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Complaints & Reviews

attemp to overcharge me

While booking a trip on Expedia.com I accepted a package price of $379.00. I immediately accepted the price and submitted credit card information. Expedia then attempted to charge me $534.00 claiming that the price changed during the processing of my credit card. In contacting Expedia, I spoke with 7 different people in El Slavador and Asia. No one could answer my question but everyone of them were quick to blame me for not "accepting fast enough." No one offered an explanation other than that it was I who made a mistake. None of the people I contacted at Expedia noted the account about my complaint so I had to re-tell the story each time. Corporate Headquarters simply transferred me back to the customer service line which ultimately connected me to El Salvador or Asia. I then received an e-mail stating that I needed to call customer service regarding my dispute. When I called, no one knew what I was talking about. The pricing was misleading, a misrepresentation, and, quite bluntly, false advertising. I would recommend that consumers not utilize the services of Expedia unless they want to experience a similar situation. Customer service was ridiculously insufficient, corporate would not respond at all, and no type of assistance was offered.

  • Co
    Connie Dov. Apr 21, 2011

    Yesterday, I had already put my credit card info. onto Expedia's website, and clicked "complete" to purchase tickets. I then get a message that the price had gone up $15 (within a matter of seconds). I called to ask why this happened, since I had already clicked on "complete", meaning the purchase should have been processed at the price/ticket I chose. The so called "customer service" person, from another country- said that I had to type immediately- you cannot take your time. I actually went pretty quickly, despite a brace on my typing/writing hand. I got some pre-fabricated lame excuses- no actual customer service. I will not use this site/service again.

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expedia is an unprofessional organization that needs lessons in costumer service

Expedia is an unprofessional organization that needs lessons in costumer service. Recently I booked a four night hotel stay and had to shorten the stay to three nights, two weeks before the arrival day. I called expedia and they said they would have to cancel the booking before changing it, but I would have lost the space since the hotel was sold out with a wait list. I received a confirmation number for when I was to callexpedia back when I checked out of the hotel to get a refund of the last night. When I checked out and called expedia, they would not refund the last night because I checked out at 11:10am, ten minutes after their checkout time. Even with a tier two supervisor she would not back down, saying we had not freed up the room in time. The hotel was at 50% occupancy that day--it was not an issue. Because of this, I will not book anything with them again and do not reccommend them for hotel bookings.

  • Re
    Really? Jun 13, 2010

    What is "costumer" service? Did you buy a halloween costume?

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  • Se
    Seeyoujimmy Dec 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Expedia has a business relationship with Diamond Resorts International. Have they, Expedia, reviewed the blogs on this website regarding Diamond Resorts International and if yes are they happy with their Customer Relations Management vis a vis this business relationship.

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very bad and unacceptable business practice

I used Expedia for many years and everything was more or less ok. There prices were rather competitive (not always though). They stored mine and my family members’ info, so it helped to expedite the booking. Several times prices jumped when I tried to book a flight but it used to happen during the booking process before I hit the "Buy" button and I had a choice either to go with a higher price or just drop the whole thing. But yesterday I had a really bad experience. A day before I booked a flight for $922 and received email with travel confirmation from Expedia that included a receipt for that amount. When the next day I went to the Expedia site to print out my itinerary I was astounded to see that the booking price was $1172 ($250 increase). When I contacted their customer service they gave me some strange explanation that included something about the airline, the ticket pricing, etc. What they failed to explain to me is how can I rely on their advertized prices that make my decision to buy from them if they can change prices after booking. Very bad and unacceptable business practice.

