FNB ATM when I realised that the balance was not what it was suppossed to be. So i called FNB client services and I was advised that there are transactions that are going off my account. So the consultant advised me to go to the nearsest bank and request that the transactions be reversed as i have not authorised them. I did like wise.Went into the FNB branch in boulders midrand and requested that they reverse the transaction gave them all required documantation. After all that was done i was advised by the consultant at the branch that the matter was escalated to the fraud department and the account in which the money was transfered to was then blocked as the transactions where fradulent. I was issued with a ref number and was advised I'll feedback in 24 to 48 hours. I waited and nothing came through until i called FNB client services on Tuesday the 11/10/2011 and I was advised that the query is still being invsetigated. Pls note that all funds where transfered to that unknown account and airtime purchases where made living me with R0.79 balance in my account. I then received a call on Thursday the 13 confirming that i will not be refunded by the phone banking dep. The gentlemen that contacted me said he had escalated the matter to another dep. I should be receiving confirmation from them. I then decided to enquire if my initial request of reversing those transactions was processed I called the TELEPHONE BANKING department then spoke to Rendel who could not give me an answer and I then requested to speak to one of the TEAM LEADErs on the floor. It took me about 13-15min on a call I was paying fro to get to the Team Leader who then offered to call me back with feedback. She then called me 30 min. down the line she called back and transfered me to a lady named Palesa, who promised to call me back after 24 hours which was yesterday. Nothing came through. So I find it very difficult to understand the reason why I was advised to go to the branch and reverse the transactions that i did not authorise, then i have to struggle this much after I had done what i was advised to do from the firt time. And just to to it up all transections where doen on the 07th and I reported on the same day a couple of minutes after the transactions went off. And to show that the transactions where fradualent my contact details where changed on their systems on the same day. So whay should one do to get this sorted as i've done what they requeted and still i'm not getting answers from FNB. And the more i wait the more I don't know how will i get to work the next day, What will I eat ??????????

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    PRINCESS V BAUSHANA Jul 29, 2013



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  • Th
    thebinator Nov 28, 2013

    I am just surprised as to how misleading FNB is, I was applying for the Samsung device and i was told that I must earn a minimum of 100000 per ann and at the internet it said a minimum of 5500 per month of which I earn morethan the required amount and also I have to use a "gold" cheque acc not smart gold cheque acc

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  • Pl
    plaatjie Mar 15, 2014

    i want to reverse the amount of airtime i bought

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  • Se
    seelan pillay Dec 14, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am tired off fnb relly 3 tyms n time n time aging i must close the account wait for a card n all this [censor] .. 3 tyms money as been taken out my account today aging 400 [censor] this

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application for extension declined

I am very disappointed with FNB as I recently applied for an extension on the payment terms of my home loan, because I (like EVERY other South African) am being dragged through the mud due to the recession. This has been a trying time for us all. We are living hand to mouth, and FNB has chosen a time like this to exercise a LACK of compassion.

'How can we help you?” they ask. Well maybe they could help by actually giving us a bit of breathing space when we are having TEMPORARY cash flow problems! I've been their client for many years. I'm not asking for much, just that I be allowed to pay smaller amounts of money over a longer period of time. I mean, this is my home we're talking about. I have a family to support and FNB seems to care less that this is the roof over our heads that I'm fighting to keep. Can’t they see that I'm being proactive? I'm not going to let this recession drown me in debt, and I need FNB to be that life jacket for me.

please stop harassing me and sue me

I have rarely dealt with a company so lacking in customer service as the FNB Card division.

If you look at my previous posts, I have repeatedly asked for them to either fix the charges or SUE ME! And heaven behold - I was finally charged R35.23 fee for a SECTION 129123 NOTICE FEE. This was on 02 February 2010.

It is now almost three weeks later and I still have no letter in my possession. How can any company be so incompetent? They instead keep phoning me weekly to inquire when I will be paying.

PLEASE please please just hand over this account. I realize you first want to add a few more R175 fines onto it, but when we finally go to court you are going to be looking like ******. I have sent mails, asked via the telephone, and still you simple refuse.

really dishonest fnb

I receive a regular income paid via EFT in US$ to my account every month. The payment is made on the same Thursday every month. I've been receiving payments like this for 10 years so this is not something I'm making up but a definite trend I have noticed and documented:

1. Forex is always generally moving up or down. I check daily because of my income.

2. Whenever forex is in an UPWARD (rand getting weaker) trend, FNB calls me the day afterward (Friday) to notify me of the deposit. In other words, they get rid of the cash as quickly as they can before it goes up more.

3. When forex is in a DOWNWARD (Rand getting stronger) trend, it can take up to 3 weeks for them to pay me. So long as the Rand is getting stronger, they hold my money. The moment it starts to go up, they pay.

I estimate that over the 10 years of this tactic I loose between R200 and R500 month depending on the exchange rate just because they pay me at the exchange rate that is most effective for them.

Take this across thousands of people and accounts and it can add up pretty quickly!

Really dishonest FNB!

  • Ma
    Marshap1 Nov 30, 2010

    You can go to and fill out a form. Depending on what state you live in an attorney will be in touch with you. Or you can contact Franklin Lemmond in Georgia at 770-444-9594 directly. He is my attorney. I am suing SunTrust. There are lawsuits popping up in every state against every bank. People are starting to fight back against the big banks (I'm glad).

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stay away from these guys

With FNB's decision to now charge an exorbitant amount for paper statements I requested a switch to e-mail statements last month. I usually receive my paper statements around the 6th of the month but have had no e-mail statements as yet. I even checked my spam mail in case. My charges are also quite high this month. Please can someone check to see that I have not been charged for a paper statement and explain why I have not received my latest statement.

