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Complaints & Reviews

Expedia — overcharged

I realized that I never received my discount from Expedia. I booked hotel and airfare for two at the same...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction

I scheduled a flight and hotel with Expedia in May 2012. By late May I realized that I couldn't use the reservation that I had scheduled through Expedia and so I cancelled it. Rather than immediately issuing me a refund, the employees at the call center in India proceeded to require me to go through some completely unnecessary steps. I repeatedly called them (using the office phone, as I didn't have one at the time) and through long wait times and dropped calls, nothing came of it. Then when I was able to get through, I found out the amount that I was owed (about $411), but again through disconnects and dropped calls, my refund was never issued. I then called again and found that the employees instead of using my email address, which Expedia had, they had closed my file completely, so no one could help me. Again, instead of being apologetic about the whole affair and issuing a refund the legal team for Expedia demanded that I sign a “Motion to Dismiss With Prejudice, ” which means that if I don’t get my money I would have no legal recourse to get my refund. So, I obviously won’t sign such a document. They then dropped that requirement and asked that I lie to the court and say that the matter has been settled BEFORE they’d send me my money. I took them to small claims/conciliation court and won my case--STILL no refund! And guess what?!? They didn't require me to talk with them on the phone to get the money that the court had ordered!

Expedia is also hoping that you won't know how the law works. You are allowed to recover not only the cost of the resrevation, but also the filing fee with the court AND costs; for instance, to notify Expedia of the lawsuit you have have them served, which means that you have to send a copy of the suit to the server and use a money order to pay the server--so you have the cost of the server, the money order fee and postage. When you are in conciliation or small claims court, make sure that the judge/referee awards you all of those costs.

Expedia is hoping that you'll find the work and expense of getting your money back to be just too much--and then they get to keep your money! DON'T LET THEM!

If you take your case to conciliation or small claims court and you win, but not all your costs as you are allowed to claim, check to see if you can appeal to District Court.

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    • Cd
      cdalb Aug 25, 2014

      I would like to denounce Expedia shady practices. I booked 3 nights at the Hotel Caprice in Rome in July 2014 for November 2, 2014. In August 2014 I had to cancel due to my husband heart health issues. I was told that I had picked a rate that was not refundable. So that means the kept the 3 nights. I did not realize that I was picking the no refund feature. If you tell me that they would keep a night I would understand but the entire reservation? This is HIGHWAY ROBBERY.

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    • Lu
      luke Apr 09, 2009

      Flight was canceled on Dec 22, 2008 due to the huge winter storms that basically closed down air travel. It is now April 9, 2009. STILL no refund. I've been calling them every month looking for it. I keep being told 2 billing cycles. After at least 3 calls to them inquiring about my refund, I finally get the story that the airline lost the refund request from Expedia. Totally lame excuse if you ask me for not immediately giving me my refund. Of course I am out the interest paid on credit card for loaning me the money. Out any interest I could have earned investing the money. Thanks Expedia! Just dumb. Expedia should give me the money back immediately and then they can wait for the airline to refund them!

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    • Gi
      Gino Aug 23, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Tried for 5 weeks to get someone to help me with my return thicket, 7 email, several phone calls from here in ( CHINA) and from the USA, but no one will help or answer. Went to China Air, was told by them i'm entitled to a refund, Expedia will not help. For medical reasons instead of going back to the USA, I'm flying to Italy, I purchased another thicket from Air China. All i wanted was to use the portion of my return thicket to the US toward my thicket to Italy...
      Once Expedia gets your money, they could not care less; you're on your own!!!
      They should be punished!!! This is not the first time i had a problem with them. Many times while overseas flights have been cancelled, DO NOT EXPECT ANY HELP FROM EXPEDIA.
      Their licence to do business should be revoked!!!