illegal business practices

My husband and I wanted to use our credit card miles toward our airline tickets and rental car so after I booked our tickets (4 ea)and rental, I called to confirmed within 24 hrs what I saw on our itinerary: "(Mastercard####) Payment $1527.60" as a lump sum charge. The Customer Service Rep told me she couldn't bill the rental car and tickets together, but the ticket prices would be billed on my credit card as one amount. Three days have passed since then so we decided to check on these charges to see if they were posted. We saw they had been listed individually, which meant we will need 240, 000 miles rather than 157, 000 to cover these tickets. We contacted Expedia's Customer Service dept again and were told they apologized for the confusion. The rep said we should have booked our rental & tickets as a "vacation package" for a lump sum billing but there's nothing they can do now but offer a $50 credit to our acct. We recommended they play back the recorded phone conversation from 12/29/09 so they could hear me stressing the importance of having our charges grouped together -- roughly 3x. We requested to speak to a supervisor, who blamed the billing on Delta airlines, stating they are the ones who billed our credit card, even though we did business with Expedia.com .(?) We also asked why didn't the rep suggest to us other ways get our charges billed together so we could make an informed decision within the 24 hrs limit. Expedia said they will make sure to notify all of the reps about this from now on...

  • No
    Noticing Something Jan 14, 2020

    Expedia--a COPYCAT advertising on TV :-

    I am amazed at the Expedia TV advertising with a lady using her mobile phone in the bathtub, while her faithful dog kept on staring at her nearby the bathtub with some nice music in the background.

    Because this ad. recently aired late December 2019 through January 2020 eerily resembled the exact scene from one episode of MISS FISHER's MURDER MYSTERIES!!!
    The ABC's Australian series of a high=society lady detective were filmed around 2013--making it seven years sooner.
    Expedia copied the lady the Honorable Ms. Phryne luxuriously lounged in her bathtub, with her IDENTICAL kind of dog--looking at her longingly.
    Conclusively, The scene from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries--ORIGINAL;
    whereas the commercial scene for EXPEDIA--a COPYCAT!!!
    Thank you for reading.

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no email confirmation

Today I looked at my bank account & saw a debit for the amount of a ticket I tried to book 3-4 days ago with Expedia. Since I made the reservation and never received a confirmation email at either of the email addresses I gave, I assumed it was never made. Since this flight is not at all urgent, I decided to make it at a later date.

I've been booking this same flight almost every month for the last year from various online travel companies. I have always received an email almost immediately from every one of them, except Expedia.

Now my account has been debited and overdrawn with over $100 in overdraft fees. All the "customer service" rep, and supervisor, could tell me was about their 24-hour cancellation policy which is online when making reservations. Well, so is their commitment to sending a confirmation email.

I'm a technology professional and understand what causes emails to not be accepted by an account. None of those applies to my account and my son has an entirely different account that did not receive it either. I have always received emails from every other online travel company. They need to accept responsibility for the mistake.

I do not want a credit as I have no intention of ever doing business with them. We have choices and it is our right to execute them.

I now await a response from their online customer service email option.

I recommend not having the headache of using a company that will not take responsibility for their mistakes.

  • Ca
    Carol Bonnell Dec 06, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the same thing to me with a hotel reservation, no confirmation or follow-up reminder, I then later booked a hotel somewhere else thinking reservation didnt go through, I THEN GET BILLED FOR THE 1ST HOTEL, that Expedia didnt send a confirmation for, I now have an over draft for a hotel I didnt stay and didnt know was reserved and Expedia and hotel wont refund.

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bad experience

Never used expedia.com before. Wanted to go away for a romantic weekend in New York City to see a play - booked hotel reservations through Expedia.com. Hotel was rated as 3 starts got there and it was a horrble hotel ... horrible small cheap looked like a hotel you rent by the hour. I coiuld notsleep there even for a night. Left the hotel, front desk manager said I would get arefund if I call Expedia. I called expedia right after I leftthey said call back their manager was not around. I called back 5times got the run around then finally they said no refund.I went around the block got a great hotel room in a classy hotel for $50 a night cheaperthan the expedia hotel. DO NOT USE EXPEDIA -VERY VERY FRUSTRATING.

  • Dj
    dj1michaels Oct 21, 2012

    Couldn't agree more! Booked through Expedia. Hotel was supposed to have a Pool, Internet, Phone and other amenities. Well, technically, they had a pool - closed, internet - not working, phone - not working, the only thing the hotel had going for it was the "indoor - outdoor" type carpet in the room and the genuine cum staned blankets... We left immediately. Refund? I doubt it. Back to Orbitz!!!

