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amounts taken out of my account without my authority

On the 11/1/16 and the 15/1/16 and 21/1/16 there were amount taken from my account without my authority. The...

unethical behavior

I am a nurse in Idaho Falls Idaho, a small town where the parents of a little boy that went missing live. He has stalked, harassed, and defamed me publically for months for my efforts to try to find the missing boy. I helped get billboards up in the state of Idaho, where the boy went missing. I also helped organize a search party to find the boy. He claims he is a comedian and hypnotist, and claims that through his "speech reversals" that he can "hear hidden messages." His name is Kellen Marson, and he lives in South Dakota. He has physically driven himself to Idaho, and has threatened to get my fired from my job, and also to get my nursing license revoked. I have sent him a cease and desist letter in 9/15, and he continues his wild, illogical, unstable behavior. The worst part is that he is in the National Gaurd, and he has access to weapons. He is dangerous and mentally sick. I believe he has had problems since he retuend from war. He has had several protective orders from his own family. Please look into this and stop this man before its to late. I am scared for my life. Facebook does nothing to stop this behavior.
Rachel Voss

Received notice from Security General from Facebook stating that I had 6 hours to log in to Facebook &...

no help!

Two weeks ago my facebook account was hacked. That person who hacked me sent some horrible pictures to all my friends and posted out some porn movies. All my friends were tagged in these awful posts and I even didn't know about that. Then I got a call from my friend. He asked if I'm alright and why do I do such horrible things on facebook. I got home and realised that I was hacked. I changed my password and deleted all horrible things that were posted from my account. But because of that incident I can't post anything now! Facebook has shut me down from posting anything. I have contacted them many times and tried to explain the situation. But there was no response from them at all. I deleted my account and started a new one. No help from Facebook at all.

account hacked

My Face Book Account has been hacked on 6th Nov., 2015 (user id : [protected], by a person called Zobia Malik. She has deleted all my linked e-mail ids. I have tried all the modes of recovering my Hacked Face Book Account as per the details provided by Face Book (How to recover the hacked account), but nothing is working. Can any body help me in securing my Face Book Account. I can be reached on my Mobile No. +[protected] or my E-mail ids : jgcspl.[protected], [protected], [protected] Regards, Anil Agarwal.

  • Ga
    Gary Zaworski Feb 16, 2016

    gary zaworski 11:05 am central time - 2/16/2016
    fb - has allow my timeline to be " hacked " & fb - is using " Unethical Behavior " by harassing me as well - they have also screwed up the " security " on my time line - this information was given to me by " fb India " - the FBI has given them the information they need ( 2/2/2016 ) as to who I am - fb is using security questions that i did not provide them & showing me photos that there is no way i can ID them - also with incorrect names - this is going on for 5 weeks now - they have locked me out - they where blocking - censoring - slowing me down & freezing my time line before they locked me out - Who can I contact at the FCC - FBI - NSA/ASA - Atty Gen Off - that will help & provide action for me & other to correct this mess that " FACEBOOK " has caused - Now they want me to send them a copy of my Driver's Lin w/ Photo & Address - as well as my Passport to them ??????

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double down casino - free spins errored out and never received bonus chips, since june.

Please fix the game errors for Doubledown Casino and give me back my free spins and gifts sent to me and bonus chips. A refund of at least 100 million would be suitable. I had over 90 million but the errors and frozen bonus spins cheated me since before June last year should be compensated for, and these errors made it impossible to play. I love playing Doubledown casino on Facebook and it will always be my favorite but when I tried to contact some type of support thru Facebook search ... it just kept logging me out. At one point figured out that I could access some of the other game sites but as I mentioned Doubledown casino is my favorite!!! I was off work today and started googling different Facebook questions and finally found a way to contact about Doubledown casino... please fix the error so I will stay logged into the Doubledown game website from Facebook, I miss playing so very much! Thanks in advance for providing such a wonderful game play, as you will notice, I have played countless hours on this site but have been unable to access just Doubledown casino??? Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to fixing the gaming error so I can begin playing again. I am only requesting the technical errors be corrected so I will stay logged into Doubledown casino and 100 million chips be restored this will also take care of any errors on bonus spins that errored out and gifts of wheel spins never rewarded as will as bonus chips clicked on and never received. Thanks, [protected] ... facebook username

winning $600,000.00

This afternoon, a women named Julie McCord Miller supposedly from Facebook messaged me (while I was on Facebook) that I had won $600, 000.00 from Facebook and that I needed to pay $350.00 to the company that was delivering the check and paperwork (FedEx).

unauthorized credit card charges

09/28/2015 pos purchase psppsp facebk *kp4gk82wm2 ie 0078414 [protected] $1, 916.38 jmd...


