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Complaints & Reviews

travel voucher

I booked a holiday through Expedia.ca and had a bad experience at the hotel (Bluebeards Castle, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands). As compensation a Supervisor from Expedia issued a travel Voucher to my Expedia account ( I was told the only condition was I had a year to spend it). Later I decided to use it to book a flight and was told it was valid for holiday packages and hotels only, not flights. I spent 2 hours on the phone, was disconnected once and had to go through the entire booking again. When asked to speak to a supervisor about this I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. Finally I gave up.

expedia sending collection letters

My parents have been receiving threatening collection letters regarding a credit taken and honored by Visa almost a year ago. The collection letter states that, on behalf of Expedia, the dispute is not recognized as being valid. The letters are coming every 2-3 weeks.
First, the dispute was over the cancellation of a reservation for the Radisson Opryland Hotel that was for the week of the 2010 Nashville, TN floods. After attempting to cancel through Expedia and getting the long hold times and what I now know as their 'run around tactics, (It took me approximately 7 hours of time over 2 days) they finally offered one-fourth of the paid reservation as a credit. You all know how they try to wear you down to the point you just give up.
I just did not feel like they were doing the right thing since Dad and Mom could not travel there safely due to many closed roads and the The Grand Ole Opry was closed. (which is why they were going) we decided to file a dispute with their credit card company. My father and I went through all the proper channels and Visa considered the dispute valid with 50% credited back to his credit card account. It was not the full amount but, we decided to consider it case closed.
Now a year later, they are getting collection letters from a company representing Expedia. My parents are proud to have excellent credit and are very concerned with how this collection tactic may harm their credit. My father is 82 years old and should not have to have the stress it is causing him! Shame on Expdia for the way they conduct business.
By the way...The Grand Old Opry refunded their paid in advance tickets promptly and without any problems.

  • Yo
    youngmm May 05, 2011

    I would not worry. When they booked the travel they didn't give expedia their SSN? did they? Depending on your parents income many cities offer legal aid for free to low income and older residents, I'd do a google search. If they can afford a lawyer many times just a lawyer sending a formal letter will get them to stop. I'd check their credit reports and see if this collection agency is reporting it, if they are dispute it (with all three agencies) . Do not rollover for this, these large companies love to push around customers thinking, they'll just take it.. and sadly many people do. Good luck

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customer service & reward points

Expedia.com does not honor travel points that they award you. After multiple phone calls nothing was resolved. NOW I find on my account the points that were there are gone PLUS the flight that awarded these points has been removed from
our itinerary. No help getting that resolved.. I'm wrong, , they are right... nothing there... Latest trip we wanted to book was $300 higher then a competitor.. their price guarantee wants you to pay the higher amount, , prove to them a lower price was available, , THEN, Expedia will reimburse the difference... Fat chance... I'm betting it will be a run around again.. Very disappointed with this site..

not honouring guarantee of best price

Booked two hotel rooms in Hong Kong for three nights. Expedia state that if you find it cheaper in the next 12 hours, they will refund the difference and give 15%discount on top. An hour after booking, whilst looking at the hotel website, find another company selling rooms approx. $200 less for the 2 identical rooms. Called Expedia who refused to acknowledge and refund credit card. Tried emailing customer services with proof, who three days later said that the rooms were now not available and refused point blank to refund. Beware on using Expedia.
Next time I will use Expedia for the research and book with another company. When I book my corporate events, will let them do the legwork and book with others.

booked business class got economy class

I booked on business class, got economy class. I was about to pay then there was a message: "Price Change: The total price for your trip has changed from $1, 636.00 to $736.00. Why did this happen? Your card has not been charged and your booking was not completed. To complete this booking, please re-enter your Card." Feeling lucky, I rechecked if the flights were still the same, with the same class, and they were! So I thought I struck a real luck and proceeded. I got email minutes later saying that I was booked on economy class!

I called the 1-800 number, got to talk to Manila-based Reservation Call Center, talked to Blair on reservation and then on hold for 20 min to try to reach a CSR who is authorized to cancel flights. Got disconnected and then talked to Randall, another reservation guy who tried to find me another flight on business but failed. He tried to connect me to CSR for canceling the trip, and I was on hold for 30 minutes, only to get hung up again. Trying again and again until 8 hours later, no CSR ever picked up the phone.

