Expediacancelling a flight from thailand

E Feb 12, 2020

Hi there,

My parents are aboard the Westerdam cruiseship that was denied access to disembark last minute in Thailand. I called expedia in Thailand long distance and was on hold for over 1 hour in 20 minutes increments after which i was disconnected. I then chose to call the sales department and was connected to a representative immediately. It is absolutely ridiculous that to purchase a flight the customer service is super fast but to cancel a flight which is not an option on the website i had to wait over an hour. I asked to speak to a manager twice and was put back on hold with the cancellation department. I want my long distance charges reimbursed and something done about a company that is using Expedia's name that provides 0 customer service. This is absolutely ridiculous. I keep getting told it will be 2-3 minutes and as I'm writing this I am still on hold. I reached out to expedia canada to transfer me and the first agent was able to do so withing 30 seconds, after getting disconnected I called back where I was told this process isn't possible. Why would I ever use expedia again if this is the type of service that is allowed. My parents have been in the middle of the ocean for 12 days and I am trying to get them home.

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