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    Expedia.comrefund on cancellation of ticket not issued

    We have booked one adult and one child ticket from Hyderabad to Mumbai to Newark for 3 Aug by Air India. The itienary has been changed by Air India and the route has been changed to Hyderabad to Delhi to JFK for the same date. The ticket was cancelled with Air India on 30 July 2012. Air India says that we need to connect with Expedia since the ticket is booked through Expedia and Expedia says the other way. There have been multiple emails exchanged and there would be a standard responce similar to that as mentioned below:
    Thank you for contacting us about updating the status of your refund for your flight.
    We apologize for the delay in answering your e-mail. We are currently experiencing an extremely high volume of e-mail requests, preventing us from responding within our normal standards.
    For your security, we must address your questions regarding your refund by phone with the Expedia account holder.
    Please call the Expedia Customer Service Team at the numbers provided below at a suitable time. Please have your itinerary number and/or booking ID available when you call.
    If this does not answer your question or solve your problem, feel free to reply to this message or call us at 1-800-EXPEDIA [protected]) or [protected] and reference case ID: S-[protected] (-- tampered case ID).
    Thank you for choosing Expedia
    We will do our best to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.Please note we can not provide the following services over email:
    * Booking, changing, or canceling reservations
    * Refund requests
    * Price quotes
    * Urgent requests regarding travel within the next 5 days
    Please call us for these requests at 1-800-EXPEDIA [protected]) or [protected] and reference the case number above.

    When a call is made, the representative would put us on hold saying he/she would need to check with Air India and the line is cut after around 20 min, . They do not call back. We have had this experience on this case for atleast 10 times. We tried to loop expedia and air india customercare and it did not work either.
    Today is 10/25 and nothing has materialized till date. We are not sure on how to tackle this is. Please advise, appreciate any kind of help in this regard.


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      Expedia.caextortion of extra money

      We booked a flight with Expedia.ca to portugal via Sata and they forgot to book us with Sata, we called back with our booking number and they told us it will cost another 250$ on top of the 750$ that they were charging us. The supervisor at Expedia.ca Is as St***d as a box of rocks. They haven't a clue what's going on!?!. I have been with them for years and have planned many vacations with them. I will never use them ever again and will let the world know for as long as I live. All this because they made a mistake and want me to pay for it! NO WAY!, my advertizing will cost them more than 250$...bet on it!

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Expediamisleading advertising

        I was booking a hotel for seattle and decided that I would try the un-plubished rate option... What a mistake! I selected the "downtown - pike place" area and looked at all the hotel that came up when I did a regular search. All hotels were within walking distance of pike place. So I selected the un-published rate for this area... I ended up out by safeco field, a 30-40 minute walk to pike place!!! When I called the hotel they said they are not in the downtown pike place area, but in the stadium area, and they have a shuttle into town as its a bit to far to walk.

        I called to complain and asked to be moved to a hotel that was actually in the area I had selected. After 2+ hours on the phone I got no where. The only response they gave me was "well you are in a neighbourhood close to the area you selected. I didnt ask to be in an area"close"to pike place, I had selected"pike place"

        After several rude and useless customer service people and"escalations" people, I asked to speak directly with a manager. The manger lived in seattle and even said he agreed that I was not in the pike place area, but agin he could care less about helping me out. This is a horrible case of false advertising, and as such is completely illegal. And I am not sure what country expedia cs agents are located, as it is clearly not canada... But they could care less.

        I will never use expedia again, and I will make sure that everyone I know is aware of how horrible their service is.

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          Expediacustomer complaints process

          We have had no reply to the following complaint, which we made to Expedia both electronically and (by regular mail) to their customer complaints department:

          I write to register a complaint at the extraordinarily poor treatment that we have received from Expedia during the past month. Because the circumstances are complex, I will begin by outlining, in bullet-point form, the series of events that precipitated the mess in which we (and you) now find ourselves. Then I will outline our extreme dissatisfaction with the way that your call centre has handled our effort to try to get this mess straightened out.
          • On February 6, we booked flights to Washington D.C. for our family of four, through Expedia. Because my wife was to fly out two days later than the rest of the family, this involved two itineraries: [protected] (for Elizabeth Davies) and [protected] (for Gareth, Peter, and Rhys Davies).
          • On February 24, I learned that I would have to stay in the United States for a day later than I had previously thought, and that I would need to fly back from New York instead of Washington. My wife phoned Expedia to inquire whether it would be possible to change my ticket, and was told that it would, but that the request would have to be made by me, rather than by her. Expedia emailed me later that day, asking me to get in touch to confirm that I wished this change in my reservation to be made.
          • I duly phoned Expedia and asked for my reservation to be changed, so that I came back from New York on 15 April, on BA 174. Because our booking was complex, involving those two itineraries, I was conscious of the possibility of confusion, and therefore made it particularly clear in our conversation that this change was only for me, Gareth Davies. Expedia explained that this could be done, at a cost of just under £400. The amount surprised us, since my wife had been quoted a much lower rate just hours before. Still, this was less than the cost of purchasing a new return ticket, so I authorised Expedia to make this change.
          • Expedia then changed my wife’s ticket rather than mine. At a cost of £494 (£394 for the difference in flight cost + £100 for making the change), it thereby succeeded in ruining our entire travel arrangements: (i) I still didn’t have a flight back from New York: (ii) my children, age 12 and 8, were still on their flight back from Washington, but would no longer be accompanied by an adult, since I would be in New York on business, while their mother had been rerouted from New York.
          • I discovered this error some two weeks later (Expedia had not sent me electronic confirmation of the change, so I went to the website just to check that all was in order). I assumed that Expedia would acknowledge the error swiftly, restore my wife’s initial reservation, and book me on the flight that I requested, and that there would be no additional cost to us.

          Since that point, my wife and I must have had fifteen or more phone conversations with the Expedia call centre in India in an effort to get this mess straightened out. Each conversation has been with a different person, each has involved being placed on hold for extended periods, and each has begun with us having to explain the entire saga afresh. At no stage have we had the sense that any one person had taken charge of our case and was taking it seriously. Sometimes, the people to whom we spoke were polite, but on other occasions they seemed impatient with us and discourteous. They were often self-righteous in their manner, unwilling to acknowledge any possibility of error on Expedia’s part, and neither did they evince any interest in winning our goodwill by trying to find a solution to the extraordinary and extraordinarily costly mess that they had created. Repeatedly, we would be promised that our case would be investigated, and that we would receive a call back ‘within an hour’, or ‘within two hours’, but this never happened—not even once. On other occasions, we would be told that our case was to be handled ‘within seven to ten working days’, even though it was by then only a week or so before we were due to travel.
          Some two weeks ago, during one of these endless, frustrating, interminable, and entirely fruitless conversations, your representative informed us that the tapes of earlier conversations had been reviewed, and that no evidence had been uncovered of Expedia’s culpability—that the mistake was all ours. I was baffled and amazed by this incomprehensible finding. She mentioned that it would be possible to send us the tape of the crucial February 14 conversation that had resulted in our reservations being so disastrously disrupted. Later that same day, I called back and arranged for this to be done: I was told that my credit card would be debited £10, and the tape sent via email. This has not happened. More than that, in a subsequent conversation yet another Expedia official informed us that such a request would have to be made in writing, to an Expedia office in Lancashire, and made some further, confused reference to photo identification.
          On various occasions during this protracted and endlessly frustrating experience, we have been assured that our case was being considered by ‘the duty manager’, or by ‘the escalations department’, and have been given specific commitments for when they would be contacting us. As already mentioned, none of these commitments have been met. What is more, on at least one occasion a particularly sententious and hectoring Expedia representative told us that the case was closed because the mistake had been entirely our own.
          Because time was running short, we were by now desperate to get our return travel arrangements straightened out, but Expedia was unable and seemingly uninterested in helping us to do so. In these circumstances, we had no alternative but to book new return flights from New York for myself and my children. We did this through Orbitz, at a cost of $1, 957.81, or about £1, 300. By my calculation, Expedia’s error, and its subsequent lack of commitment to getting it straightened out, has now cost us £1, 800 in additional flight costs.