I am quite disappointed. I was calling from Manila, Philippines, to the US, and waited for this long for nothing. I did not want to just click 'cancel this itinerary' on expedia.com website because of the penalty it incurs. I sent emails to them, no replies. Also it was not my fault, if there is a glitz in the web, at least what they can do is to email me back or call me. The calls the pick up apparently are for reservations only.

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false advertising-misleading advertisement

Expedia promises 50% discount for hotel bookings on the condition that names of hotels will not be disclosed untill after booking and purchase is unrefundable. Well, for a $123 room, Expedia charges $111. What a fraud. Do the math. 50%? Expedia should shut the misleading advert and make refunds. When you call customer service, you get threatened. Yes, Sky Chan made the threat when asked for a superior..."go to court if you are not satisfied...you'll loose." Expedia did not keep their side of the bargin, we should hold them accountable. You better beware before believing Expedian. Go anywhere but Expedia.

  • La
    Laurel Anderson Sep 27, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I made a reservation on Expedia due to the information provided which turned out to be false. Expedia asked the hotel to refund my money and they said no so Expedia says, " sorry, no refund." they take no responsibility for false advertising on their website.

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  • Ro
    rod71 Sep 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We booked a self contained unit for a week from Expedia at IKON, Melbourne. Arriving from Brisbane we found the biggest lie was that we payed extra and get a sound proof unit. We knew the unit was near Glen Waverley train station and on arrival found a construction site across the road.
    The receptionist informed us that they have no sound proof rooms. Hard to believe that IKON do not proof read what is advertise about them from payed companies like Expedia.
    All parties blame each other, but no refunds or discounts from either of them.

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bait and switch pricing

Here's a copy of what I have sent to Expedia via email and registered letter, and have repeated for them on the phone 5 different times.

Attached are the screen shots (which I fortunately took when demonstrating to the customer service rep how it appeared to me when booking), which clearly show the flights as business class. At no time did Expedia's website display that these were economy seats.

This is to follow up in writing my instructions to your service reps on your toll free line on January 31st at approximately 10h00 MST. Actually, I spoke to 3 different agents as your phone system repeatedly dropped the calls after I was holding for over 45 minutes.

The flight as it is being displayed is NOT what I purchased. The itinerary at time of the booking was clearly displayed as business class. I have attempted to have this matter dealt with since last Tuesday but your organization has been unable to provide any reasonable feedback or indication of resolution.

I wish to cancel this reservation immediately and I expect to be fully refunded all charges. The flight you have provided is not what was sold to me.

I have asked the customer service rep to add this comment to my account -- the last one I spoke to has said he will call me back with the resolution.

Below is a copy of the communication history and feedback I have provided to you previously.

There is/was clearly a problem with YOUR system. I did not appreciate that the initial response from the escalation department that I had not clicked the correct choices during the search and booking process.

I have the email which was sent by Expedia for the itinerary which clearly shows the flights as business class for the price. The final booking shows it as economy. At no time during the booking or payment process did it show as economy.

I also have screen shots (which I have provided to you, in addition to the itinerary email) showing the exact same routing, dates, and airlines and it is shown as Business class. Returning to this saved itinerary the next day - the class was now shown as economy. I was able on the prior day to have your rep (Sarah) see the same thing on her end.

Today Sarah was not available (despite giving the impression she would be and that I didn't need more than her first name as she was the only Sarah at the escalation dept - upon calling today I was asked which Sarah as there were two, and then the Sarah I had been dealing with was not available) and I dealt with Aya. Both women were pleasant and helpful but there appears no path for them to take to resolve the issue..

Aya was able to receive my email documentation but now it has been left (again) with the escalation dept.

Time is of the essence to resolve this issue as some of our routes have limited availability and while this issues remains outstanding we are constrained financially from making a separate booking.

All three reps that I have had in depth dealings with on this matter have been professional and willing to help. Unfortunately it appears that your policies or lack of staffing doesn't allow them to directly deal with an issue like mine.

I would like to reiterate that there appears to be a problem with your system in this case. I would never have booked economy for almost $9000 when there is an equivalent at $5800. The system showed business class for the $9000 which, while not cheap, was a very good price. I trusted that Expedia was showing me a bona fide deal - however I now find myself in a situation where I am not receiving the services/goods which were offered to me.

