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This complaint is for FIDO accountNo [protected] (cell phone No [protected]).

1. When activated this phone for my son last year, I clear stated that only a basic service is needed, while it was bundled with long distance and internet service.

2. October 2008, I called customer service to block the above two features. The next bill showed that they were gone, while another feature was added in that is "100 anytime minutes".

3. December 2008, I had to call customer service again to find out why this feature is there, and request to block it. The representative told me that when I called in to block the other two, I MIGHT choose it. Before finished the conversation, the representative firmly guaranteed the block of the "100 anytime minutes".

4. Until now, the "100 anytime minutes" is still showed on the bill while I don't even know what it's for.

I don't want to call their customer service again, just avoid giving them any chance to add more features. Frankly speaking, this is the worst customer service I've even had.

I'm requesting a credit on my account for “100 anytime minutes" charges since I've never specified this service.

This is my phone number for FIDO to contact: [protected](evening & weekend) [protected] X 2234 (Day). Please be aware that the only topic to discuss is the cancellation of "100 anytime minutes", no others should be discussed thru their calling.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Yun (Lucy) Li


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    Reader Feb 27, 2009

    I got bogus charges for some shiittty messaging, which I do not even know for what I am getting? I got two bills of 24 $ and 33 $.. for some messaging service which talks about some quiz etc... etc.. I asked them to prove if I ever opted for this, But they just keep shut.

    This is pure SCAM by FIDO.

    I have wrote to their executive office and they have not responded in last two weeks. You can call Gaetano Di Falco, office of executive on following address.

    1-866-397-3436 ext. 4504 (toll free).

    Gaetano Di Falco
    Attaché, Bureau de la Direction
    Advisor, Office of the Executive
    Fido Solutions Inc.

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    nagia Oct 03, 2009

    To Mr gaetano Di Falco

    I have a complaint against Fido for for getting text messages i.e. trivia questions, which I never subscribed to. I contacted Fido and spoke to "Jason" on Sept 19, 2009 at 5:25pm, he promised that he would remove the charges. Unfortunatley I still keep getting an invoice for $52.50, which Jason said he would remove and when I contacted Fido, I was told Jason wasn't there. My phone numer is 416-666-8845 the invoice is 5581930289 and the account is 5-5819-3025. Now I'm getting text messages from Fido asking me to pay the $52.50. I also would like to point out that many blogs on the net are complaining about this situation. Please look into the matter as I can't get anyone in Fido
    to help me.
    Emad Nafeh (Home) 416-490-6230

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