My name is Christa Carothers. Saturday night my Friend Barbara Foland send me another Friend request on...

did not receive on line gaming credits paid for.

There are so many entities involved in the process that I am not certain where the breakdown is, and that I...

non receipt of text code to get back on facebook

during a security check I was asked to provide my mobile number so that a code could be sent which I was to...

my sister account hacked

Hello my sister used a facebook id in the mail id [protected] and now that account is hacked and using by some others. Please i kindly requesting you to help us. As a girl she is suffering lot please contact me my number +[protected]. The imformation given above is true if u feel wrong i am ready to get under the government acts of conditions. Thanking you waiting for ur help.

  • 1skippy Mar 10, 2015

    One thing you can try is to log in but do it as I forgot my password and hopefully they have not changed the email address and security questions as well. This site actually does nothing to help anyone other than give you a place to post a complaint and the users of the site offer advice. Sometimes the companies will see a complaint and respond to you, (sometimes).

    Also contact Facebook through their contact us option and tell them what happened. They will tell you what your options are, the worst case would be that you will lose the old account and have to start over.

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  • Da
    Dave Clift Photography Jun 30, 2015

    Please can you advise what payments have been deducted from my account for:-

    FACEBK *2H9ED7J882 - BWP 158.00



    I have recently boosted 5 x posts each for $5.00

    Please advise ASAP

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  • Ka
    Kathy Burnett Walker Aug 06, 2015


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account disabled

I was a facebook user for 3+ years. Added friends that knew me with no problems. Added suitable content with no problems. Always gave credit to other works posted that were not mine. Never friended someone i did not know. Always joined groups by request only. Suddenly without warning, my account was disabled by them, no email, no explanation. Good thing i did not place all my eggs in this basket, as that would have really sucked. Good things there are other social media sites that protect your privacy better than them (These folks want your personal info to re - enable your account.) i did not need to release my personal info when i signed up with you 3 years ago, so please tell me why are you asking for it now !!! Can't appeal as i don't know what rules i broke. Looking forward to a reply from facebook which i probably won't get.

There are no clean words that can describe my disdain for these folks right now.

I still have received no answer from facebook. I will not submit personal information to them for reasons referenced in this complaint

Http: / / facebook. / facebook - phising - or - identity - fraud - [protected]. Html

Remember, privacy starts and ends with you.

account disabled

  • Rh
    rhonda sullivan May 29, 2012

    duplicate and unauthorized charges to my mastercard. Facebook doesn't have a phone#.

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Scam alert!! Please be aware if you are using They scammed me total $99. I ordered for facebook likes for over 2 weeks ago. They never provided me those likes & when I was continuously started to ask them they just ignored my emails & phone calls intentionally.

tell me about its lottery, it is fake or not

I had got email from facebook inc. They sent me below emails... I want to know that its fake or not... Please send me reply as soon as possible..

Dear lucky winner,
My name diplomat mathew joe from facebook ward uk.
I arrived in new delhi today in connection with your prize money from facebook award. I'm here to sign the release documents on your behalf since the rbi have made us know that they do not deal with individuals, only commercial banks and diplomats, which is the reason i'm here.

I went to the reserve bank of india, the department in charge of your payment today in new delhi and they inform me that they have sent you an application form, please print the form, fill in your details, scan and email it back to them as soon as possible.

Please update me with your dealings with the rbi and call me as soon as you receive this email. Tel:+91-[protected]

I will only be able to travel to your city once you confirm that the prize money has been transferred to your local bank account through the reserve bank.
Congratulations once again.
Diplomat mathew joe

Reserve bank of india.
Central office,
Jeevan bharathi building,
Connaught place, new delhi
Foreign remittance department
Facebook charity award office,
22 ganton street, london, w1f 7b
United kingdom.
Tell: (+44) [protected],
Fax: (+44)-[protected]
Visit us at:

Dear award winner,

Winning reference number: fb-win-xpwisa79822
File number: fb-255/647/2013

Good to hear from you regarding your facebook inc.® lucky charity award payment. My name is (Dr.) brandon williams (Asia zonal co-ordinator) facebook inc.® lucky charity award. On behalf of the ceo/founder of facebook inc.® we wish announce to you and congratulate you on the award of (£750, 000.00 gbp (Seven hundred and fifty thousand great british pounds only) & samsung galaxy s5, (With 16gb) cash price in the facebook inc.® 8th anniversary lucky charity award, as organized by the facebook inc.®, held in london, united kingdom. Celebrating facebook inc.® 8th anniversary and reaching 1 billion users worldwide.