I will never do business with fnb again

I would just like to say i will never do buisness with FNB again. i took up a smart spend loan with fnb last year 30-june 2008. i was paying my loan every month never missed a payment since i had the loan. i recently wanted to pay the loan up in full and i phoned fnb collections department. to find out how much i was outstanding. now this is where service started getting poor. firstly i think the consultants are not fully skilled or they just don't know wats going on. i asked for a settlement quote where i was quoted two diffrent quotes. i was email'd the settlment quote figure i then maid the payment via internet banking. & a lady by the name of Ruth Masilela assisted me. i was then told my smart spend loan has been paid in full & i was email'd the confirmation letter to say my loan is settled. since the 30-09-2009 its been paid up but to my amazement it's not paid up my accound has been debited twice and i recieved two rejected debit order's. im upset & i will take further action. because when i phone i get put on hold. Ruth Masilela assured me they wont debit the account but stil no service. but il continue til my cry has been answer'd i will take it to the ombudsman.

I have my account frozen for loosing my card

What nonsense is it that FNB freezes an account for loosing a card ? surly this is breach of contract. I am in credit on my account, yes, my money is in the account, i send someone to midrand to pick up goods while i try to process an internet transfer. i live and work in lenasia, so no i am outa pocket for costs sending someone 200 km (round trip) to go collect a parcel, and i cannot even use my money to pay for the parcel. I was told i will have to wait till i collect my new card before i can use the account, but will have to wait till my card is at the branch which may or may not be this week. i am purchasing something that is on special, if the deal falls through what recourse do i have, can i claim damages from fnb for the difference between the actual price and the special price?

ridiculous and so disappointing from fnb

I applied for a bond in FNB seeing as I've been a customer of theirs for more than 10 years, my car is even financed through them and I have a credit card with them and my salary goes there too. Imagine my surprise when all the other banks (Standard Bank and Absa) accept my bond application but FNB declines it. When I enquire about it the consultant says I have 'too few accounts' and continues to say 'YOU NEED TO OWE AND PAY LARGE SUMS OF INSTALMENTS ON DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS TO QUALIFY'. You get plenty of points if you are in huge debts according to them. What rubbish is this? Since when is it a crime to have few debts and choose to pay for items bought using cash or credit card instead of opening accounts in different stores? This is ridiculous and so disappointing from FNB.

use your energy better than to have adamant agents harassing innocent people

I have fixed arrangements with FNB Homeloans and am within R1 500 of paying back my arrears. I have kept to my end of the bargain to the T but am still harassed by their ‘Agents’ (Sannie Home Bond 007, 5 license to irritate). The worst thing is that these agents phone at times when one wants to sit back and relax and not be harassed by people who are controlled by a ‘system’ and do not have the training to confirm on the system that the client is indeed not defaulting. All this after having a judgement by the same kind people revoked because they went ahead with court action while I was keeping to my end of the bargain! Nice! FNB, please use your energy better than to have adamant agents harassing innocent people to the point where one loose it and swears at the poor kid who tries to intimidate you and do not want to understand any reason!

nothing, but problems

I complained about my bank charges debit order on the 9th of July 2009 and was called back and told that my debit order for the bank charges would be changed from the 20th of the month to the 28th of the month, when it comes of on the 20th it puts my bank account into negative, but not only that i had R300 paid into my account yesterday for my child's nappies and the bank charges took R84 off of that amount. Now i don't have enough to buy my child's nappies.

First of all when i started using FNB i was under the impression that the fees where R66 a month as was advertised, now i'm paying R84 a month only 2-3 months after moving to FNB, this is not cheap. I used less bank fees with ABSA bank. I am not happy and i'm contemplating leaving FNB if this bad service continues.

Also your SMS system seems to be not working properly either, i only receive SMS's the next day when things are paid into my account and taken off my account.

don't use fnb for home loans

I thought after switching over to FNB, banking will be fairly straight forward, however the homeloans staff at FNB Sunninghill after really a waste of time, in particular Anita Marais. Whenever you call, she is never available and doesn't return voice mails. She doesn't reply
to emails either and you have to physically walk into the branch just to chat with her.

This is plain down ridiculous!!! She is always in a bad mood and never apologises for not getting back to you...and to top it off, she is the only home loans agent! I am signing up a home loan with them, not the other way around! I am giving them my business, not the other way around!

Also, she is not very clued up either with current home loan trends and basic information regarding home loans...what is this?

I hope FNB management look into this if they value their customers!!

delay tactics to give impression of assistance

This is now the third time I've had to air my views regarding this bank. As mentioned previously, when you approached me for my business, all that I am now doing was discussed with Owen Gouws (account manager) and Sylvia Gradige (Sales Rep). Amazingly, when you were desperate to get my business, all we discussed had positive promises made - obviously to rake my business in. Based on all of this, I decided to give you my business account, afterall, your moto is: 'HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?'

Now, I approach you to assist me as we discussed 6 months ago, when I received all the promises - guess what - suddenly those promises you made are null and void. I place a complaint on this site, you contact me, get me to waste my time by visiting your branch only for you to a week later tell me it was in vain.

Half the problem though is the fact that my account manager changes 3 times in 6 months, so the one who initially made the promises is no longer around to fulfill them - yet to me, FNB made the promises, as this is who I saw, not a specific individual.

If we had not discussed this 6 months ago, I would not be harping on it... but we did and I made my decisions based on it.

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