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visa issue

I am a citizen of Taiwan travelling from Taipei to Madrid. I bought the ticket from expedia.com that the itinerary was Taipei to ShangHai (in China), ShangHai to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Madrid (in Spain).

Expedia.com only provides the information below to get rid of any possible VISA issue.

“ Proof of citizenship is required for international travel. When children are traveling, additional documentation may also be necessary. It is your responsibility to meet entry requirements for the countries you are traveling to and connecting through. To learn more, or to purchase a passport or visa, visit the CIBT VISA Service Website. “

I didn’t know I needed to prepare “China visa for Taiwanese” just for connecting the flight; no any agents even told me. The information above didn’t provide the relevant information at all either. (Click “CIBT” and “Proof of Citizenship” for no information provided)

When I arrived at the airport, I just found out I needed another China visa to fly away. Nobody at the airport could help me; they just said it was interesting that Delta was behind sold this ticket. No company counters in Taiwan airport could help. I keep calling Expedia.com for almost 8 hours whole day from Taiwan to U.S.A. and they all said I needed to pay USD 160 for changing the date and there might be fee added for the different seat. All of the seats left at that moment were only double price of my original flight, which means I needed to pay double my original cost to fly away. They don’t allow refunding the tickets either. Expedia even asked me to call Delta in United States by myself because they bought the ticket from them. I bought the ticket from Expedia. How should I know it is Delta?

Finally, I found a cheaper flight at the last moment the next day that the price was cheaper than my original flight. But I still needed to pay USD 75.38 and I needed to take the taxi to catch up to the airport in very limit time. Also, I lost one day in Madrid. They didn’t even allow changing the returning date unless I pay another USD 160 and the different seat fee. I didn’t have time to change the returning date because it was very urgent.

They want to get rid of Visa issue by using some few wordings and you wouldn’t find helpful information there at all. There is no warning message in advance which is useful. And they wouldn’t pay the cost the customers would face.

Please expedia.com pays back me:

Telephone call fee to call Expedia.com: USD 35
The cost of changing the flight: USD 75.38
The cost I dealt with the flight all day: Countless, say USD 55
The transportation fee I went to the airport twice and taxi: US 37

The total amount would be USD 203

expedia/citibank $100 offer

I was booking flight reservations on April 20th when I was about to pay for my tickets a screen pops up saying your rate can change from $482 to $382 apply now. I applied for the Citibank credit card to get this offer and it approved me right away and then told me to pay for my reservations another way and I would get my credit card in 10 days. I was then kicked out of the reservation screen and had to start over trying to reserve my tickets. I repeatedly called Citibank to get the credit card number and they said I would have to wait. I repeated ly caLLED eXPEDIA AND THEY REPEATEDLY LOST MY CALL HUNG ON ME AND WERE UNABLE TO HELP ME. I decided to go ahead and book and then get the payment transferred to the citibank card. Expedia refused to do this. It was bait and switch. I never should have used Expedia their customer service is awful. I never should have taken out the Citibank card it was a lie they did not give you the $100 credit. I will never use expedia again. I cancelled the Citibank card. EXPEDIA will never help you they are horrible you have to call them 10 to 15 times to get through when you need them they will not help you. Citibank and Expedia made the offer and it was a scam. My reservations are not cancellable and they screwed me. Do not let them screw you.

glitched system gave me show tickets for the wrong day

I ordered tickets for Cirque du Soleil's Ka through expedia along with flight and hotel accommodations. I am scheduled to arrive in Vegas on the 22nd of May, 2010 around five thirty pm. The tickets that I purchased for Ka were supposed to be for the 26th of May, which is a Wednesday. However, the tickets that they reserved for me were for the 22nd at 7pm. It's obvious that there's no way I have the time to get from the airport, to my hotel, and then to the show by 7pm and I'd have never ordered tickets on the day I was arriving. Somewhere, something got screwed up.