I look forward to having Expedia restore my trust in their business.

bait and switch pricing
bait and switch pricing
bait and switch pricing

  • K2
    K2Cal Feb 02, 2011

    As an update ... I'm pleased to say that Expedia came through and completely rectified the issue. They have re-issued the tickets/seats all as business class and my charges are exactly what I expected.

    An all too rare situation these days with large companies (especially on the web), but I gotta say that once this got handled it was a class act.

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false advertising, poor customer services

Booked Avalon Reef Hotel (Mexico) through Expedia.ca. They promise amenities (which you pay for) that aren't available. Hotel is a dump, completely misrepresented by Expedia. Called Expedia who have customer service (use the term lightly) staff in Egypt who can't do anything but ask you to write a complaint on Expedia's website. Talked to a "manager" who YELLED at me when I was calmly explaining the circumstances and substance of my complaint. Told to email my complaint to customer service and I got a perfunctory response saying "they are only a booking service" and "thanks for choosing Expedia!!!" I called again and complained, explaining that Expedia has to take responsibility for the services it ENDORSES on its site. The customer service person (in Egypt) said she needed to call the hotel to verify my complaints (good luck with the slack-jawed confused staff) and put me on hold. She couldn't find a working number for the hotel and asked if I had ONE!!! I just started laughing at the stupidity of it all. They can't even CALL a hotel they have booking arrangements with. I complained relentlessly to the person I spoke to until they finally gave me a $100 voucher valid for one year. Expedia is a complete joke. Book direct through hotels and call to request a matching price or best Internet deal. Expedia is obsolete.

  • Ar
    arkay May 14, 2011

    I am being told by expedia that it is hotel policy that I cannot cancel reservation w/o paying full price penalty. The Hotel in question has no such policy. Expedia has charged my credit card two weeks in advance of reservation, suggesting that hotel requires payment in advance. Hotel has no such payment in advance policy. Be very careful dealing with these people. I sure won't be doing it again.

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A return flight Faro – Lyon was booked with ebookers France for May 2010. Due to the volcanic ash problems the flight could not be executed due to major delays. The operator TAP gave us the necessary papers to enable us to claim the refund with ebookers. All the necessary info was submitted to ebookers. However now 7 months later and after a lot of correspondence we have still not received the refund from ebookers.
Conclusion: ebookers does not refund your cancelled flight.
Reference with ebookers: PBEBFR7922016374-réclamation TAP

trip insurance

I purchased trip insurance for my wife 12/23/10 because she has had health problems that typically make it difficult or impossible for to travel. The advertising on the Expedia website for trip made it sound simple and easy. For $27 your trip is covered in case you need to cancel. The up sale is misleading and is intended to add $27 to the average order on the itinerary and make it virtually impossible to redeem. The printable voucher even says sign and redeem like cash. I have spent nearly 2 hours of my evening waiting on hold or being told my flight is non refundable. No where on the up sale page did it readily or easily discose terms of coverage. No where on the printable voucher named Expedia.com Voucher does it disclose terms of coverage. Instead it talks about the voucher being non cancellable or transferable and sign and redeem like cash. This is clearly false and misleading advertising. After reading the fine print the coverage is only good with a physicians note or death certificate which would be accepted by most all airlines without the purchase of trip insurance. I just spoke to a gentleman named Antonio who refused to give me his last name or give me his exact title. All he said is he was out of Las Vegas. Fortuantely for us we can get a physicians letter and ducumantation for our refund. The reason we purchased the insurance was so we did not have to go thru this hassle. I think expedia is intentionally misleading travelers with the upsale of this "trip insurance". I think all those who have purchased trip insurance from Expedia within the last 3 years should be refunded their money because it was sold in a deliberately misleading fashion.

