Exxon Mobil Corporationstore employee

S Aug 07, 2018

My husband went to Exxon this morning between 5:30-6am. He went into the men's restroom and was using the stall, when a female employee came in. There was a large gap in the stall and he saw her in the bathroom. He described her as a mid 50's female with short blonde hair. He said, "the bathroom is occupied" and she replied, "it's nothing I haven't seen before." He then yelled at her to get out of the bathroom and she left. When he finished using the restroom he approached her and told her that she should knock before entering the men's restroom. She said it was not a big deal and that no one else ever complained about it.
I went to the store and spoke to the manager at 10 am. I told her I was complaining about it. There was no reason for that female employee to be in the bathroom with my husband. The crack in the stall was wide enough that he could plainly see her. Her comment about "it's nothing I haven't seen before" and "no one else has complained" greatly disturbs me. The manager said she would review the camera and call me back. I have not received a call. I would like to file a formal complaint about the misconduct of this employee. I would like to make sure this does not happen again. Thanks.

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