Facebooklogin issue

H Aug 01, 2019

I have been complaining since 3 weeks. But facebook didnot solved it yet. I have issue that I have changed my cell phone. And in my new cell when I try to log in they say try to login with code generator. From where should I ceck my code generator? Because I am no where loginn in facebook from any other device or cell phone. Then they send me code on my number. Which I am not receiving it since 3 weeks. Whats all this?? I have provided my identity card to facebook for security purpose. But still they didnot took any action. I want facebook to solve my issue as soon as possible. Secondly the email address which I made for facebook 7 years ago. I donot have any excess to that email too. Because I never opened that email. That email purpose was just to make id on facebook. The email address of my account is [protected] and the cell phone number which is registered with face book is [protected] on which I can not get any code for login. I request facebook to solve my problem, as soon as possible. And give me a feedback soon on my given working email address.

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