their practice is, at the best shady and bordering on deception

spammers, hidden charges not disclosed - Having recently booked 4 tickets for friends to Lanzarote with ebookers.com it was told that the cost of my flights would be £218.78 avg per person all taxes included. only when I purchased did I find out that there would be a £10.00 charge per ticket over and above the cost of booking direct with the airline. Although it did say earlier on in the process "a fee of upto £10.00 per ticket May be applied", that was as deffinite as it got until you had paid the price. On the book out screen, there was a Charge of £0.60 payment card fee, but there is no mention of the £10.00 per ticket, this is well and truly hidden in another additional click on Taxes and Fees, but even on opening this it is still not clearly disclosed that £40.00 extra has been added on. On trying to complain about this, my telephone calls were put through to India and the Pillipines, and I was refused the telephone number and email address for the London Office. To make matters worse, I now find that apart from fleecing me for £40.00 there is an additonal luggage charge per customer, each way, levied by the airline that was not disclosed by ebookers, nor the airline concerned.My concern is that ebookers are deliberately witholding and hiding relevent extra charges knowing that anyone in their right mind would not use their service and willingly pay £10.00 per ticket over the price of booking direct with the airline. In my view, this practice is, at the best shady and bordering on deception.

why was I charged 3 times for free service

As i just said in subject of complaint, that i had cancelleds my service, my cred it card company told me that 3different charges occurred, they became suspicious. Please make sure that my accounts have been cancelled. I thought that had been done last week. My name is lenore bershin- my e-mail address is [protected]@yahoo.com incidentallu, i was told this was a free service

  • Be
    becky71671 May 20, 2014

    They took money off my credit card and I canceled it but as of 4/2014 they are still taking it out90 my card.

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For those of you who support our troops, I call for your support now. Expedia has usually been a helpful website in planning vacations and saving money. When I called to cancel a trip due to my husband being deployed, I was sent on the ring around. I waited a week to find out that Expedia could not do anything and I would have to contact the travel insurance. Under the policy I absent mindedly clicked on while purchasing the trip, only certain instances would qualify for a refund to be granted, one of these being Jury Duty. So what they are saying is that if my husband were called safely to jury duty, I’d have my money back, but him deploying to another foreign country doesn’t matter.

So I ask you all to help me voice my experience with Expedia so they can see that there are plenty of people who do Support our Troops. People who respect the freedom they have and those who serve everyday defending it. Especially when this means leaving one’s home, their families, life as they know it, to protect us in ways we are unaware of. Please do not use companies like Expedia, HEM Hotel of Amsterdam, or the insurance provided through this company, who do not support those who serve to keep them and their families safe.

refund for unused hotel room

Don't book with expedia. If the hotel is disgusting when you show up, and you try to cancel, even if the reservationist will do it, expedia won't allow you and will charge you. You are better off booking on your own. Save yourself the money and the headache, don't book with expedia!!

  • Fa
    FabioMR2 Jul 05, 2011

    Expedia overbooked me on a hotel trip. I found out when arriving at the hotel almost midnight in a place i know nobody and had to look for another hotel. Since then I'm trying to get my money back without success
    Every call a different person answer the phone and read the same "script"
    Please somebody help me get my $40 back
    Thank you

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did not pay for my flights and pretended I did not exist

To whom it may concern,

Re: letter of complaint

I am writing to complain about the dreadful level of service that I recently received as an Expedia customer. I was promised a call back in order to resolve this issue and this action has not been taken so I am left to relive the experience writing to you.

I am expecting that Expedia will investigate this thoroughly and inform me of the outcomes as to how and why this happened. I also expect to be refunded for the flight that I paid for as Expedia didn’t honour the booking that I had paid for which caused me considerable duress.

On 15.03.10 I booked a flight from London to Mytilene via Athens with Expedia in order to attend a wedding. The initial booking was made for the following itinerary:

27th May 2010 London to Athens – Departing 22:15

28th May 2010 Athens to Mytilene – Departing 04:00

01st June 2010 Mytilene to Athens – Departing 07:10

01st June 2010 Athens to Mytilene – Departing 09:15

On 13.04.10 I received a barely understandable voicemail informing me to call Expedia urgently regarding my flights. I called back the number that they had requested but I could not provide the reference number as the message had been poor (English and call quality). I found my original booking reference and called back immediately due to the apparent urgency at a time really inconvenient to me. The man that I spoke to didn’t listen to me at all. He explained that I had to change my flight times and kept repeatedly saying ‘Maam, I have a great solution for you’. He didn’t once ask what a ‘good solution’ would look like. I explained that I was attending a wedding on the day that I arrived and that his ‘great solution’ didn’t work for me on that basis. This is interesting as I later found out that there was no need to change my flights at all. Six ‘great solutions’ and about 20 mins (on my phone bill) later, he booked me onto suitable flights. I then received a confirmation email of my new flights.

