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On 09/14/2019 I bought 2 packages of Homeline toilet paper. I got to register and they rang up as 13.50. I said the sign on the shelf said 11.50. The manager walked over and pointed to the sticker on the product and it was 13.50. I paid for it. I sat my purchase down and walked back to where I got it and took a picture. I then found the manager we walked over to the shelf and I showed her the sticker. She said that it was an old sticker and said something which I didn't understand and then said otherwise I could honor it. What is that? Not the way I will do business. I can and will take my business elsewhere if need be. Thank you for your time

Dan Christensen

Family Dollar Stores
Family Dollar Stores

Sep 19, 2019
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  • Km
      Sep 19, 2019

    The price should have been honored at $11.50. This is an issue where the C&S don't have expiration dates since it is unknown whether the regular price of the product will change, however some time after February 2019 to now the regular price had changed from $11.50 to $13.50. The store however likely did receive an alert at the time of the price change to remove the C&S sign but the manager probably thought they had more important thing to do and marked the alert as acknowledged without reading it. Part of the problem here also is improper placement of the sign, since the signs are meant to be placed right exactly between the products that are being described in the C&S. Had the sign been properly placed initially then it would have been immediately noticed at the time of the price change the the C&S sign needed to be removed.

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  •   Sep 19, 2019

    Unless date of expiration is there, I believe that the law says that they must honor the sale price. If the sale expired and the tag was left on the shelf, most stores will honor that price.

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