I called to get them changed or canceled, but all I was told was that they don't refund or cancel these kinds of shows. They didn't seem to get the point that I wouldn't have had to call to ask them to fix the problem if they hadn't made the mistake in the first place. Those tickets aren't cheap and this is the first vacation I have been able to afford to take in about six years. I want my money back as I have already gotten the right tickets from somewhere else after their refusal to simply give me the right night for my tickets.

no change of flight

My name is Mark Mearin and I went to visit a family member who resides in a group home. Due to the Bay Bridge being out I was unable to get to the airport on time to come home. I called exspedia and told them my name was Mark Mearin and gave them my confirmation info and the situation with Bay Bridge being out. They would not honor the tickets I had already bought and basically told me I could rent a car, take a bus or buy another plane ticket. Had to purchase 2 one way tickets just to get home when I had already purchased round trip tickets. Good job, expedia.

  • Ch
    Chen J. Apr 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I booked flight tickets three month ahead of my trip from Expedia.com. Without any notification, they changed one of my flights from one stop to two stops and added three hours longer fly. We found this out only days before our trip when we were checking the trip info from the website. We have to call them many times. Only after many tries a supervisor talked with us and they refuse to give any compensation for the change they made.

    It is a very bad example of how they treat their customers. Please be aware that you may not get what you have booked and there will not be any compensation for that. I am very disappointed for what has happened for such a big company. From my experience, there is no advantage by using Expedia since they can not guaranty anything you have booked. I would suggest to use airline directly and other travel web sites. When a company becomes too big, it starts ignoring customers.

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  • Cu
    Customer Service Rep Sep 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You state that Expedia changed your flights. Please understand that neither Expedia, nor any other travel web site (Travelocity, Oribtz, etc.) can change the times or routing of a flight. The airline generates this change. Expedia cannot compensate you for an airline schedule change, only the airline can do that and it is completely up to their digressions. The only thing any travel web site can do for you is explain the situation to the airline on your behalf. Please remember that when you purchase from any travel web site, the airline gets the money for the price of your ticket -- the web site only retains the booking fee.

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  • Valerie Oct 29, 2007

    Expedia Travel - www.expedia.com

    Online flight changes require on-hold up to 4 hours.

    Expedia.com doesn't have the staff to process anything that requires phoning them. I've been on hold for over 4 hours to change a flight. The previous 2 changes I did required over 2 hours on-hold as well.

    Before booking with expedia, make sure you have a phone with a battery that will last 4 hours, in case you have to make a change.

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  • Ma
    Martin Kinard Nov 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Expedia is the worst booking website I have ever used. I would not recommend using them to book anything for anyreason. They would not help me to recoup a fee that I was being charged because they neglected to inform me I would have to pay more for my daughter to travel when I initally booked. The manager I spoke with, named Red Castro, from the Phillipeans, was easily the rudest person I have ever dealt with in my life.

    I would rather walk to my next destination than go through expedia.com. I learned a very expensive lesson and I hope my experience will cause others to think twice before using them.

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  • Re
    Really? Mar 22, 2010

    I will explain this very slowly for you...

    Expedia is a third party vendor. They are not the airline. You didn't plan well and missed your flight. This is not Expedia's fault...(you following me so far?).

    When you don't show up for your flight as agreed, you lose your ticket. Expedia doesn't get a refund from the airline so you don't get a refund from the airline. (I know...it's difficult).

    If Expedia decided to just give you a new ticket, they would need to buy that ticket for you. They don't have extra tickets just laying on their desks. As a result, you did not get a refund or a new ticket. (Now was that so hard to understand?)

    They are correct in suggesting alternate transportation arrangements.

    Have a nice evening!

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  • Ju
    juliecurry Mar 25, 2010

    Expedia booked our holiday, they then attempted to take the full amount rather than a deposit from my husbands bank account and as the transaction was not completed they cancelled our holiday. they did not bother to inform us and it was only brought to our attention because we expected an e-mail. We rang the following day and they appreciated it was there fault and were at error, when we then tried to re -book the same holiday it was £800 more expensive. I spoke to customer service managers who just could not see the problem, that was the price and even though they had made an error it could not be amended. We then rang Head Office who informed us they would have to listen to all our telephone calls, which could take up to 2 weeks i asked them if they would put our holiday on hold but computer said NO.!!! We booked our holiday eventually through first-choice which was a simple procedure, they rang us when they said they would, they e-mailed us promptly, when we had a problem they reasured us and sorted it out. They even took the deposit requested!!
    main problems with Expedia,

    the price you see when first booking escalates at the check out, they blame the airlines.. DONT BELIEVE IT!!!

    customer service is not geared to sort out client problems only exists to cover expedia staff and policies.