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            Expedia.combusiness practices, wait time on hold

            I am mystified how Expedia stays in business. I'm kicking myself for dealing with them again, after previous experiences, which have cost me money out of pocket for services that they said they would provide. These experiences mirror the complaints listed about Expedia on this website--double bookings for which Expedia has tried to collect $$ for both, refunds not provided, being put on hold for interminable time frames, dropped telephone calls, and paid-for services that don't materialize. Yesterday, Expedia put pending authorizations on for over $3000 on two separate credit accounts of mine for itinerary transactions that were not finalized. In other words, they're encumbering my available credit for services that are not being provided. After speaking with 5 separate agents/supervisors over two days, waiting on hold for hours (seriously), I was told two things: 1: the hold would stay on my credit for three days, and 2: the hold would be removed in 1-2 hours. The hold should never have been placed in the first place.

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              Expediabooking cancelled

              my daughter booked a flight from vietnam to ireland with expedia and paid for it by visa debit.
              The money has left her account and cannot be recalled.
              When she went to the check in she was told her booking had been cancelled. No explanation was offered by Etihad.
              There were many phone calls to expedia in total nearly 4 hrs.
              Eventualy they admitted to an administrative error.
              They could get my daughter on to the next flight 24 hrs later, but I would have to pay for the new flight.
              So this was done, new flight paid for and my daughter is home.
              But now we have paid for two flights and expedia are being patronising and pedantic.
              They were unhelpful and rude in the first series of phone calls.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Expediathe worst quality customer service ever

                BUYER BEWARE - Unless you do not care about cost, price guarantees, or perks, stay as far away as you can from any Expedia or its affiliate companies. Since August 2011 to March 2012, we spoke to no less than 15 -25 representatives and supervisors. They are as pleasant as can be and offer a world of guarantees to get your booking. It makes no difference if you have the reps name, extension, date, taping of the conversation, etc. You will be ripped off big time! We have NEVER had such poor quality customer service as we have with Expedia and their employees. They do not return calls, they do not honor their promises or guarantees (you will be referred to the "terms & conditions", which naturally comes after you have placed your deposit and received your confirmation. So, if you see a lower price, upgrade or perk, it will most likely state "new bookings only".Not one document we received matched another.
                We were provided different information each time we called and asked for detailed breakdown of invoices or information we received. Personal information was wrong, and a hassle to get corrected. Information for 1 member of our group continued to come to us, not them. When we tried to correct that, we were told they had no means of doing so. The other party booked individually, with their own e-mail address and credit card.
                Their supervisory level reps are worse than the customer service representatives. They are disrespectful and uncaring.
                Several months before the actual cruise, I wrote a 9 page letter to their headquarters, the cruise line, and the affiliate partner they represented, of which only summarized our issues and situation at that time. We could now add another 8 pages. The cruise line said they could not speak with us because we booked through a travel agency. The affiliate partner responded to us that their board of directors review all such complaints about their affiliations. To date we have not heard one word from Expedia headquarters. They are extremely unprofessional..

                One response from a supervisor was so off course, it was pitiful. Although there were more than 10 in our group, only a few of us used Expedia. Needless to say, after our experience, Expedia, its affiliates and the cruise lines have lost, not only our business, but those who traveled with us.

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                  I had booked a week long trip with my boyfriend. It was to France for our anniversary. On our way to France our plane gets some mechanical issues and we had to stop at another airport until it was fixed. We had to miss our first night in France because of this.

                  I had called Expedia while waiting for our plane to let them know our situation and that I would like a refund because it wasn’t our fault we didn’t get there in time! So I was told that everything would be taken care of. They lied!!!

                  We had an amazing trip and I figured I would worry about all that when I got back to the States. Since our trip I have been trying to get in touch with Customer Service to figure out what happened. I usually get the run around then when asked to speak with a supervisor everyone knows how to help you. Another lie!

                  I finally get to a supervisor that sounds credible and I was promised a refund. Well it has now been 4 months since our trip and I still have yet to have that refund in my bank account! I don’t understand how a company like this would be so irresponsible. I have always used Expedia because of their great deals and the service I’ve received. Well I will no longer use Expedia ever again because of all this. All I want is a simple refund because circumstances were out of my control.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Expediachange of cancellation fee

                    I called Expedia on Dec. 3, 2011 (New Zealand time which is Dec. 2nd USA time) to cancel my upcoming flight Dec. 4, 2011. I explained that I am extending my stay out of the country and do not have a definite return date due to waiting on visa extension approval, therefore I inquired about a credit on my account. The representative stated that the airline's policy was to issue a refund and not a credit and put me on hold while she got information from the support office. She came back a few minutes later and stated that the airline was unavailable, but gave me the amount of the cancellation fee in Chinese currency and also quoted the (China Southern Air) equivalent amount of $157USD. She stated that since the flight was the next day, that I had to call China Southern Air to cancel.