One 27th May 2010 I checked in at LHR on my flight to Mytilene via Athens (along with my luggage). When I arrived in Athens, I went to the Aegen desk in order to check-in to my onward flight (as requested) and was informed that they could see my booking but the agent (Expedia) had neither confirmed nor paid for the flight. They requested that I check with the Olympic desk (as per my original booking in just case). I checked and there was no booking with them. I then returned to the Aegen desk. They told me that this was not a rare situation with Expedia and that I needed to call you. The only number that they could get was a number in the United States. I had less than an hour to rectify this. It was the middle of the night. Firstly I was calling from my UK mobile to the United States office as it was the only number that they had from Athens (I will send you the mobile phone bill as I couldn’t use their phone) and secondly the voice recognition would not recognise my British accent so I had to speak in a false American accent which was embarrassing. After circa 10 minutes on hold, I spoke to a lady who was very apologetic but unable to help. I explained that I was in the company Aegen staff who could see my booking and that it had not been confirmed. Once again, your agent did not speak good English and time was of the essence. Expedia could not identify me using any of the following; my name, my booking ref, my passport number, my email address (x3), or my bank details. After just under one hour on the phone, your representative informed me that I needed to speak to a supervisor. I requested not to be put on hold at all and that I would wait on the line. I was sure that I would now miss the flight and not make it to the wedding. I was tired, frustrated and anxious. I am a regular traveller (also in developing countries) and have never experienced such frustration and incompetence. I was kept waiting as there was no supervisor available to take my call and no acknowledgement was made of the urgency. I was then put on hold. Eventually I had to hang up as I was feeling very anxious and was clearly going to get no support and miss the flight. Then Aegen informed me that I would not make it on to the flight. They also expressed that there should never have been a modification made to my flight as there was space on my originally booked flight (which I had also now missed). This only fuelled my frustration.

I eventually gave up and purchased a new ticket on a later flight (I will send you the receipt for reimbursement). Both Aegen and Olympic Air have insisted that I push for further compensation for the stress caused. Catching the later flight resulted in an €75 taxi to my final destination on top of the flights. I had the additional inconvenience of having to trawl through ‘lost luggage to retrieve my case.

The knock-on effect meant that I did not have a holiday. I did not know whether my return flights were confirmed. I spent my free time that weekend waiting in places where I had a phone signal in order to remedy this debacle cause by Expedia. I had to forsake activities that I had paid for in order to ensure that I could get my return flights that would. My holiday was entirely ruined. I spent hours alone in a hotel making and receiving calls at my cost. To add insult to injury, I was than informed that I had never checked-in and LHR and that I was affectively a ‘no-show’. This was not true. I was on the flight. I have the boarding card (which I will send to you). The final day and night of my 3 day holiday was spent alone in a hotel (that I wasn’t staying in) waiting for Expedia’s calls (who were still struggling to resolve the situation). At approximately 11pm the night before I was due to fly back on an early morning flight, I received a call to say that they had found my details and provided a new booking reference number. I then had to pay another €75 taxi to the airport as I had missed the last bus.

I was informed that Expedia would follow up on this issue and resolve my complaints. I have still not heard from Expedia months later and cannot wait any longer.

Please send me the address to where I can claim on my expenses. Details of my supposed flights are below.

I will await a speedy response (my contact details are as below) and I hope for an acceptable resolution which will compensate me for not only the anxiety caused but for the financial loss.

Please let me know what you require in order to make a claim for compensation. My holiday was ruined as most of my time was spent attempting to identify myself with Expedia who I had paid and flown on one of my booked flights.

I will not hesitate in taking action against Expedia through formal channels and share my experiences with relevant online spaces/bogs or with my network of frequent flyers. See below for my booking details.

Yours sincerely,

  • Ma
    Maureen Stubbings May 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It was just a question about the vouchers which was issued to myself & my daughter when I purchased 2 return flights to Cleveland - Ohio on the 26th may 2011. Could you please tell me what I need these vouchers for. Are they to redeem our tickets at Manchester airport or what. I have trying for 3days to have an answer from you, I have been told so many e-mail addresses to get an answer from you but so far I have not had an answer. Wish I had gone to a travel shop like I have done before. Will do next time I wias ti fly to the USA.