    The final crunch came this morning in the form of our phone bill ALL CALLS TO EXPEDIA ARE AT A PREMIUM RATE!!!

    our calls to them to sort out problems the caused, cost us £28.00

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canceling trip owning me $7,000.00

Expedia.ca made my vacation a nightmare canceling my flight, and holding money from my credit card, owning me $7, 000.00.
I booked Vacation to Rome as a gift for my dad's 60-th birthday, taking days of vacation at work going me and my two parents. Expedia canceled my flights because of British Airways strike, charge my card trying to replace me with other more expensive flights without my authorization, I asked them to cancel new flights, they hold money on my credit card for second canceled flights, Expedia absolutely helpless and careless stuff and managers.
It's been a week since this been going on, I unable to purchase any vacation now, even with available money on my card Master Card put everything on hold. Now we unable to purchase vacation, it's too late for us my available days are gone and I spend them fighting with Expedia.ca, I never been more stressed in my live. Me and my parents horrified what Expedia.ca still doing for us holding our money. I need a lawyer, I want this company out of business, they must pay for this!

Blog against Expedia.ca http://www.myexpediaexperience.com

dishonest & misleading web site

Expedia sent promo deal everyday to my email and advertised Europe trip as low as C$850 per person so I...

over charge

I've just booked with Expedia a vacation package on March 8. Expedia sends promotion deal to my e-mail...

Toronto Travel Agencies


I recently purchased a hotel, air, and car rental from Expedia, I made a mistake on the return date which was my error (which was not seen until arriving at the airport for my return from Las Vegas) somehow I had a return date of March 27 instead of the intended Feb 27 Upon arriving at the WestJet counter for check in this was brought to my attention I asked to have it changed and the agent even admitted that it was a common mistake...however due to the fact I had purchased the ticket from Expedia the change could only be made by them, there where 4 seats still available so the agent kindly reserved two seats ...then after 45 minutes on the line with Expedia was told they could not make a change in under 6 hours and that there where no seats available on subsequent flights for several days...I was forced to purchase the tickets directly from WestJet as I was due back to work on the Monday. On the 28th of Feb I phoned Expedia got an agent on the line finally, who gave me a cancellation confirmation number a amount of$774.23 refund less cancellation fees etc. and while it was quite a bit short of what the WestJet tickets cost I figured it was my error and live and learn and be more careful next time...March 8 I got a call from and agent who said there was not going to be a refund as it had been denied by the refund department, I pointed out the other agents committment and was told she should not have done that...on the 9th I called again and got to speak with a well spoken (english) agent who listened to my situation said all I had said was on the previous record and after quite along wait on the telephone said she and her supervisor would review it and get back to me...March 13 still no reponse!!! Called again explained my story again...supervisor not available but will look into it? THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE...CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON EXISTENT...FRUSTRATED

