Family Dollar Storesthe store manager


I go to the family dollar on 14th st. west in Huntington WV all the time normal the manager that I deal with is a girl named Lori and she is helpful and as sweet as can be. It's normal evening with the way I work. And it's seems like every time i go in there becaue I have been able to go earlier in the day. The Store Manager Shane has been in there and if he is not yelling at her he is yelling at another employee and the off chance speak to him he is not helpful at all just right down rude. I have also notice when he will actullacty come up and help check people out he is bad mouth every employee he has. And it looks like to me he is the one that works the less. And I feel like when he comes up to help it's only with there is girls close to his age up there. At of them all in the store he should be the most mature and professional and all I see is a immature child. And you would think that would be enough but I have seen him in there on his days off or already worked that day because he is not in his work clothes and he is drunk. And that's been more then once so I wonder if that's him problem all together he is just a drunk.

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