                    I called China Southern Air and discovered that they were closed for the weekend, and would reopen on Monday, Dec. 5th, 2011. I immediately called Expedia back because I was concerned due to the fact that the flight was scheduled the next day (Dec. 4th). The person I spoke to pulled up the information I gave him and was able to confirm that I had called in to cancel. I inquired about China Southern's offices being closed and worried that my flight would not be cancelled in time. The Expedia rep. assured me that everything would be fine and that Expedia has documented that I cancelled my flight on Dec. 3, 2011. He said to not worry, that it is cancelled and just to call on Monday. I asked if I call China Southern as I was instructed to do, and he said, "no. just call the customer service number at Expedia. He assured me that there wouldn't be any problems.

                    I felt as though everything was ok and today, Dec. 7 (NZT time, Dec. 6 in the USA) I called Expedia to find out the refund information and was told that the flight was a no-show and that I did not cancel the flight. I was concerned and gave the rep. the names, time, and information that I was given on Dec. 3 by the two reps. that I spoke to on Dec. 3. The told me that they don't have that I cancelled and I became very upset because I explained that I verified the cancellation and procedure twice on Dec. 3, 2011.

                    The rep. said she needed to check with support about the fee and refund and put me on hold. When she came back, she told me that the cancellation fee would be $313 USD. I told her that is not what I was told and quoted the $157USD that I was quoted by the two agents on Dec. 3. She immediately transferred me to a supervisor.

                    The supervisor told me that I didn't cancel and even had the nerve to say that I didn't call in to cancel and had only called in to get check on things. BS! I told her that I had no choice but to cancel as I was awaiting a visa approval and had no definite date to change it to...and had explained this to the rep. therefore the flight was cancelled. She then proceeded to raise her voice and argue about the $313 fee as I wanted to know why two different agents told me the same figure of $157, but now it is double the amount I was quoted. I wanted to know why it was different. She said the $313 was the most restrictive rate and I asked if I was given an inaccurate fee and she said it wasn't inaccurate. I continued to question why I was given one fee and why is it different.

                    She said, "because of a combination of their rules & regulations they have to apply the most restrictive amount." I asked her to tell me what rules and regulations and she told me that I needed to read Expedia's cancellation policy (which I did...and I told her I did so before calling on Dec. 3). I asked her to tell me why the amount is double or where can I find this information and she kept saying the same thing over and over.

                    Then, she told me the remaining balance of my ticket and said that she would process the refund minus the $313. I told her NO... I have to make some calls and check this out because I don't understand why the fee has doubled...as it seems as though Expedia is charging me for not canceling my flight, when I did cancel it.
                    Therefore, I will call back after I find out all the information I need.

                    I tried to call China Southern Air, but they are closed until the morning. So, I called back to Expedia to get the phone number of a place to lodge a complaint as well as information so that I can file a formal complaint elsewhere-as I feel they are being deceptive in the refund practices and are charging me more because they didn't document my cancelled flight even though two reps. confirmed that they did so.

                    I spoke to Victor, a supervisor and he said he has to call the airline (I guess China Southern) to see what can be done. Then he said, "It's not that I don't believe you, but I have to check with them." After hearing him say this... I think that Expedia didn't cancel as they said they would and now are trying to charge me additional fees or I am being charged additional fees because of it.

                    I will NOT use Expedia again and will make sure I document this experience in my travel blog as I have been a loyal customer for years, but not anymore!

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                      I booked a two night stay, through Expedia. Expedia quoted a rate of $50.00 per night plus tax, for a grand total of $111.98.

                      I received a billing statement, from the hotel, stating a rate of $39.50 per night plus tax, for a grand total of $88.48.

                      Upon contacting Expedia, I told told by the customer service representative & her supervisor, that the hotel made a mistake by giving me a copy of the billing statement. And, that I would not be receiving a credit for the $23.50 difference.