ruined our st valentine holiday

On 2-Feb I booked an all-inclusive 4 star holiday in Jamaica with Expedia for one week from 12-Feb to 19 Feb at the Grand Palladium hotel, Montego Bay. Expedia debited my credit card upfront for the full amount of $1, 801 and then confirmed the booking with both Expedia and hotel confirmation numbers. On 11-Feb while I was travelling to Jamaica Expedia sent me an email saying there was a problem and that I should call them. I did not receive the email until I arrived at Montego Bay airport. I tried several times to call them but because of the snowbound weather in the US an automated response told me they were overloaded with calls from travellers. I sent various urgent emails but did not get a response. I went on to the hotel where I was told that I should contact Expedia - after a lot of discussion I was told that Expedia had cancelled the reservation on the previous day! (11-Feb) and that the hotel was now fully booked and they did not have a room for me. We were forced to look elsewhere and had to take a last minute self catering condo. It was our St Valentines holiday and my wife who would now have to cook was furious. When I finally got email responses from Expedia all they said was to call Expedia for help. From Jamaica calling the US Expedia toll free lines costs $4.30 per minute from my cell phone. Over the following week I spent over 45 minutes ($250) just getting refunded with no apolgy or even an explanation from Expedia. I did not get any kind of answer by email, I was just told to call an operator. I was finally told I was being re-imbursed only $1, 635. After several more calls I was then told they were re-imbursing the total amount. I asked Expedia to reimburse my $250 cell phone charges but they did not even reply to this request. To this day I do not know why they cancelled the hotel one day before I was due to arrive.

unreasonable forfeitment of my ticket payment

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently, I have met a very unfair incidence on my air-flight travelling. The thing is that I have tried to change my flight schedule for a air-flight I suppose to take on mid-March 2010. I have called the travel agency to change the schedule more than a month before the flight time; and I was not purchasing one of those cheap airline ticket.

But, according to them, by changing the flight-time, all my ticket payment will be forfeited, and I have no choice but to cancel my travel with them. However, I found it ridiculously unreasonable.

Could you advice me to which association or council should I complain to about this issue?

Many thanks.


  • Al
    AliUzun Mar 02, 2011

    More than 6 (six) months have passed, we regret to say that nothing has been done from ebookers side to refund the air tickets, that we have purchased through the company.
    We are sorry to state that we are reluctant every time to write but we kindly request fast response and prompt actions for refund of the outstanding tickets.
    We have contacted both airway companies (THY and Emirates) and they stated that they are very ready for refund if this request came through ebookers.

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  • Ri
    Rina B Jul 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have similar experience with ebookers. My son had purchased a flight ticket worth GBP 134.77 through ebookers. The ticket was cancelled a week before the date of journey through ebookers call centre. They clearly stated at that time that there would be refund after cancellation and 25 GBP would be charged for cancellation of the flight ticket as per their rule.
    Now we have been sending e-mails to the customer care services for the last three months, as there has been no refund so far. The last letter that was sent from the customer care on 22 April is a big joke----- that they have processed a refund of 10.8 GBP to the credit card, which again is untrue!
    I feel, it is better to purchase tickets directly from the airlines as the customer can get refund easily after cancellation. Even though the tickets may be somewhat costlier, we do not have to go through such hassles !
    While you are purchasing a ticket, you get a print-out in black and white that the ticket is refundable; when you need to cancel and subsequently ask for the refund, all that you go through is a real test of patience! Finally, no-where is the refund !
    Rina B.

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stole my money

I purchased a return plane ticket from Expedia.com. The ticket was never issued. I called Expedia while trying to check-in, they admitted the mistake and advise to buy 2 new tickets and contact them upon return. That was 5 weeks ago, in the meanwhile I contacted them 7 times, waited on the phone for over 40 min average each time, sent 3 faxed and still did not get any refund. We are still waiting for the "resolution". It is impossible, they practically stole my money. I considered to file a police report, but dont have time for this so I am giving up at this point: I have paid four plane tickets, spent hours on the phone with terrible, non-existing service. I just want to warn everyone who is interested: stay away from Expedia! The company is now so big that is not functional any more, the service centers are all over the world and help desk barely speak English. I have use Expedia now and then for 3 years and had some bad experience before, but this is over the top. Stay away from Expedia for your own good!

disgusting mood and service

They don't know what they are talking about! One person says to you we will match the price and give a fifty dollar discount on your next booking, so i will transfer you to somebody else to make sure, and after transfer, the new person says you are actually not eligble for this discount because the starting price is the same! Then when you ask why, they say yeah this is why, and then you say I have been waiting for a long time, but they have already HUNG UP ON YOU!

coupon bait and switch

I was headed to NYC to for a few days at the end of '09. A business trip and to be with friends as the ball dropped. In checking flights only a week and a half in advance, I came across a fairly good deal from Expedia: 332.00 rt, but with a flight only $200 coupon to apply to my next flight booked with them. I have a trip to LA coming up in a couple of weeks, so I called Expedia to confirm those terms. Not only were they confirmed, but the rep also forwarded me a link (no longer working) that showed this to be a flight only coupon. I was told that the coupon would be held in reference to my account. I need do is call to book the flight. The Expedia ticket was a little more expensive than some others, but I'd save $150.00 in the long run so I went ahead and booked.