We congratulate you for being one of our lucky winners in the facebook inc.® charity award. Our winners include both subscribers and non-subscribers of facebook inc.®. Social network. The on-line draw was conducted randomly on all active e-mail id worldwide. We only selected one hundred and twenty (120) candidates per-annually as our winners from each region of the world (America, europe, africa, australia and asia) through the on-line electronic balloting system. This award fund must be claimed by the e-mail id owner only, within 7 days from the day of notification.

Facebook inc. ® 8th anniversary charity award department do have the pleasure to officially inform you that you have been dully cleared for payment by the verification department. You will be receiving your winning prize money by a international bank certified demand draft already issued in your name. It will be update to you through our affiliate paying bank in your country.

You are to re-conform your personal details for your payment and send it to reserve bank of india via e-mail; [protected]@h. Fo

Delivery confirmation form:

1. Full names:...
2. Address:...
3. State:...
4. Age:...
5. Sex: ……...
6. Mobile number: ……….……...
7. Bank account details:...
8. Country:...
9. Occupation:...
10. Nationality:...
11. Annual income...
12. Your won amount...


I... Hereby declare that the above information provided are true and correct for the payment of my award to my bank account which I will provide as soon as I hear from the bank.

You are to send the above information to the reserve bank of india immediately for your award demand draft, below are the contact details of the the bank.

Bank name:reserve bank of india.
Central office, jeevan bharathi building,
Connaught place, new delhi
Contact person: mis. Sunita roy
(Account department)
E-mail address: [protected]@h. Fo

This is to bring to your notice that you will be receiving your prize parcel at your doorstep in india soon, our management shall be sending a diplomatic delivery agent from uk to india to deliver your prize package, our delivery diplomat by name, diplomat mathew joe will be leaving from england 22/09/2014 by 11:45pm to arrive india on 23/09/2014 by 9:30am to indira gandhi international airport new delhi.

The facebook charity award will pay all the traveling costs of the delegated diplomat and ensured payments for shipment of your parcel to india, as the beneficiary of this prize please note that you are eligible to prepare the indian custom airport clearance fees in the amount of 21, 200 inr india rupees, which is payable in cash when the delivery diplomat arrive to india at the airport for settlement of the registration and airport clearance charges.

Clearance and custom charges of 21, 200inr india rupees is what it will cost you to get your prize demand draft of £750, 000, gbp and your samsung galaxy s3, (With 16gb) and one h. P laptop, with all relevant documents that will empower you get your winning amount logged in your nominated account with assistance of our delivery diplomat, so he can facilitate payment formalities through the provided customs account in your country, we would have paid the required clearance amount but the custom in your country notified us that the payment must be made by the beneficiary of the prize package and they said the payment must be made from your state of residence to confirm the authenticity of your location. They said is part of their new clearance process.

Payment will be done on arrival of the delivery diplomat (Mr. Mathew joe) to your country and he will direct you on how to make the payment, you are not required to go to new delhi international airport, for any purpose of receiving your parcel, as we have ensured a home delivery service's of prize parcel to your home address in any part of india. You are to send a scan copy (4x4) passport photograph, and your phone number, winning reference number: fb-win-xpwisa79822, to (Mr. Mathew joe) on email id ([protected]

Dr. Brandon willy williams
(Asia zonal coordinator) facebook inc.®
Mon-sat 8:00am-6:00pm (London time)
Do always check your email for further claims instructions!!!