                      I asked the customer service representative, "Why should I make reservations through Expedia, when I can get a lower rate by contacting the hotel directly?" Her response was to read a pre-written script, which states that Expedia buys reservations in bulk. In order to provide customers the best rate. Obviously, this is not true. And, Expedia would rather lose any potential business, with me & anyone who does not agree with being overcharged, than to credit $23.50.

                      I will never use Expedia again.

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                        • Ad
                          Adam Aug 05, 2009

                          After booking my tickets for the wrong dates, they cancelled the tickets and promised a refund. I never saw the refund, its been more than two months. I have wasted 25 hours on the phone with them and every time they say they have to talk to their supervisor. Then they put you on hold for two hours or until you hang up or the battery of your cell phone dies!!! The worst experience of my life...ever...save yourself some trouble and stay away from expedia. I have decided to devote my life to educate people about these blood sucking corporations like expedia. Please discuss this with people you know and save them from this scam. People don't get serious untill it happens to them...but i request you to learn from the experiences of others.

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                        Ebookers — avoid! avoid! avoid!!!

                        eBookers has terrible customer service and their online booking system is dodgy to say the least. It'...

                        Expedia.comdo not ever use them!

                        Expedia is the absolute worst company I have ever encountered. I booked a flight from Columbus, Ohio to a final destination of Aruba for my honeymoon with my soon-to-be husband. I booked the flight in March 2011 (6 months before our September wedding!). Expedia booked us with Us Airways to fly from Columbus, Ohio connecting through Charlotte, NC and finally to Aruba. My husband is serving our country in the military and we had not been on a vacation with each other in 3 and 1/2 years. We were married in September 2011 and scheduled to fly to Aruba the next morning. We arrived to the airport with ample time to make our 9:25am flight, only to find out that US Airways sent Expedia a notice of flight change all the way back in April 2011. Needless to say I was NOT Notified AND Expedia did not re-route us when there was a conflict that our connection flight to Aruba would have already left 20 mins before we would have even arrived in Charlotte. The US Airways representative told us that Expedia gets notices of changes in flight schedules all the time and Expedia is to recognize that and ensure their customers are made aware and that the flights are adjusted accordingly. Since we mistakenly booked through Expedia, the US Airways rep was unable to try and re- route us.

                        My new husband then called Expedia and was jumped from one customer service rep to another being told over and OVER again about what the mishap was. NOT ONCE did ANY of Expedia's customer service reps offer a solution or research a new flight plan. In fact, my patient new husband was on the phone for over 45 mins (of which 30 mins was ON HOLD as Expedia's customer reps transferred him from one disappointing person to another!). Finally, the last person my husband talked to from Expedia had the audacity to tell him this was a "VOLUNTARY TRANSFER" and the only way they could help was to CHARGE US!! We could not believe Expedia had the nerve to suggest this was VOLUNTARY when Expedia screwed up. We already spent $1400 for the tickets and had just spent plenty of money on our wedding. This was supposed to be of the happiest experiences of our new life together and instead we were told we WOULD NOT be going on our HONEYMOON and there was NO compassion and NO apologetic words from any of the Expedia customer reps! Shame on Expedia for their poor business practices. All they seem to care about is how much money they can squeeze out of their customers. We paid a lot of money to use their services and Expedia failed to deliver completely. The only positive thing I can say (which has zero to do with Expedia) is that the US Airways rep was given approval by her manager to switch us onto a flight the next day even though we did not book through them and booked through Expedia. US Airways should have refunded us the money and then make us rebook through them. However, the US Airways rep recognized that the difference in what we paid through Expedia in March and what we'd pay the day before an international flight through them would be astronomical. She pit us on a morning flight the next day with ZERO help or assistance from Expedia.

