FIDOwronged and tricked by customer service


I dont usually complain. However, I feel that I was scammed by a company that I enjoyed their service for almost 5 years.

I needed to upgrade my phone and there was a nice offer at a sister company Of Fido(the company I am with). So I called them to see if they had any offers and the agent I talked to told me I had two loyalty offers that could be applied simultaneously one worth $150 and the other worth $100 with a total sum of $250 deduction of the downpayment on the phone since I had been with them for a very long time. This happened on the 14th of September 2019

However, the catch was he couldn't apply the offer for me unless I reserved the phone and changed my plan to a bigger plan. I agreed to i since I found that the final sum was beneficial still. After the agent applied all the necessary changes he told me since the phone is still on a reservation status and not officially released the $250 discount can only be added once the phone is released in 10 days. I called the company back in 10 days they told me the offer was expired however, the second agent told me he would try to reapply yet since the fault is not mine.

I received a confirmation from the second agent that now the offer will be applied and he sent me a note reference ID and told me to wait until the branch store I reserved the phone at to call me and then I can show them the reference ID and they would apply the offer.

Three weeks later (October 3rd, 2019), I received a call that the phone has reached the store. So I went there very excited and happy to receive the phone I had waited for 3 weeks for. However, they told me I had to pay the full amount associated with the plan and there was no offers to apply. I called the company's customer service and gave them a brief summary of the story and asked them to look into my account and have a look at the old records. I was shocked after wards to hear that the offer is invalid and that all the changes I did to the account including subscription to a more expensive plan, waiting for 3 weeks and rejecting the offer of the other company was all for nothing. The agent was polite enough but the supervisor I was transferred to was very very rude and it was shown that she didn't want to help at all she didn't offer any solutions or any explanation even for how the situation has reached to this point.

I feel like I was scammed and tricked into changing my plan and forced to reserve a phone ( cost $40)and wait for it and all this so that they for force me to buy it from them and not go to the other company. The funny thing is that after all this they tell me this is our loyalty plan. So I am getting scammed because I am loyal to their company for 5 whole years.

I feel really wronged and tricked and I just wish that my complaint can reach someone that can do something about it in the company since their supervisors are clearly not caring enough about their customers whether they are loyal or not.

I feel sad that this company would treat me this way since I did in-fact enjoy their service for 5 years and I expected them to care more about their customers not necessarily by deducting the money ($250) that was promised to me but at-least by being kind enough to explain the situation with some common sense to how did this situation even happen.

Thanking you.


  • Fido Customer Care's Response, Oct 05, 2019

    Hey Hazem20,

    Claudia from Fido's Social Media team here reaching out.
    I assure you that this really isn't a representation of the experience we want to provide our customers. We truly appreciate your long time loyalty and I'm sorry if your recent experience made you feel otherwise, it's definitely not what we want.
    Can you send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter? We'd like to take a closer look at your account.
    Hope to talk soon.


Oct 03, 2019

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