Family Dollar Storesillegal use of residential road by family dollar 18-wheel semi-trailer trucks

S Jul 08, 2019

We live on a residential road (N Friendship Rd) in Paducah, KY. It is located between New Holt Road and Alben Barkley Dr. There is road construction underway on Hinckleville Rd which is the one of the main DESIGNATED truck routes in our area. N Friendship is a narrow two-lane road with no shoulder, and only enough room for passenger vehicles to approach/pass safely and, as such, commercial trucks are essentially in our front yard. In the past several days, including today, (7/8/19 @ approximately 8:35am), your drivers have been using our residential street as a detour. We have spoken with the KY State DOT officials who have informed us that, because N Friendship is not a DESIGNATED truck route and is not on any truck route maps, it is illegal for 18-wheel semi-tractor trucks to use this road. We have been in contact with the McCracken County Sheriff as well as the Kentucky DOT and have received their reassurance that they will post officers on this road in order to enforce DOT regulations regarding the illegal use of this road by 18-wheel trucks and will begin issuing citations. We respectfully request that you inform/advise your drivers to respect our neighborhood and roads and to use officially designated trucking roads. We are sympathetic to the frustration experienced by your drivers when they have to wait in traffic but we are also experiencing a nearly quadruple increase in our regular road traffic without the added stress of illegal 18-wheeler traffic as well. Please note that this activity only began after road construction began on Hinckleville Rd. Thank you for your kind consideration in taking steps to rectify this unsafe and illegal situation.

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