                        My new husband and I fully intend to never use Expedia again and will make sure to tell all our friends and families and anyone meet how horrible of a company they are.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Expedia, Incrip off

                          Last night was the first night that I have used Expedia and it was the worst experience I have ever had with any company. I was on the phone for 4.5 hours to purchase a flight, hotel, and car rental with a telephone representative. I had to call in because the website would not allow me to purchase for some reason. Not to mention, the website provided me with incorrect information. Much of the 4.5 hour wait, I was on hold. The representatives did not even have the common courtesy to jump back on the line every 5-10 minutes to say "Sorry, it will just be a while longer". I say representatives because I spoke with multiple people. This is because I was hung up on 3 times. Unacceptable! I know you have my phone number and email address; I should have been contacted shortly after the hang up. The price of my package also kept going up without any changes to my original itinerary. $5 here, $15 there. By the end of the night, my credit card was charged 6 times! I have a picture of my bank statement if you care to see it. Now, my bank is holding $3, 000 (the cost of 6 $500 packages) until this situation is resolved, which I do not forsee in the near future. I have written quite a few letters since this has happened last night and I will continue to write more complaints until I hear back from upper management. I was told that I will also be receiving a survey after my purchase and, of course, I have yet to receive one.

                          rip off

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                            • Ch
                              CheckingOutCompany Dec 03, 2011
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              Sometimes not all vacations can be purchased on the Expedia website directly. Sometimes it is necessary to call and to speak. I have been able to purchase flights before on the Expedia website directly without any issue. I highly recommend Expedia for that purpose. If a vacation is more complicated and has a lot of components sometimes it may be necessary to call in and speak with a customer service person so that all of the components can be adequately arranged. Hope this helps in the future.

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                            • Mr
                              Mrknowitall Oct 19, 2011

                              I don't think Expedia is the problem here.

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                            Expedia.comwhat a bunch of crooks!!!

                            I was about to book a car and hotel with expedia cause they had the "cheapest price" come to find out they tell you your price includes taxes and fees and once you get to the hotel the taxes and fees are extra. I called expedia and when I called them out on the unethical practices all they could do is just hang up on me. What a bunch of cowards!!

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                              • Ra
                                Rainbows End May 14, 2019

                                Expedia owns Homeaway, who owns Bedandbreakfast.com. They knowingly collected full lodging premiums, plus their travel channel platform commissions from unsuspecting guests, and now refuse to pay the lodging inventory providers - their clients, or to provide any guest lodging data so we as hosts can facilitate guest stays. All while the [censored]ish corporate conglomerate collects daily interest off lodging fees collected in advance that are due all of us at time reservation hits the system preventing us from selling to other partues. What do we do as unpaid inventory providers who are intentionally being kept in the dark by Expedia? What do those unsuspecting guests do when they can't get their lodging facilitated, that they've planned and paid for well in advance? What do the lodging companies do when they are being blindfolded, hands tied, and having their long standing names and businesses ruined because of this corporate greed? Collectively sue. Which will amount to multi-party damage awards to hosts and guests. Get ready Expedia to pay, and pay big.

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                              Expedia.comworst agency ever

                              Expedia is the worst agency ever! I paid the refundable fee and when I decided to change my trip was a nightmare.. the people who are on the phone are beyond incompetent and their policies were made to kill and fool the costumer. One more time it has been prove that the costumer on big companies doesn't matter. what a shame!. I ended loosing money and without traveling anywhere".

                              When I ask for suggestions were to stay en chicago, the person told me, I never been in chicago, and don't have that information.. WHAT THAT SUPOSSE TO MEAN?

                              They sold me a package that was fligth+hotel+ the refundable fee:. I am pregnant, and when I decided that I had to cancell my trip for medical reason and change my trip for another date I when online to find another package suitable for me/. I found this itinerary, better flight, hotel and more cheaper". When I called to make the change they told me that the fligth had to be with continental, and I will loose 300$ because on that day the ticket was cheaper?. Then they told me that if I want that hotel I have to pay 400$ more even do the new package was cheaper that the amount that I already paid in the intinerary number one!. So I have to pay more for a intinerary that online says will cost me 899$, less than 1300$ that I already pay, LOOSING THE DIFFERENCE OF THAT MONEY! because EXPEDIA can’t work in a package when I want to use the refundable fee, so is a win win for EXPEDIA and a loose loose FOR me!. Soo nicee, congrants!


                              YOU ARE STILLING MONEY FOR THE COSTUMER.

