Family Dollar Storesthe manager at the store in pleasant ave hamilton ohio


Im sending my complaint thru email because I called many times and was left on hold... So today at 9am I went to the store walked up to the door and it was still locked. So I thought maybe they will unlock it soon. As I stood there waiting a car came speeding thru the parking lot. A woman gets out walks to the door unlocks the door shuts off the alarm and the shuts and locks the door. She said absolutely nothing to me which is rude. I wait then walk back to my car. As I am waiting i watch a man in a work van take a picture of the front of the store because it's still closed. When the door was Finally unlocked she did not let anyone of us waiting know. So I go in get my items go to the register and again she says nothing to me rude again. This woman has to be the must unprofessional manger I have ever seen. Very disappointed how the store was closed during business hours how Rude the manager was to me the unreachable customer service.. In the future I will drive further down the road to Kroger because that's where I end up having to go because of All out of stock at that family dollar. I will not recommend anyone going to that one. .

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