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This was my first time shipping with Fedex. Disgusting... I went to drop off location Guildford Copy Centre 9965 152 St Surrey, BC V3R4G5 the lady there refused to help us and said you dont pay here. No payment no help and started watching video on computer. Putting me in a shock, International company Like fedex has appointed drop off location like these where there is Poor customer service and in name of customer service a rude and head off person attending costomers. Date Oct. 6th 2008 Time 1:45PM Aprox.


  • Valerie Oct 13, 2008

    I am sending you a complaint against Fedex. HP sent me a shipement for reparing my computer through Fedex on 9/18/08, I got a notice from my door it says Fedex delivered it at 9:30 am on 9/18/08 to my home but I was not at home and they will try to deliver it before 10:30 am on 9/19/08. I stayed at home called Fedex at 8:00 am on 9/19/08 asking them to deliver it to me as soon as possible and I waited at home for that. Nobody showed up, I kept calling Fedex about five times to let them deliver it to my home and I waited about 11:10 am on 9/19/08. There is still nobody came to my home, then I left for my business. I called Fedex again at 8:00 am on 9/20/08 about delivering the shipment to my home, they told me they can not deliver, I have to wait until 9/22/08. I called them at 7:00 am on 9/22/08 about deliver the shipment to me, I told them very clearly please deliver it to my apartment management office just beside my apartment because I don't have time to wait at my home. They told me it is OK, they will deliver it before 10:30 am on 9/22/08 to the management office. I called management office at 11:30 am on 9/22/08 to check if they received a package from Fedex for me, they said they did not receive anything from Fedex. Then I called Fedex asking they why, they told me the management offic was closed. I called management office again, they said the management office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F and there is always someone in the office. I called Fedex about 5 times again, request them to deliver to the management office on 9/23/08, they told me I have to write something with my signature to let the driver to deliver it to the management office before 10:30 am on 9/23/08. I wort a note about deliver the shipment to my managment office on my door with my signature to the driver and left home. I called Fedex at 11:00 am on 9/23/08 to see if the driver deliver or not, they told me the driver already delivered it to the management office. Then I called the management office to check the Fedex package, they told me they did not receive anything from Fedex and there is always someone in the office from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday. I called Fedex again asking they why they lied and lied a lot of time to me???? I also sent about 5 emails to Fedex customer service about the bad experience I had with Fedex. I called HP I did not receive anything from Fedex, HP also called Fedex asking them to deliver the shipment to the management office. Fedex never deliver the shipment to the management office, I told HP they should get refund from Fedex and never use Fedex again, because Fedex is such a bad service for people.

    Thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • Pe
    Peeko Sanchez Dec 31, 2008

    If you read through the "Liabilities Not Assumed" section of FedEx's dis-service guide, you will find that they have excused themselves from virtually every mistake they could possibly make. The money-back guarantee is a lie and you WILL NOT BE REFUNDED if they fail to deliver as promised. They usually use the "bad weather " excuse, but don't stop there. I even had one customer dis-service rep of theirs tell me that in order to process a claim for damage, I had to provide an estimate for the cost of unbending a framed poster that was made and packed by FedEx Kinko's. The box was bent in half during transit. Unbend paper???? Needless to say, I couldn't find anyone with those kind of superpowers, so we ate the cost of the poster (almost $200 and the shipping, $60) and had no poster at the event where it was to be used.

    Unfortunately, my boss likes them because he owns stock in FedEx. I maintain a summary of the hours spent trying to fix their mistakes and the results (mostly negative) so that soon, I will be able to convince the boss to switch to UPS. It has become so frustrating knowing that when I call customer service, the first thing they will do is excuse themselves from any wrong-doing rather than apologizing or working to resolve the problem and make the customer happy. And I'm sure that's intentional in order to discourage people from attempting to recover their losses.

    The most recent incident was a x-mas gift sent by us to an investor that arrived broken and a day late. They have an excuse for both mistakes: they don't pay to replace or repair ceramics, and of course, bad weather made them late.

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  • Ro
    Robert koay Aug 30, 2009

    To fedEX,
    I feel very disppointed with the customer service. On 28/08/09 i have the shipment from singapore to Penang very urgently. Then i make a call to customer service on 28/08/09 morning to let CS Know when the shipment delivery to FedEx penang ware house. Please give me a call so that i call arrange my own pick at FedEx penang.

    On satuday 3 pm I had going online to checked FedEx tracking number [protected] and found that the shipment have already arrival to penang on satuday morning. but i was not recived any call from FedEx customer service to infrom me the shipment had arrival to penang. This shipment is very urgently and package with gel pack. Gel pack can last 2 days.

    If the shipment have any spoil with the product who is going to pay for the lossing cost ?


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  • Sm
    smoon Oct 05, 2009
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    Verified customer

    Our company uses Fed Ex for all our shipments, samples, overnight, etc. We never had problems until recently. We have an account with them and we usually drop off our package, we sent a sample of paperboard weighting 1 pound, but they charged us for 68 pounds. We requested a refund and even told them we would stop using them and they said there is nothing they can do. I have a bill here for $48 for a one pound package to go about less than five miles down the street. I would have save myself the time and money if I just went myself!

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  • Pe
    penab1 Nov 03, 2010

    holy crud, BROKEN PRODUCT is all i have to say? yes! they sent me a freaking broken sub woofer. a crack in the rockford fosgate logo, look up

    i ordered it from here, and they showed pictures of MY exact product... it comes in the mail... BOOM! big freaking crack on the cover of my speaker, and it makes a ratling noise!

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