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                                eBookers.comavoid at any cost guys

                                I leaving in USA, decided to use this website to book tickets for my sister and family, which leaves in UK, to come to my weeding in December. Month after I book the tickets got a e-mail informing flights was change and my options: Full refund or take the new times proposal. Just for the records, the new flight times would be after my wedding.

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                                  • Di
                                    dianne kolb geraci Aug 31, 2015
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    ebookers are scammers i'am still waiting on money that they stole from me. Please do not use this company they will rob you blind and you won't be able to reach them by phone. i have started legal proceedings aganist thim at this ponit and now i'am going for more that what they stole from me due to the pain and suffering not to mention they cleaned out my bank account, when i got to the usa from italy i had nothing but an overdrawn checking account yeah thats right no money from the 1o of aug. and i returned on the 25 and i'am still waiting on my momey. scammers scammers. scammers.by all means do not use ebookers they will clean you out. dianne geraci.

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                                  • Eb
                                    ebookersservice Oct 07, 2011
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    As a booking agent ebookers does not directly operate flight services and nor do we have any control over the operational decisions of partner airlines.
                                    If the flight that you originally booked is no longer operating as an agent all we are able to do is offer the options that are made available by the operating airline.
                                    In this instance as the alternative service offered did not meet your requirements you were provided with a full refund.
                                    Whilst I appreciate that this was inconvenient for you it was at all times entirely beyond ebookers control.

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                                  • Bo
                                    BoothMaritza Oct 05, 2011
                                    This comment was posted by
                                    a verified customer
                                    Verified customer

                                    my best friend's mom makes $77 an hour on the computer. She has been out of job for 9 months but last month her check was $7487 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here CalmCash. com

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                                  • Wa
                                    watchinforscammers Oct 05, 2011

                                    This is another one of those "terms and conditions" things. It's just not always fair. Be upfront with you customers and they don't complain. Make it a point that's real customer service.

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                                  The complaint has been investigated and
                                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                  Expedia.capricing not always accurate

                                  I find Expedia's pricing a little hard to trust. I've noticed a number of times they will be advertising a great flight price and when you click on the ticket you want to by inevitably you will get a warning noting we're sorry but the cost of this flight has increased. This happened again the other day. There was a flight for $657 which was a great deal so I clicked on it and to my amazement they requoted the price at close to $1700. Funny thing is, if you booked through the same airline they were noting you could get the ticket for close to the original $657 amount. I had asked them about this last summer when trying to book a ticket and they said they have no control of when the airlines up their prices. To me, this is false advertising or just bad site maintenance. I save just as much booking all aspects of my trip on my own. It isn't difficult to do. I will avoid Expedia in the future.

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                                    The complaint has been investigated and
                                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                    Cheapostay.com Aka Expediarip off fees/no cancellation/no refunds

                                    I called them at Cheapostay.com within 5-10 minutes after booking, to cancel my reservation.
                                    They advertised a price of "$37.81", the upon booking presented 4 different amounts, then their rip off fees of $55 additionally. I realized the $55 total was actually $78.71, double the price theyeir ad sadi it was.
                                    Cheapostay is a con, a big fat rip off. The price at the Super 8 when you call is $39 + tax, and the tax is not $55. What a joke! To tell a customer "no cancellation and no refund" within 10 minutes is absurd. The fellow at Super 8 said he was glad to cancel the reservation, but he doesn't refund my money, they have to at Cheapostay/Expedia. I had to resort to calling my bank and filing a complaint to retreive my funds.
                                    The young agent first said I should call the hotel directly, another ruse, because she finally admitted when I pressed her that that was not true, but kept insisting I try it. YOU charge my card, not Super 8!! She finally, finally admitted this was the case, then offered to cancel it and refund "MAYBE $15", or that she could cancel my reservation, but could not guarantee" I "would be refunded Anything."

                                    What kind of business is that? They can't get away with this sort of scamming. Word spreads fast and I for one will make sure to let anyone I know, never to book through their no/low integrity business scams.

                                    I have worked in the hotel industry for many years, and this is completely unprofessional. Their policy has a complete lack of good business ethics.

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