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Hello, A little while ago, I purchased tickets for my wife and I to travel overseas. Upon ordering the tickets they mentioned that the transaction did not go through. I called my bank to see what was happening and they mentioned that the amount had infact went through. I tried to contact them to see what was going on. Upon contacting them, they gave me the run around. No one could explain what was happening and had no record of any tickets being bought. Ofcourse I called and complained about fraud. I am currently serving overseas and my wife has to go to the bank and try to sort out this delemia. I cannot believe that this happened. I am now out a huge amount of money and have now added unwanted stress to everything. I just want to advise people that expedia.com is the worst place to go to get anything. BE ADVISED!!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!

  • Di
    Disgruntled 232 Aug 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is fraud because they give you no method to resolve your dispute.

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I recently reserved 3 king size rooms at Expedia.com for vacation in Statesville, NC. After driving 4 hours and arriving at the assigned motel, I was told that I only had one room reserved and they didn't supply guest with King size rooms. After calling Expedia on my cell and waiting for 25 minutes for a rep to answer, the hotel manager mysteriously found the other two reservations, but said that none of the rooms were ready and for me to come back within an hour. When we got back after an hour, he said he could only supply us with two rooms and they were in separate buildings separated by a huge parking lot on opposite sides. They refused a refund, after calling Expedia again and waiting for 25 minutes to speak to a rep who said that she couldn't help and after waiting another 30 minutes to speak to a supervisor who said that they would offer me $50 off on my next stay with them, I filed a complaint with the BBB, after several emails back and forth the BBB finally agreed to take Expedia's side and closed my complaint. This is totally unacceptable behavior from the company and from the BBB.

car rental and insurance

I rented a car from Expedia.com in Feb 2010 for my upcoming trip to Ireland in June 2010...I researched all...

Tryon Car Rental

rude, consescending, flippant agents

Tried to change flight on 6/13 with 1 agent and 1 supervisory agent, they were both, rude, flippant and condescending. I was on phone 1 hr and still got no resolvement. called on 6/14 talked to agent on getting administration phone number to put in complaint. Jordan said they didn't have an administration, I'm suppose to tell them (agents) what the problem is and they give it to their supervisor. Sure, like I believe that one. Continued to try and log onto customer support, for two days, got "error code, failed not allowed onto this site."

rip off

Expedia has got to be the biggest scam ever. To make a long story short (and I'm talking 2 days of back and forth on the phone and getting multiple reasons for 'not being able to open my file that they issued') I booked a trip - same as everyone else on here - and needed to cancel. They could refund the hotel (after tons of convincing) but they could only issue a credit for the flight through Delta. They said I had to use the flight within a year or it would expire - and never bothered to send me any paperwork. Well I called exactly 360 days later and sure enough my file had disappeared into thin air. Of course my itinerary # was useless, and the name, credit card, and emails I had to prove my case were inadequate. So needless to say, the $500 credit I had to put towards a flight went into their ### customer service's Xmas bonus.

It's funny because I called Delta to tell them about my situation, and even THEY did more to help me than Expedia could. The one customer service rep I spoke to explained to me that he had heard that same Expedia story on a regular basis! He told me not to bother with them anymore, and if I could somehow get my hands on the itinerary number they had issued to Expedia, they would be happy to credit me the flight (even if it were a few days over the expiration). Needless to say Expedia could not find this number...

ANYWAYS - lesson learned. And I hope you readers seriously take this into account when you do online bookings. As for hotel websites, I swear by Hotwire.com. Get deals, friendly people!

  • Pi
    pissed off traveler Jun 14, 2011

    I am having a similar problem.. I had a trip booked to Vegas. My wife broke her ankle the week before we were to leave. I called to cancel and the Expedia agent told me that I would be refunded for the hotel but the airfare would go to a credit. I was fine with this. 2 months later I did not receive my refund. I called back. Expedia tells me that I did not cancel the trip. Sure there is record of me calling and talking about cancelling but according the the agent (who doesn't speak english) I never actually insisted on cancelling, They thought I would call back. Now they can not find the call just the notes the agent put on the file. These notes do not reflect the conversation. I am out $1555.98.

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