After 7 years of establishment, facebook inc.® is worth over usd $150 billion with over 1.5 million workers worldwide making it the best social network ever developed and designed by facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg

fraud on the internet

This man has a open page on Face book. He is using the name John Tony lives in London is a contractor and is scamming women out of money via Western Union. I have had 3 of his FB pages closed down. Names used Joe Tonny, Joe Tony, John Tony.
Phone numbers Malaysia [protected] / [protected]/// UK numbers [protected]/ [protected]
Email addresses [protected] [protected] [protected] He steals other peoples photos and says they are him. He uses Whatsapp messenger Yahoo messenger Face book Dating sites IM sites if you look up his name he's on 69 sites. He took me for $500 sent Western Union. Then wanted $6000 sent to Malaysia stating he was there on a job.
I have several email messages from him wanting to marry me and claims of love. I have the Western Union transaction he claims he didn't get.

fraud on the internet



I have been getting people who say they are from Face book and saying I have won thousands of dollars from your company. Their names are Lorla Morgan, Mary Tom and Colleran Kelvin.I am sure these are false names and false photos.I have not sent any money to any of them. They all have stated they live in California [protected] is a number I have for someone who has been texting me he says he works for you also, welfare department of face book.. I still have them as friends .

  • Mk
    MkStItCh Jul 05, 2014

    Start by unfriending them and blocking the cell number... It is a scam

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charges from credit card

On my credit card account there was fraudulent charges, i discovered it only just now, when it increased to 100$, it's very distressing. I write the details of every charge: first in 27. 03. 2014 867863usd 2. 00 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *kn2ky5ekn2;
Second in 06. 04. [protected] usd 1. 99 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *8d8q36ejn2; third 04. 04. [protected] usd 4. 99 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *uhupz5ekn2; forth 08. 04. [protected] usd 4. 99 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *kp3s46akn2; fifth 11. 04. [protected] usd 4. 99 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *nklr26wjn2; sixth 24. 04. [protected] usd 9. 99 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *kac446ekn2; seventh 03. 05. [protected] usd 9. 99 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *maf496akn2; eightth 25. 05. [protected] usd 99. 00 irl www. Fb. Me / cc facebk *esra866kn2.
The only information the charge gave was that it was from facebook, and the reference number. Somehow, facebook got my credit card number. I never entered it there before because there was no reason for, so i'm interested who is responsible for this fraud and what can i do against.

  • Im
    IM02 Jun 10, 2014

    Stay away with this a man on Face book his profile name is Dandy Arval from London, UK. He is a scammer and has link with this fraud Shipping Company in UK and Jakarta Indonesia ( I will never again trust from any website shipping Company they are fraud, scam, and fake. Don't use the services of the www... they are liars who need only your money.After you made the order from them, the agent stops to communicate and it is impossible to reach someone because they give fake tracking number, fake phone number and fault email address. Total waste of time. You will find them
    Please leave comments about this company, because people should be aware when they deal with such dishonest people and avoid them or you will lose your money! Also please advice how to take the legal actions against this fraud company which lives on sucking people money. Your support in this matter is much appreciated.

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  • Ii
    IIMD Jun 10, 2014


    Stay away with this a man on Face book his profile name is Dandy Arval from London, UK. He is a scammer and has link with this fraud Shipping Company in UK and Jakarta Indonesia ( I will never again trust from any website shipping Company they are fraud, scam, and fake. Don't use the services of the www... they are liars who need only your money.After you made the order from them, the agent stops to communicate and it is impossible to reach someone because they give fake tracking number, fake phone number and fault email address. Total waste of time. You will find them
    Please leave comments about this company, because people should be aware when they deal with such dishonest people and avoid them or you will lose your money! Also please advice how to take the legal actions against this fraud company which lives on sucking people money. Your support in this matter is much appreciated.

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  • An
    Andrea ho Feb 17, 2016

    Yes, he is a fraudster. He also likes to woe women through countless flirting and sweet talk. He's very persuasive and persistent. He even sends his explicit photos and expect the same from you. Once you have given what he wanted, he will not answer your calls nor your sms. Do take note that his personal number is 447925479239. He has multiple Facebook accounts and go by the name of Dandy Arval Benson or Dandy Arval or Dan Arval. There are some of the accounts which had even some been blocked/deleted by Facebook.

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  • An
    Andrea ho Feb 18, 2016

    Please take note on his latest profile which i can find. And phone number would be 447925479239.

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Hi, I recently recently received notification from my bank that a credit card account I have is being used to...

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recurring charges

I noticed that i have been getting recurring charges of $130.00 from facebook. i don't know how long this ha...

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