This morning, at about 8:30AM EST on Jan.13th, I got an email alert telling me that the coupon had been deposited to my account. When I checked the details, it turns out they have deposited a coupon that refunds $200.00, but only with a contingent 5 night stay in a hotel (booked through them) at that location. ###. Seeing the classic bait-and-switch, I called to have the terms changed back to our original agreement. Magically, they can find no evidence of an original agreement, but have extended this new coupon to me for being a "holiday customer." They also claim that they could give me nothing, and I should be happy about what I've gotten. After 1.5 hours on the phone trying to get someone who speaks legit English (Please note that I've had some excellent customer service experiences with caring operators in India, but one could not carry on a conversation with these Latin operators because they simply didn't speak the language beyond their memorized scripts.), I'm forced to move on. Btw, I bought the coupon on Dec. 18th, but one of the operators told me that the terms and conditions of the coupon weren't published online until January 8th of this year. Then he said Jan. 8th of 2008. Then he said October of last year. Without consistency in the conversation, though, it's hard to know what he even meant.

I wanted others to know, however, about this latest twist in Expedia's long history of bait-and-switch practices (http://www.elliott.org/the-travel-critic/unfair-fares-5-secrets-for-avoiding-the-bait-and-switch/). To me, these sort of thing is criminal. Expedia's decision to shuffle us off to communicative parts unknown when filing complaints is also part of their business model. I will never use them again, and I say this on principle. I hope that others, if they have similar experiences, will follow suit.

One speculation: this may be a ploy for Expedia to get around their price assurance guarantee. They may be using aggregate price cost (which factors-in bait-and-switch coupons) instead of actual price cost to calculate their reimbursements.

Either way, I'm done with them.

  • Lo
    LOKEY1234 Jul 26, 2010

    I booked a cruise from Florida to Bahamas in August, I used a Expedia rep over the telephone who got this awsome rate for 4 people in a room ($869.00) I asked how did she get such a low rate when I had looked all over the web and even called the cruise line and couldnt get that rate. She stated it was because I am a Florida resident and they had a special promotion, so I booked my room plus an additional two people. I gave my FLORIDA address and stated at least 5 times during the conversation that i was from florida. When I called Expedia a few days later to check in two more people for the cruise, I was told that there was an error, my rooms were booked for a promotion for out of state resident and I would be required to pay the additional $167 per person times 6 people. This is a bait and switch I dont know if it common practice with this company or if the two agent on two seperate occasions just can not read. But my letter from expedia that was a reservation, meaning I had not paid yet had my name and my Florida address in the top left hand corner. I am sure both the State attorney's office and 8 on your side will be very interested in knowing and understanding the business practices here. As for my I WILL NEVER use them again. Buyer BEWARE!!!

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coupon scam

In October on 2009 I booked a flight on Expedia.com from San Jose, Costa Rica to Boston, MA. The add said that I would receive a $200 coupon that I could use during my next trip. This was the first deception. I tried using that coupon in November of 2009 and was told that the coupon would not be available for use until after January 11, 2010. This was the second deception. On January 12, 2010, I called Expedia and attempted to use the coupon and was told that I could use it, but the total booking would have to be at least $1, 000. This was the third deception. This was never told to me when I initially booked the flight, but if I had done some research I would have found it in the fine print. I learned my lesson. I will never use this web site again. Consumer beware!!!

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    Really? Jan 14, 2010

    None of this is deception! I saw the same offer and took the time to read the small print. It didn't look like it would work for me so I didn't book.

    Why didn't you do the same? Now you go online and complain? I'm sorry but this makes you look very stupid.

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