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Up to this point I've been an avid fan of Fido. I am absolutely livid at how poorly my account has been handled.

I called customer care this evening to set up an appointment for a technician to come to the new house to which we'll be moving next week. I had called them a week earlier to ask about continuing with my internet account when we move, and the representative advised me that this can be done but that I'll need to have a technician come out and set it up. He asked me to follow up with another call in about 1 week, and so I did exactly that this evening. The appointment was set and all seemed to be well.

Our internet stopped working minutes after the call. I checked local outages - nothing in our area. Reset the modem twice - no blue "@" light but everything else was as fine. I thought this to be strange and decided to reach out via Live Chat (which had previously helped me resolve a billing issue successfully). The first customer service rep I spoke to took one hour of delayed messages to tell me that the move request I put in (which should only have been effective as of June 22nd; today is June 11 for reference. This message will be posted on June 12th because this futile process has taken so bloody long) caused my account to be suspended. This was a consequence which the website and two customer service reps said nothing about. To make things even better, though, this would take 4-5 days to correct after the move request was cancelled. That's 4-5 days at the busiest time for myself, my wife and our twin 16-month-old daughters as we prepare to move to a new city and when I also work from home (each work day is worth about $410). I was then transferred to technical support because the customer service rep said they could help get my internet back up and running. Tech support was entirely unhelpful and said since my account was still suspended, they couldn't do anything. I asked for a manager but was sent BACK to customer service instead. This new representative tells me that he cancelled my move request and that my service might take a couple of hours to return. When I pressed him to clarify - and decide between a couple of hours like he said, or 4-5 days as I'd been previously told - he avoided an answer initially but eventually said 4-5 days. I asked him why he had told me otherwise and he did not answer that question either. He laughably offered 2GB extra on our phone plans for the trouble, and the first customer service rep had offered a $15 credit. What a joke. We have enough data. What I need is for this mistake - an account suspended without any prior notice given to the account holder by either of TWO representatives on TWO separate occasions, which severely impedes my ability to work at a very busy time prior to moving - to be rectified quickly.

I had a high opinion of Fido prior to this but this experience and 2+ hours of my time has been utterly laughable. I fully intend to take my business for internet and phone services elsewhere unless management can make this right.

  • Fido Customer Care's Response, Jun 15, 2019


    Claudia here from Fido's Social Media team. I'm really sad to read about the experience you've had with us in regards to your Home Internet. We understand how unpleasant it is to have to go through these complications for what should've been a simple transaction.
    This is really not the experience that we wish for our customers and we'd love to check out the account to see what can be done to restore the service as fast as possible.
    When you get a chance, please send us a PM on Facebook or a DM on Twitter so we can look into it.
    Hope to talk soon.

Jun 12, 2019

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