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S Aug 03, 2018

Itinerary #: [protected]

Mr Gan booked round trip from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Perth, Western Australia, Australia on Thursday 19th July 2018 via Expedia USA. He booked the following flight with Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Saturday, 21st July 2018, estimated arrival at Perth, Australia at 2:50pm, Flight number MH 125
Monday, 30th July 2018, estimated departure at Perth, Australia at 2:10am, Flight number MH 124

On Tuesday, 24th July 2018, KL GAN decided to extend his stay in Perth, Australia and I, daughter of Mr GAN, Miss Gan called up Expedia Australia on behalf of my father to get the return flight changed.

I rung Expedia Australia who told me they could not access the booking as it was booked via Expedia US, so they then transfer to me Expedia US who I then spoke to Caitlin. I told her the reason of my call that is to change the flight Monday, 30th July 2018 (MH 124) to Thursday, 2nd August 2018 (MH 124). She said she would be able to assist me and proceed to do the necessary work in the background after getting the information she needed. (I was put on hold for about 30 minutes while she try to change the flight booking which I will comment on this later on). However, Caitlin told me she is unable to help me but would transfer me to her supervisor, Mark who will assist me in rebooking the flight.

By the time, I spoke to Mark; I was on the call with Expedia USA for about 45 minutes with 30 minutes on hold. I then have to explain the whole request again to Mark who then told me that he is able to do the rebooking of the flight for a small fee, which Caitlin did mention earlier. Again, Mark put me on hold for another 10 minutes (for whatever reason is unknown to me. When Mark got on line again, I asked him if it is easier for me to just call MAS directly to rebook the fight as it is taking them up to an hour to change the flight with nearly 45 minutes being put on hold. Mark said he is able to do it and if I to call MAS direct, I will be charged more than what Expedia USA will charge me.

Finally, after more than hour on the call with Expedia USA, Mark said he has rebooked the flight to Thursday, 2nd August 2018, estimated departure at Perth, Australia at 3:50pm, Flight number MH 124. He also charged KL GAN's credit card of RM192.83 (Malaysia Ringgit). We also received confirmation email from Expedia USA to let us know that the flight has now changed to Thursday, 2nd August from Monday, 30th July 2018.

This is when our nightmare with Expedia USA starts.

As per the flight booked, my father, KL GAN arrived to check into the MAS on the 2nd August 2018 when we were kindly told by the MAS Check In Staff that my father, KL GAN DID NOT have a valid ticket as Expedia USA (Mark) did not rebook or book the ticket!!!

Imagine our horror that not only Expedia USA took the extra money of RM192.83 from KL GAN's credit card, we do not even have a ticket and KL GAN is stuck in Perth, Australia.

I then promptly called up Expedia USA to sort this mess up. I spoke to Jodie. I explained our situation to her and she said she would try to speak to the supervisor to assist me as soon as possible. Again, she said she will put me on hold but she told me she will put me on hold for about 5 minutes while she sorts it out for us. As true Expedia way of work, I was put on hold for 20 minutes or more before the line got cut off. Jodie then called me back to apologize, and admitted that Expedia USA did a mistake and did not staff (Mark in this case) did not do the necessary booking. Jodie also told me that they are not able to arrangement ticket for my father, KL GAN to fly on Tuesday, 2nd August 2018 as original booked but however, able to rebook him on another flight for a fee. (WOW!!)

I told Jodie I do not wish to proceed with them in rebooking the ticket but will file a complaint as per this email.

Please note that my father, KL GAN was very stressed and upset regarding this as he is in foreign land by himself. Also, the waiting time to get things sorted out by Expedia USA is horrid as I spent a long time on the phone, on hold. But what really annoys me is that when comes to charging us money, Expedia USA quickly did that.

We would like a FULL refund for the flight

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